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Heart-Mind Knowing Coaching

Wouldn’t you love to know with real confidence that you can rely on your inner wisdom to guide you every single day?

Heart-Mind Knowing is a 12 week coaching program designed to help you integrate your heart’s wisdom with your mind’s intelligence so that it becomes one flowing system of guidance and information.

You get:

  • Six individual telephone sessions
  • Three flower essence blends
  • Three guided meditations

You’re going to love this.  In a 12 week period, I’ll help you to distinguish between the information that originates in the mind from that which arises from the heart.  You’ll learn how to slow your thought processes down and create the optimal environment for your softer heart-voice to be heard.  You’ll develop greater trust in your intuitive wisdom and feel safer to follow your heart’s guidance in big and small decisions.

The program commences with a 90 minute phone session, to discuss your current level of confidence with following your intuition as opposed to relying on the logical mind.  In this session there’ll be opportunities to clear energy blocks and delete old beliefs.  I’ll help you in defining and describing how you’d like your intuitive knowing to play a larger role in your life.  I’ll also intuitively create an Australian Bush Flower Essence blend for you and post it to you.

The initial session is followed by five fortnightly 30 minute sessions where we discuss your progress with uniting your heart and mind, and we’ll energetically clear any other blocks to your confidence and trust in yourself.  At every second session I’ll prepare a fresh flower essence blend that you’ll take for two weeks.  That’s a new flower essence posted to your door, each month of the program.

In the opening three weeks of the program, you’ll also receive a weekly guided meditation to take you through a process of firstly connecting more deeply with your physical body and acknowledging the unique powers of both the heart and the mind, secondly we’ll initiate a reorganisation of the pecking order (heart as CEO), and thirdly, create a harmonious flow between the heart and the mind.

Now, down to business.

The fee for this 12 week program is $456.00 to be paid in full in a single instalment or in two instalments of $228.00.

To book your place or to find out more, please phone me on 0418 698 305, or send me an email at with your booking or query.  

Much love, Tricia