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Flute Song and Flower Remedy

“It’s like a massage for your emotions and energy body”

It’s my deep pleasure to create a unique soul song and intuitive flower remedy for you. I am a channel for healing information and energies. The encoded vibrations of the music that come spontaneously from my Native American style flute have the potential to heal at a deep and lasting level. To enhance the process, I will prepare an intuitively guided Australian Bush Flower Essence blend for you and send it by mail.

To purchase your channeled flute song and flower essence remedy please click on the button below to make your payment of $60.00. Then please send an email to: with a brief description of what you would like some support with at this time.

Please include your mobile phone number in the email so that I can send you the audio file with your flute song and your postal address so that I can post you your essence bottle. You will receive your flute song within two days of the order and the flower essence within seven days.

Thank you so much for your purchase of this simple, yet powerful blend of healing energies.