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Dreams That Resonate

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Do you have a dream?

Is there a collection of desires, yearnings and if-onlys tucked away deep in your heart that you only look at or listen to every now and then?

Yes, of course there is.

What I’d love to share with you today is that it’s worthwhile paying closer attention to these dreams and spending some time sorting through what feels real, right and absolutely in resonance with your deeper self and what is mere folly and illusion.

fading rainbow dreams
fading rainbow dreams

Why? I hear you ask.

Well, what I’ve discovered is that some of these so-called dreams are actually mis-creations or remnants from many different sources, not all of them reliable and up-to-date with where we are on our life journey.

Let me describe the various sources from whither our dreams can spring:

  • Childhood versions of ourselves – I used to think I needed to own a horse to be happy
  • Our parents – How many people live their parents’ dreams for them regarding career, choice of marriage partner and where they live?
  • Our culture – Is the standard middle-class existence of sky-high mortgage, private schooling and the latest high-tech gadgets really equating to true fulfillment, joy and peace?
  • Our early adulthood belief system that we think we created independently but didn’t – That semi-rebellious stage of life where we believe we are throwing out everything our parents and society taught us but actually we’re just postponing it’s return until we hit 30.
  • Or if you were more like me… what I thought I needed to do in my twenties was hedge my bets; continue to be a good girl AND muddle, trip and stumble through the myriad choices and responsibilities I faced with some sense of autonomy and originality.

Anyway, it’s all a bit of a mish-mash wouldn’t you say?

Now in my forties, every day I’m playing with the question; what do I want here, today, tomorrow? Granted, I’m in the super-fortunate position where I have plenty of choice and oodles of freedom.  So I guess that makes me a dream-sorting expert. Well, kind of.

What I’m noticing is how fast things are changing for us all at this time in our evolution.  What I desire for my life this week is actually quite different to last week and very different from a year ago.  But this isn’t about being fickle or flakey.

It’s about tuning into the deeper self and refining, sifting, prioritising.

Drop into that place now….breathe slowly, visualise a pearl descending from your throat area down into the heart space where it floats suspended in a soft white/pink light.

Ask into that light, “where is my joy?”.  You might see, hear or feel a response, you might not.  If nothing comes then expect the information to come to you in a different form.  Be aware of this expectation for the rest of the day and notice the clues that present themselves to you.  The universe is very creative.

We can really tie ourselves – and those around us – up in knots with regard to what we think we need in order to be happy.  What I’m discovering is that the most important things to me right now are; good health, creative expression, close relationships with my family, time to spend with friends, opportunities to help others, being in nature and quiet time on my own.

My idea of creative expression - nature photography
My idea of creative expression – nature photography

Throw in the occasional glass of bubbly, a meal out somewhere and a good television show, art exhibition or novel and I’m ecstatic!

When your dreams resonate, they manifest oh so smoothly.

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