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Custom Flower Essence Blends

Cope and Release Fear

These are very trying times indeed. Some are saying, an unprecedented period of challenge for our planet. Flower essences are an amazing tool for emotional support and healing in times of stress.

This special essence blend will help to calm your nervous system and make good use of this crisis energy to release and heal stored fear and grief.

The Waratah Essence is the classic essence for crisis. It helps us to feel we can cope and see that there will be lighter times ahead. The Wild Potato Bush Essence is ideal for helping us to adjust to the limits to our freedom and physical restrictions that have been placed on us during this event. Grey Spider Flower Essence is wonderful for releasing deeply held fears and strong terror, sometimes carried over from past lifetimes. And finally, the anchor of this essence, the Sturt Desert Pea, is here to assist us with long-held grief and sadness. The lungs are the main organ affected by the illness sweeping the planet, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the lungs store grief and sadness, so to have some help releasing these energies at this time will be so beneficial!

The essence is $25 to pick up in Dunsborough or $35 posted anywhere in Australia. Purchase using Paypal or direct transfer. If the bottle is to be posted to you, please send me your address by email –

Bank Details: Patricia Woods BSB: 066-508 Account: 1043 1130

Pick up $25 or posted $35

Thank you so much!