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Choices, Choices, hmmm

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What do you really want to do this year?

Not, what do you think you should do.

The wants and the shoulds sometimes get mixed up together don’t they?

For example, I both want to and should (for the benefit of my hubby) earn some proper money this year.  But how I go about doing this is the tricky bit.  My work seeing clients for counselling, energy work and flower essences ebbs and flows and I’m working on refining how I market my services and deliver them.  In addition to attracting more clients though, I’d love to run some workshops for women, publish my book, record some guided meditations to sell and do more writing.

Well, just do it then, I hear you say.

I’ll certainly have a red hot go at all of this but I’m feeling just a little weary of starting new ventures and seeing them peter out in a matter of weeks.

Maybe this is the year when I will gain some momentum in these projects (after all, last year was pretty huge for our family in terms of change), but golly it’s sometimes really tempting to just throw in the towel and get a regular job.

It’s just that every time I get close to doing this, I just can’t.  I can’t sign that letter of application, click the send button to email my enquiry or pick up the phone to talk to a prospective employer.

I guess that inner wisdom I have worked so hard to develop won’t let me.  I’d feel like I was running away from my true purpose, my calling, my essence.

The Gymea Lily essence helps us to stand tall in our truth with humility

But there are times when I feel intensely frustrated and fed up with myself.  And you know what, these feelings are actually pretty useful because they motivate me to get off my seat and do something, take action, open my mind and my heart to what I am really capable of.

My two biggest challenges (maybe you can relate), are:

  1. losing focus by coming up with too many ideas and allowing my energy to become scattered and,
  2. taking it all too gosh darn seriously.  It has to be fun and light.  When we hold on too tight, nothing flows

I’m ready universe, let me be of service, joyful, blessed service!

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  1. You are an inspiration, and have so many wonderful qualities to share. Look forward to watching your work bloom and grow x

    January 25, 2013

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