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A New Life Slowly Unfurls

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Good morning from the golf course. See if you can spot the boy (Harry) in the shot above.  This is my favourite tree.  We can see it from our house and all the local birds fight for resting spots in it. Just looking at it brings me peace.

I am realising more than ever (now we are living with nature all around us), just how important trees, flowers, rocks, plants and the bare earth are to our basic well-being.

One morning this week I went for a walk through the bush to a little hidden bay I recently found. It was a bit cool and windy so I found a rock to sit on in a sheltered spot and let the morning sun warm me as I meditated. I sat and listened to the waves rolling onto the beach, the wind moving through the trees and softly swirling around me. I felt myself sinking and settling down onto the rock and into my deeper self.

To stop and just BE.

I am finding that the more I do this, the more I feel like ME.

Meeting the new clients who are coming to see me in Dunsborough has challenged me to remain centred in how I work, and to realise that I now have no choice but to be completely myself in my efforts to be of service and in the whole of this new life we are creating.

Something I have noticed in myself and in many of the women who come to see me is that much of our unhappiness, struggle and ill health comes from a fear of being ourselves.Of course, for many of us the first step is to discover who we really are and then embrace her, celebrate her, love her.

Take a look at this blog, My Smiling Heart for a beautiful illustration of one talented young woman’s journey.

I’m feeling energised and calm.  I’m ready to make some other small changes in our lives such as taking my son and I off dairy foods, (the other two in the family can tolerate milk better).  I made my first batch of almond milk yesterday.  It’s great on my muesli but as I sit here with my Yallingup Wood Fired Bread fruit toast and a cup of tea, having it in my morning cuppa might take some getting used to.; )

Let me know if you would like a recipe and I’ll email it.

A lovely weekend to all,

Tricia x

Are We Having Fun Yet?

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Pink and Grey Galahs enjoying our little bird bath

Wo! I feel like I’m slowly stepping out of a thick fog.  We have been in our new home for 14 days and I’m only just beginning to realise what we have just done.

We are all happy to be here in the pretty south west but golly, we’ve all been through a pretty huge change.  I know I tend to over-dramatise and over-analyse anything of an emotional nature but honestly, for our little change-shy family this has been full-on.

As usual I have been taking everything way too seriously and putting a lot of pressure on myself to get everything in the house fully sorted out asap.  Well, no more.  This morning I have woken up with a new resolution; slow down and be kinder to myself (and everyone else).

I guess I already knew this but our move to Dunsborough has reconfirmed it for me.  No matter what sort of big changes we make in our lives, at the end of the day, there we still are.  We are still ourselves in all our dysfunctional glory.  In fact, take us out of our comfort zone and all our unhelpful habits of mind and self-destructive tendencies really come to the fore.

I suppose it all boils down to this much repeated yet hard to absorb universal truth; happiness comes from within.  When we are in love with life, ourselves and Spirit, we have the capacity to be happy no matter what is going on in our lives.

It’s all about noticing the joy and wonder in every moment and feeling truly grateful for our lives.

Now that I am slowly emerging from my over-crowded and demanding mind and feeling back into my heart, I am feeling more at peace with where we are and the reality that it will take a few more weeks, maybe months before we feel totally settled in this new life.

The kids’ first day at school

For the moment we are enjoying the beaches, the kids are at school, the phone and the internet are working and we are all together.  We have a lovely view of trees across the golf course which is our backyard and Harry has already amassed a substantial ‘lost golf ball’ collection ready to sell to the pro-shop.

All is well! I just need to remember to breathe…

Looking forward to getting back into a blogging groove.

Love and peace,


Our Last Week in Freo

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Smith’s Beach, Yallingup here we come!

Well we are on the home straight now, just five days until we move to the country.  Life has been much more hectic than my usual simple and slow pace.  Lists are being written and are growing daily.  I seem to be adding more to my lists than I am ticking tasks off them.  The days are disappearing so fast and it feels like there is still so much to do.

A lot of my usual self-care rituals have gone out the window.  I’ve done no yoga or regular meditation for weeks now.  The two things I have managed to hold onto (because they only take a few minutes each) is listening to Jennifer McLean’s Soul Song for 2012 and doing a Diamond Alignment process each day.  It’s all about intention.  I know I’m under a lot of pressure at the moment and I want to look after myself while being realistic with what I can reasonably do.

Amid all the chaos and “to-do” lists, I’ve found myself being acutely aware of moments and feeling them very intensely.  At the beach with my children the other day I watched a very pregnant young woman come out of the water looking glorious in her bikini, her vast tummy igniting a renewed wonder and admiration in me for the female body.  I felt tears spring to my eyes as I visualised the new little being curled upside down in his mother’s belly.  So amazing and yet so mundane to many of us.

In another moment of sharp focus yesterday I stood dripping wet in my bathers at Adventure World (a big water-slide park in Perth) looking around at all the wet, mainly bare bodies around me and felt a surge of affection for humanity.  All the different shapes and sizes, babies through to grandparents.  We were all having fun with our families and also as part of a community of people in holiday-mode and free of the trappings of our daily lives.  Put a couple of thousand people together on water slides, in pools and under massive drenchings from a gigantic bucket suspended high in the air and maybe I’m being idealistic, but it felt to me like we were all connected and existing in harmony in those few short hours.

Anyway, it was a lovely break from the house moving tasks.  I’m seeing my last clients before we move this morning and my kids have two more days of vacation swimming lessons.  So much to do and though I know we’ll get it all done, it all feels a little overwhelming.  Next time I blog it will be from our new home in Dunsborough.  Goodbye Fremantle!

Love to you all,


Flowing and Falling Down

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A Beautiful Red Lily

Hey, do you like my new page?  I thought I would finish my first year of blogging with a new look.

Yay! We sold our home last weekend.  It feels like we have stepped into the flow and everything is coming together.  Although, I am feeling a little frazzled, as my children have been rather accident prone this week, the worst of their tumbles resulting in a beauty of a black eye for Harry.

Since selling the house, our big move is feeling that much more real and in my understanding of things,  children find it hard to process this kind of big life change on the mental level.  For them it’s all emotional and physical.  For my kids, this has meant more incidents which enable these strong feelings to come to the surface and attract lots more love and attention from Mum and Dad.

We attract what we need most and what we are feeling at all times.  This is the truth and yet I still experience that normal mum reaction of mild panic mixed with fear over my children’s welfare each time a new cry goes ringing through the neighbourhood.

Throughout the last few months I have been taking flower essences every day and giving them to the family as well.  I forget to mention them in each blog as they have become as natural a part of my day as getting a drink of water when I am thirsty.

For me, Bush Iris Essence has been really important to help me refine and develop more trust in my intuition.  The Emergency Essence has been used by us all on almost a daily basis and of course the wonderful Red Lily Essence has been a frequently used remedy for my feelings of being too much up in my head and all floaty.  Click on any of the essences mentioned to take a look at the brand new Australian Bush Flower Essence website and read more.

Now that we’ve sold the house we’ll be enjoying a relaxed Christmas weekend (hopefully without any further injuries) and dreaming about our new life in the country.  Oh yeah, I guess all the boxes scattered around the house will need to be made up and filled at some stage too.  That can all wait a few days though.

Blessings of peace and gratitude to you all,


Taking Flight Into The Unknown

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April with her class in the final week of school for 2011

Blogging on a Friday evening.  Life is good.  House is still for sale.  Husband is jobless in four weeks.  We have no home to move to yet, and I have no idea how many new clients I will attract so I can help with the family income.  And yet, I feel calm, optimistic and most of all, free.

My body and mind tension of two weeks ago seems to have simply dissolved.  A recent session with my energy worker certainly helped, and my return to daily meditation might have made a difference too. It also feels like I have simply grown accustomed to all the uncertainty and it no longer bothers me.  It’s a bit like getting used to a new haircut or new workplace.  At first it feels all wrong and unfamiliar and then you adjust.

What has certainly happened is that not knowing what January will bring has brought me into each moment much more fully than ever before.

I have noticed myself looking with loving appreciation at my children, husband, family and friends more than I used to.  I am more patient (mostly), compassionate and grateful for all that I have in my life.

Last week, my friend Emily gave me the very special gift of a silver bangle with the words “La Vita E Un Dono” engraved on it.  This is Italian for “Life is a Gift”.  Emily’s precious little boy Elliot passed away in February from cancer and this phrase has become one of her family’s messages to the world. I’ve been amazed at how wearing this beautiful message on my body actually impacts on my mood and outlook on life.  Since having it I have felt a strong shift in my capacity to maintain an attitude of gratitude even in moments of strain and upset.

Speaking of strain and upset, today I took my kids on a bike ride down the coast from where we live in Fremantle to a nearby beach.  It turned out to be a longer and more convoluted ride than first anticipated, and seven year-old April had a tough time coping with the realisation that Mum didn’t exactly know where she was going.  We could see the ocean the whole way so we weren’t ever lost, we just had to negotiate a new housing development with a few fenced off streets and dead-end pathways.

We got there safely in the end and I pondered as we neared our destination, how this little biking adventure was a metaphor for our lives at the moment.  As a family we are embarking on a new chapter and yes, the adults in the family do not actually know how it’s all going to pan out. I felt a deeper empathy and tenderness for our children because unlike my husband and me, they have absolutely no control over what we are doing, they are bound by their dependence on us to be passengers not drivers.

And yet what are any of us?  Are any of us truly in control.  Are any of us the ultimate drivers in our own life’s journey?

I think this concept of control is actually an illusion.  When life is taking what we perceive to be a predictable route we think we are controlling it, but are we really?  It is only through consciously letting go of the need to control our lives do we allow ourselves to entertain this possibility.

I believe we co-create our lives with Spirit, or God if you like.  And the more we are able to surrender to God’s vision for the most magnificent version of who we are here to be, the more interesting and rewarding life becomes.

Just a little thought to ponder on a Friday night.

Lovely weekend to you all,


Love That Number One Energy!

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image courtesy of Goddess Alliance Australia Facebook page

I’ve been a little preoccupied lately.  That’s why it’s been almost 2 weeks since my last post.

I have begun the process of submitting my book manuscript (parts of it) to publishers and it is taking up a surprisingly large amount of time.  No luck so far but I’m only onto my second publisher and stories abound of how best-selling authors often approached fifty or sixty publishers before getting the go ahead.

What I am discovering about myself as a result of this interesting process is that I am really quite lazy.  I loved writing the book and do feel as though it was written for a greater reason than just for my benefit.  However, when it comes to trying to locate information about sales figures for the books I have identified as being similar to my own in order to satisfy the requirements of my latest submission, I am sadly lacking enthusiasm.  I’ve spent a couple of hours attempting to find out this info.  I’m a pretty creative researcher.  And yet publishers and authors seem generally to be a bit cagey about publicising this sort of data about their books.

Ah well, it’s all good stuff.

This “businessy” part of getting my book published takes me right out of my comfort zone.  I am a very reluctant self-promoter and would really just like someone to discover me and send me on my way into “Best-Selling Author Land”. Wouldn’t every writer?

It’s times like these that I get back to basics and tackle the jobs I am scared of, one step at a time.  Also, when I am getting frustrated and fed up I stop work and have a break doing something relaxing like phoning a girlfriend for a chat, meditating or playing some music and having a little dance.  Like anyone, there is only so much I can get done each day and I am learning to slow down (yes, still learning this) and be satisfied with what I have achieved.

Coming up later this week is a very special day.  On Friday the date will be 11/11/11. The number one holds the energies of creativity, new beginnings and self-expression.  So perhaps you can imagine what sort of support we will receive when there is six of them in a row! Spiritual teachers from around the world are holding meditations and prayer circles on this day to enhance the super-strong injection of these energies available to all on Earth on this day.  One of them is Patricia Cota-Robles – click to get more info.

If you are able to hold a space for yourself on Friday (especially at 11.00am), to stop and be aware of this influx of creative, rejuvenating energy, that would be a lovely gift to yourself. Just sit quietly and still your mind.  A lovely mantra that I have been using recently and which you might like to say in your mind is, “So Hum”.  It is Sanskrit for “I Am That”.  You can say “So” as you breathe in and “Hum” as you breathe out.  I find it very soothing and a lovely way to keep one’s focus.  Even doing this for a couple of minutes is worthwhile.

I just noticed that Friday is the full moon too!  BIG energies coming our way. A great time to be making life-changing decisions or plans.

Open up to the magnificence of universal love and support for your dreams!

Love and light,








“I am….?”

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The Bush Iris Essence Deepens One's Spirituality and Inner Knowing

What defines you?

Is it a role you play at home or at work? Is it a story from your past? Is it your cultural background or your age? Your health?

Do you let other people define you?

I guess most of the time we don’t really think all that deeply about this question but I reckon it’s pretty important.

Try this exercise:  Grab a piece of paper right now and write down “I am… ”  and then really quickly jot down whatever comes to mind to describe who you are right now.

Now take that piece of paper, screw it up and throw it away.  How does that feel?

Now take a moment to sit quietly.  Close your eyes and place your hand on your heart.  Take in a couple of deep breaths, focusing on breathing out fully and say softly to yourself, “I Am”.  That’s all, just  “I Am”.

See how that feels.

What you have done in this peaceful moment is to acknowledge your “I Am” presence. In other words, the inner truth, wisdom and the purest essence of you.

When we make regular contact with this part of ourselves we no longer place so much emphasis on defining ourselves by what we are doing in the world or how others perceive us.  We become much more aware of how we are being in the world and how we are treating others.

Once we become friends with this sacred aspect of ourselves and then find ourselves judging another, worrying over something or imagining the worst outcome in a situation, we can shift our attention to our heart. In all of these moments we are allowing our over-active minds to run the show. When we bring attention to our heart space and say these two simple words, “I Am”, all the mind chatter fades into the background and in my experience, is replaced by the message that “All is well”.

Our I Am presence also gifts us with the opportunity to get to know ourselves better and can help to guide us towards defining and then living our life purpose more fully.

Spend some time with your “I Am” presence each day and enjoy the peace it brings.

Happy new moon for Thursday night.  New moon, new beginnings.

Love and tranquility,




Dancing Out Of Hibernation

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April brimming with her magnificence, Aged 4

When life is ‘showing up’ in unpleasant ways.  How do we maintain equilibrium and our trust in universal love and benevolence?

This is especially difficult when even though we are managing to be calm and accepting of the situation, it still doesn’t change for the better.

OK, I’ll stop talking abstractly and get to the truth of what is happening for me right now.  I’ve been experiencing a couple of challenges with my health over the past four or five weeks.  One is persistent tiredness and a complete lack of stamina since having a flu and the other is extremely irritated, red, sore, puffy and itchy eyes.

As of yesterday, both these issues seem to be finally on the improve but gosh they’ve tested my patience and faith.

As I believe that everything that happens in our lives is serving us in some way, I can honestly say I’ve done my very best to be in acceptance of this fatigue and discomfort.  However, there have definitely been moments when I have stopped in my tracks and prayed to God for some assistance to get me through the day.  I even went and saw a doctor for goodness sake!

During this period I’ve feel immense gratitude for my ability to intuitively choose flower essence remedies, foods, drinks and other therapies like meditations, energy work and salt baths that have helped me through.  Healing With The Masters has been a big help. And yet I wasn’t able to fix myself on my agenda.  What’s that all about?  Can you feel my frustration?

The big lesson in all of this for me has been acceptance and trust.  Accepting that all occurs for very good reasons even though I may not fully understand them.  Trusting that this too shall pass and at some time in the near future I will be feeling and looking well again.

The fatigue following the flu has offered me a great demonstration of how I can call upon my family to help me and that although it feels like a big deal, it is OK for me to “drop my bundle” occasionally.  I have been forced to put myself truly first for the most extended time since having children.

My itchy eyes have been showing me a great big pile of hidden emotions that have been holding me back from stepping out in the world and being my grandest, most fully expressed self.  I’m now feeling ready to finish the current edit on my book and submit it to a couple of Australian publishers.

Like my daughter in the photo above, I’m ready to step outside and shine.  If only we could all retain the uncomplicated confidence of our early childhood.  Ah well, I guess aiming to get it back is worthwhile too.

Today was a good day.  This morning I did a healing session with a lovely young woman and then took my kids to see a very funny movie.  The kids are back to school next week and I’m beginning to feel like I’m ready to step into the next chapter of my life and embrace my good.

All is well.  I am well.

Love and gentleness,


Stamp Your Feet On The Ground

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a collection of little red Sundew plants. Firmly grounded on the earth.

How grounded are you?

What does this even mean?  For me being grounded feels like my feet are firmly planted on the ground.  In my body I feel a pleasantly balanced solidity in my abdomen and hips.  I feel a sense of inner peace.  I move slowly and calmly through my daily tasks. I am able to think clearly and make choices easily. And although I move a little slower when fully grounded, I am actually more productive.

This is not how I always feel.

As a habitual over-thinker and worrier, I sometimes have the tendency to focus a lot of my energy in my mind.  When this happens, I become less grounded.  I also end up with tension around my head, neck and shoulders, as this is where the energy in my body is focused.

When we are mainly up in our heads we feel more anxious and scattered in our thinking.  It is harder to concentrate, make choices and remain calm under stress.  We are also cut off from our heart and our inner wisdom.

So how do we ground ourselves?

Getting back into the body is the first step.  Moving our bodies with a conscious awareness, particularly of our legs and feet.  Stretching and dancing are amazingly effective.  Breathing deeply down into our abdomen is wonderful.

Listening and moving to music played on didgeridoo and drums is very grounding.  Going outside and walking on the soil, sand, rocks and grass in bare feet and leaning up against – or if no-one is around – hugging a tree are also very powerful.

Just sitting down and giving our feet a good massage can be very beneficial.

All of these activities bring energy out of our minds and send it flowing through our bodies.  They all bring our awareness to the sacred realisation that we are indeed connected to the earth and the earth is a part of us.

When we are not in this awareness we are bound to feel as though life is a struggle and that we are doing it alone.  When we are connected to the earth in a very physical way, we are far more open to receive communication from the Divine.

So get out there and run through the fields barefoot!

Blessings of peace and calm,



Springtime in Fremantle

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Hot pink Bottlebrush in my street

I’m feeling the need for simplicity and less talk at the moment.  I am finally honouring my soul’s urging to truly slow down and look, listen, taste and feel everything at a more intense and gratitude-filled level.

Here are some photos I took around my neighbourhood last week.

Magical Macrocarpa in Bicton
Look at the little pixie cap just lifting up on the right
I love this flower. See how it spirals open.
Look at the size of this Bottlebrush next door to our place

Simply stopping to look closely at a flower, a leaf, some tree bark or a twig calms our heart rate, opens our heart space and encourages us to breathe.

My wonder for the natural world fills me with joy and peace.  I’m going to head outside right now.

Look for the beauty in everything little thing.

Spring blessings of renewal and hope to you all,