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Love The One You’re With

Posted in Self-Care and Self-Healing, and Trust The Universe

Remember that hit song from the sixties about free love and sexual liberation?

“If you can’t beee, with the one you love (honey), love the one you’re with”

I’ve been humming this tune all week, but it’s not what you think, I’m a happily married girl!

This song speaks to me about embracing what we are feeling and where we are in our lives right now, even if it doesn’t feel all that good and we are not living the life of our dreams just yet.

It’s all about acceptance I guess. Loving what is happening for you in this very moment!  My teachers tell me this is the quickest route to rapid positive shifts within and without.

Right now many of us are experiencing waves of strong emotion surfacing with increasing frequency and intensity. For me last week around the solar eclipse it was anger, seething, black and dense (I got over it and my family survived it by letting me be “there” with minimal disturbance – some furious cleaning, cooking and coast-walking was done).

I love being around rocks and water
I love being around rocks and water

I believe these long-suppressed emotions are emerging to be released and the way to be cleared for us to move into an existence of higher vibrating energetic resonance.

The emotions of higher vibration are joy, love, gratitude, compassion, enthusiasm, excitement, generosity, acceptance, optimism, appreciation, more anyone?

This all got me thinking though, is it just the unhappy feelings that we suppress or have some of us fallen into habits (learnt or innate in our characters), of suppressing the good feelings too? I think sometimes I suppress joy because somewhere along the way in my life I decided that there is something unsafe, unstable or even dangerous about unbridled joy. Huh?

ALERT! Watch out, live, public psychotherapy about to occur…

Why this is I do not know, I just have the awareness that when I am really happy I tend to find myself damping it all down. Perhaps by making the highs less high I figure the lows will be less low?

Enough of that.

All I’m telling you is, it really is time for us all to get REAL about who we are and who we want to be RIGHT NOW. And, if like me, your inner world and your life is handing you spades of crud to look at and hang out with for a day or so, well, try to be at peace with it all and allow it to be as it “is”. Because the more we fight and struggle against these opportunities to shift and let go of pain from the past, the tougher things will feel.

Phew, that was intense!

Sing along now, “love the one you’re with, love the one you’re with…”






The Ego Kick-Back

Posted in Self-Care and Self-Healing, and Trust The Universe

Many of us are experiencing deep change at this time.

The Bauhinia Essence is perfect for helping us open up to change and new concepts - see the significance of the butterfly shaped leaves?
The Bauhinia Essence is perfect for helping us open up to change and new concepts – see the significance of the butterfly shaped leaves?

Anyone else being confronted with unexpected conflict, confrontations, accidents, mishaps, emotional blow-outs or just simply weird occurrences?

These odd happenings are serving us at a very deep level.

They make us stop, notice our reactions, analyse our behaviour (why did this happen and what might it mean?), ponder our relationships and hopefully create new pathways to being more fully present and more completely who we are.

However, there is a part of us that resides in the mind that will do its darndest to struggle against change of any kind.

Yep, it’s that pesky old ego.  Now lets not completely crucify the ego because its not all bad.  Sonia Choquette rather sweetly describes the ego as being like our pet dog.  Of course we adore our pet, we appreciate it and care for it but we don’t let it completely take over.

The premise I am coming from here is that your ego wants you to stay the same, because to this unsophisticated part of the mind, this feels safe.

When we go through deep internal change, the ego fights to retain the status quo by throwing lots of negative thoughts into consciousness.  This means that all those old, out-dated unconscious fears, insecurities and false programmes from childhood come gushing to the surface as the ego desperately attempts to keep you safely tied to the past.

Now because this all feels pretty awful, it’s easy for us to be dragged down into feelings of uncertainty about any new plans, new belief systems and new ways of being we have been playing around with, and makes us feel that all this new stuff is actually pretty shaky.

My suggestion for when this happens is to spend more time with your attention focused in your heart centre.  This is where the truth of who you are resides and your genuine (not ego-based) wisdom exists.  This can be done while meditating, walking, swimming, lying in bed before you go to sleep, really any time where you are not using your mind for other activities.

What happens when we become practised at dwelling in our heart space is that quite subtly and naturally, the ego becomes less powerful.  You will actually experience it like the volume being turned down inside your head.  The negative thoughts will still arise, but they will not hold your attention as before and they will have much less impact on your feelings.

Another useful tool is to actually acknowledge and comfort the ego in these moments.  Reassure it that all is well and that your powerful inner wisdom is calling the shots now.

Wonderful flower essences to take at this time are Bauhinia, Grey Spider Flower, Bush Iris, Red Lily, Bottlebrush and Hibbertia (click for more info).

Just breathe and be. All is well.

Just Imagine…

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Ok, are you ready?

So, close your eyes and just imagine for three or four seconds that we are all eternal beings of light.  You know, infinite, never-ending energy.

Now this is where I’ll really stretch you, can you also imagine there is no such thing as time? No distinction between past, present and future. Go to your heart for this, leave the mind out of it.

Emma Gorge
Emma Gorge

When you put these two notions together; infinite light being + time does not exist, then how about this for an idea?

We are all everything!

We are all love, hate, disappointment, jubilation, sorrow, joy, grief, optimism, depression, success, failure, empathy, envy, are you getting the gist?

So when you think you’ve had it rough or you think you’re doing better than someone else, remind yourself of this and know that in this moment of now, you’ve seen it all, been it all and had it all.

When we are all able to feel this truth in our hearts, separation, judgement and violence will end.  We will love ourselves and one another as precious, individual sparks of God energy.

I’m ready, are you?

Love us all

Allowing, Not Forcing

Posted in Live Your Passions, and Trust The Universe

Well, my sources tell me there is much happening in the cosmos and, as we are a part of the cosmos, right here on Earth at the moment.

Astrologically and spiritually speaking, the themes for the beginning of 2013 are:

Realising potential

Getting clearer and more aligned with our goals and pathway

Moving from separation to unity

The expansion of our intuitive abilities

One of my favourites. The Bush Iris essence is wonderful for expanding our intuition.
One of my favourites. The Bush Iris essence is wonderful for expanding our intuition.

As with any other process of transformation and growth though, many of us may be experiencing the opposite of all of the above in preparation for us to embrace the change more fully when the opportunity to do so arises.

It sometimes feels to me that just when I decide something like…”From now on, I’m going to be supremely patient, kind and loving with my hubby and kids…”, something unusually infuriating happens and I end up snapping at everyone in complete intolerance. Then I get cross with myself and think, “Oh, what’s the point, I’m just not capable of being calm all the time”.

What I’m trying to do this past week though, is notice these moments with more detachment and forgive myself more quickly.  I’m realising that this type of shift in consciousness and behaviour is well worth aiming for, it’s simply unrealistic to expect it to happen overnight.

The same approach can apply to any goals or resolutions we have made in the new year.  Set the intention, write it down, raise your level of awareness and then allow the shift to happen, almost with no effort at all.

It’s like riding a wave in the ocean or floating down a river with the current, what sense would it make to fight against these natural forces?

Our existence on this planet, in this universe has its own similar flow and ebb.  Getting all tense and rigid about making our goals come to fruition (particularly when we need other people to be aligned with our mission), can delay our progress rather than accelerate it.

Plus, although the more powerful among us, may get what they desire by forcing and struggling through each barrier and brick wall, they may also end up missing out on the growth and unexpected pleasures that can arise out of flowing with the journey that presents itself naturally, and with synchronicity.

So, go ahead, climb onto your raft, push confidently away from the bank and float purposefully, gracefully and open-heartedly down river, the river of your life.

Much love to all.

Revel In The Process

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I’m feeling a big recalibration happening inside me right now. It feels to me like we are in the midst of the dawning of a new age for humanity and yet…. There is clearly still a lot of dross to be burned, scum to be skimmed from the surface and dust to settle before we see the sparkling jewel beneath. Whatever metaphor you use, we are and perhaps always will be, in a process. For me, the shift is allowing me to feel a deeper, more consistent enjoyment of life. I am finding myself noticing how good things are, how fortunate I am and how far my family and I have come in our journey to create our ‘good life’. And then there are moments when I find myself still wondering, what’s next? The process is what we are here to experience.  There is no single ultimate destination, but many. So although uncertainty and indecision about one’s life direction can feel scary and frustrating, it’s only natural. In fact, having it all 100% sorted is the opposite of what we have come here to do. Each one of us is the sparkling jewel.  All unique and yet all connected by the divine light shining within. Be who you are Be love BeIMG_7528

Stepping Up

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My very own Waratah grown in Pemberton (they only occur naturally in eastern Australia) Soak up the powerful energy!

Are you feeling called by life to step into or up to a more authentic version of you?

I am. Aaagh!

It’s a bit scary but ready or not, here I AM.

I’m ready to own my intuitive gifts as a woman working in the healing arts.  There, I said it.

Every client who comes to see me gets to experience my intuition through the information I share with them (which is often from their inner selves) during a session.  This so-called “information” comes as messages that seem to pop into my mind out of the blue, but upon confirmation through muscle testing, almost always trigger recognition or a “yes, that’s true” response in the person I am working with.

Now, having come from a background valuing university qualifications, scientific proof and quantifiable evidence, this intuitive caper has taken me many years to warm up to.  So much so that now, even four years after I first began sensing through my work as a kinesiologist, that I was receiving information that allowed me to help people more effectively and efficiently, I still double and sometimes triple check that the message is accurate by observing the physical sensation I am getting through my hand.

So, although this is a service I am providing every time I work with someone, so far I haven’t promoted my intuitive skills in any of my promotional materials or advertisements.  Well, that’s about to change because I sat down today and re-wrote my last newspaper ad so that it is clear to all who read it that I have this ability and that it enhances my work.

I’m ready for this next step and expect that I will attract a whole new group of people wanting to see me.  How wonderful it will feel to meet a new client knowing they see me in all my authentic glory!

It’s all about divine timing my friends.  Sooner or later you might feel this nudge, push or shove onto a bigger stage.

My best advice is to take a deep breath and STEP UP! There is nothing to fear here but having not tried.  We are here to be ourselves, fully, absolutely, no excuses, ourselves!

It feels true to me that when we come to the end of our lives, we have more regrets about what we didn’t do than what we did.

I see your light,


Settling into Divine Time

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This week I’ve been getting on with what feels like the two hundredth edit of my book manuscript.  It’s beginning to feel as though the changes and refinements I could make to it are endless.  I’ve been going through a tricky process of changing the structure of the book which has meant pulling chapters apart and pasting paragraphs into new sections.

While all of this may sound and sometimes feels, a little tedious, sitting down at the desk day after day with a neat pile of marked up pages to work through can feel quite satisfying, and it certainly appeals to my Virgoan tendency to adore order and having a methodical process to follow.  It’s also a wonderful procrastination strategy.

What I am owning up to is that all this re-working and tweaking allows me the delicious luxury of not being ‘ready’ to submit it to the next round of publishers for their consideration.  Is is self-sabotage, fear of failure, fear of success or all three?

The answer is yes, all three.

However, there is another perspective we can take. It is; that all is unfolding in divinely right time.  Nothing is amiss, all is perfect.

Whatever is happening in our lives each day is perfect for where we are at in our life journey.  There is no need to push things to happen faster or to drive ourselves harder to achieve the results we seek.

And even the messy, unexpected speed bumps we encounter along the way which we think are preventing us from getting on with life can be viewed as helpful, instructive and perfect.  It’s all a matter of perspective and trust. Oh, and patience too.

I’ve felt guided to take some Red Lily Essence over the last couple of weeks, perhaps to strengthen my ability to live this concept.  The Red Lily Essence helps us to be more focused and grounded in daily life as well as feel more connected and tuned into Spirit.

It feels like this essence helps me to get on with my daily work (on my book or on other things) effectively and with clarity, while also experiencing an expanded sense of universal support and guidance.

The most important question to ask ourselves in these moments is: Am I having fun?  Because when we are doing things we love, we are in tune with our soul purpose and nothing can possibly be wrong about that.

So yes, I’m having fun playing around with this book called Red Lily Mama.  I’m having fun playing around with my new dance class, and I am learning to trust that my success in both these endeavours might not come overnight, but since my heart is leading me to do them, that it’s just a matter of time.

Beautiful full moon weekend to you all,


Seeing the Bright Side of Everything

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Lovely Peppermint trees near my house

In recent years I’ve been playing around with actively shifting my perspective when something I would usually label as ‘bad’ turns up in my life.  I’ve become quite practised at looking for a spiritual meaning, a lesson or a benefit in every so-called ‘negative’ event.

Illness is one of those life events I find hardest to be relaxed about.  Having recently experienced all four members of our family being knocked sideways by a flu for a week and a half each, I was handed yet another opportunity to go with the flow that this period of illness presented to me.

I have to say I’ve come out the other end of this experience feeling a greater sense of inner peace, surrender and gratitude than I have ever experienced before.  Everything has been slowed down a notch (by necessity) and I feel like my whole being has been “reset” to a more calm and aware level of existence.

I certainly feel greater gratitude for my body as it slowly heals itself and a heightened appreciation for being able to do simple tasks like the grocery shopping and hanging some washing without feeling I need to sit down every few minutes.

I’m cruising through appointments being rescheduled by clients, only one woman turning up to my dance class (we had a fun class together) and a lunch my husband and I planned to have today being delayed until next week due to a work commitment of his.  It’s all good, and I’m not just pretending or brushing upset feelings under the carpet, I genuinely feel at peace and blessed to be alive.

Listening this morning to Guy Finley talk with Jennifer McLean on Healing with the Masters, I feel even more that I’m on the right track.  Guy is speaking about the value of looking at everything that happens in our lives (especially the unpleasant stuff) as serving our spiritual growth and leading us towards a better life.

One thing I enjoyed getting back into this week was taking some short walks in nature.  I felt drawn to a grove of peppermint trees a little walk up the golf course from our house.  Just wandering between these loving presences, touching their trunks and letting their soft leaves brush my head, made me feel rejuvenated. The plant kingdom just yearns to serve us. Touch a tree today!

Till next time, love to all,


Still Learning to Surrender and Trust

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Oh yes.  We most definitely end up teaching what we most need to learn.

My journey of the last five years or so has been one of releasing my dependence on my mind and living more from my heart.  Who knew it would be so hard or take so long?

I had a lovely, in fact, ecstatic “aha” moment last week while walking along one of the lovely coastal bush tracks at the edge of town.  I was feeling flat and disappointed.  I had woken up that morning still feeling quite lethargic and knew I didn’t have the energy to go to yoga.  So I went for a little walk and had a sit on a rock in the bush and tried to meditate.  This was nice but not as rejuvenating as I had hoped.

As I wandered back along the track to go home I was thinking about all sorts of things related to my work, my book, our current money situation and what sort of house we might end up buying.  As I walked, I was also looking into the bushes beside the track to see if I could find a little Southern Brown Bandicoot (Quenda).

A cute little Quenda (image by Pierre Pouliquin)

In our first two weeks of living in Dunsborough I had spotted two of these little critters while walking along this track and I was reflecting how it was odd that I hadn’t seen any since.   Then it hit me.  The times I had seen the Quendas, it had been a complete surprise, I had simply been walking along enjoying the scenery.  In that moment I felt my whole body relax as I surrendered to the beauty all around me, exactly as it was. A split second later a Quenda shot across the track right in front of me.  I laughed and felt a surge of elation as I looked to the heavens and thanked the universe for this clear demonstration.

I continued my walk feeling so much more connected to the benevolent universe and in a state of complete trust and open-heartedness with regard to all the aspects of my life I had been pondering.

Once we know what we want in life and we are living it by doing things we love each day, we simply need to get out of the way and trust that what we need to make our dreams come true will flow to us in Divinely right time in a Divinely right way.

When we look too hard or set our expectations too narrowly, we are blocking the flow of universal love.

Haahhh.  It’s nice to have those little moments of clarity now and again.

Enjoy your week.

Love and lightness


Releasing Expectation

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I’ve been playing with the idea of ‘expectation’ this week.  I’ve been noticing quite intensely how it affects our experience of what IS.

We are such creative and imaginative beings!

The good part of this is that we can imagine up new ways of living, working, relating, looking and feeling in our world and then shift our lives in that more rewarding direction.  The not so good part of the power of our imagination is that we create beliefs, feelings and attitudes toward particular events or outcomes, and then when they don’t meet our pre-conceived imagining, we are disappointed, sometimes devastatingly so.

I experienced this strongly after the birth of my first child, when the way the delivery panned out fell way short of my expectations.  My disappointment and indeed, grief over this event lasted for years but the upside is, it triggered the gradual shifting of  many of my unhelpful and self-defeating beliefs.

Yeah, I suppose you could say this is just a part of the daily human experience. The ups and downs of life, you win some, you lose some.

What I reckon though, is that we put ourselves through far too much of this pain and that it is more pervasive than you might realise.

How many of us let little irritations like a less than satisfactory coffee, no parking spots in the shopping centre car park or  a lost set of car keys when we are running late affect our mood?

I certainly believe that to a large extent, we get out of life what we expect to get out of life.  The law of attraction and all that.

However, we are not in complete control of everything around us.  We are co-creating our experience with universal energies/love/God/the Divine, call it what you will.  Also, we are playing our role in the Divine dance of life on this planet with many other beings who have their own unique pathways to tread and their own human expectatations.

Many of our not-met expectations (disappointments) arise from other people not doing, saying, giving us what we hoped, darn it, EXPECTED they would.  This is where expectation is coming from a need to control our experiences so we feel safe.

I’ve observed that the happiest people around aren’t necessarily those who have lower expectations of life than the rest of us.  In fact, these people live in a constant state of joyful anticipation.  Doesn’t that sound good?

The difference in my mind between joyful anticipation and set expectations is in the detail.  When we hold the over-arching belief that life is full of good things for us but that we are not necessarily the best judge of what is good and what is bad, we can see pretty much any experience as being beneficial and we can release our feelings of disappointment that much quicker.

So, yes, feeling disappointed from time to time is a natural human reaction.  Developing the ability to let it go and see the good in every situation is to feel always blessed.

The Australian Bush Flower Essence, Freshwater Mangrove helps us to release pre-conceived beliefs and prejudices, freeing us up to appreciate the vast variety of beauty all around us.

Love and lightness,