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Choices, Choices, hmmm

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What do you really want to do this year?

Not, what do you think you should do.

The wants and the shoulds sometimes get mixed up together don’t they?

For example, I both want to and should (for the benefit of my hubby) earn some proper money this year.  But how I go about doing this is the tricky bit.  My work seeing clients for counselling, energy work and flower essences ebbs and flows and I’m working on refining how I market my services and deliver them.  In addition to attracting more clients though, I’d love to run some workshops for women, publish my book, record some guided meditations to sell and do more writing.

Well, just do it then, I hear you say.

I’ll certainly have a red hot go at all of this but I’m feeling just a little weary of starting new ventures and seeing them peter out in a matter of weeks.

Maybe this is the year when I will gain some momentum in these projects (after all, last year was pretty huge for our family in terms of change), but golly it’s sometimes really tempting to just throw in the towel and get a regular job.

It’s just that every time I get close to doing this, I just can’t.  I can’t sign that letter of application, click the send button to email my enquiry or pick up the phone to talk to a prospective employer.

I guess that inner wisdom I have worked so hard to develop won’t let me.  I’d feel like I was running away from my true purpose, my calling, my essence.

The Gymea Lily essence helps us to stand tall in our truth with humility

But there are times when I feel intensely frustrated and fed up with myself.  And you know what, these feelings are actually pretty useful because they motivate me to get off my seat and do something, take action, open my mind and my heart to what I am really capable of.

My two biggest challenges (maybe you can relate), are:

  1. losing focus by coming up with too many ideas and allowing my energy to become scattered and,
  2. taking it all too gosh darn seriously.  It has to be fun and light.  When we hold on too tight, nothing flows

I’m ready universe, let me be of service, joyful, blessed service!

Allowing, Not Forcing

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Well, my sources tell me there is much happening in the cosmos and, as we are a part of the cosmos, right here on Earth at the moment.

Astrologically and spiritually speaking, the themes for the beginning of 2013 are:

Realising potential

Getting clearer and more aligned with our goals and pathway

Moving from separation to unity

The expansion of our intuitive abilities

One of my favourites. The Bush Iris essence is wonderful for expanding our intuition.
One of my favourites. The Bush Iris essence is wonderful for expanding our intuition.

As with any other process of transformation and growth though, many of us may be experiencing the opposite of all of the above in preparation for us to embrace the change more fully when the opportunity to do so arises.

It sometimes feels to me that just when I decide something like…”From now on, I’m going to be supremely patient, kind and loving with my hubby and kids…”, something unusually infuriating happens and I end up snapping at everyone in complete intolerance. Then I get cross with myself and think, “Oh, what’s the point, I’m just not capable of being calm all the time”.

What I’m trying to do this past week though, is notice these moments with more detachment and forgive myself more quickly.  I’m realising that this type of shift in consciousness and behaviour is well worth aiming for, it’s simply unrealistic to expect it to happen overnight.

The same approach can apply to any goals or resolutions we have made in the new year.  Set the intention, write it down, raise your level of awareness and then allow the shift to happen, almost with no effort at all.

It’s like riding a wave in the ocean or floating down a river with the current, what sense would it make to fight against these natural forces?

Our existence on this planet, in this universe has its own similar flow and ebb.  Getting all tense and rigid about making our goals come to fruition (particularly when we need other people to be aligned with our mission), can delay our progress rather than accelerate it.

Plus, although the more powerful among us, may get what they desire by forcing and struggling through each barrier and brick wall, they may also end up missing out on the growth and unexpected pleasures that can arise out of flowing with the journey that presents itself naturally, and with synchronicity.

So, go ahead, climb onto your raft, push confidently away from the bank and float purposefully, gracefully and open-heartedly down river, the river of your life.

Much love to all.

Revel In The Process

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I’m feeling a big recalibration happening inside me right now. It feels to me like we are in the midst of the dawning of a new age for humanity and yet…. There is clearly still a lot of dross to be burned, scum to be skimmed from the surface and dust to settle before we see the sparkling jewel beneath. Whatever metaphor you use, we are and perhaps always will be, in a process. For me, the shift is allowing me to feel a deeper, more consistent enjoyment of life. I am finding myself noticing how good things are, how fortunate I am and how far my family and I have come in our journey to create our ‘good life’. And then there are moments when I find myself still wondering, what’s next? The process is what we are here to experience.  There is no single ultimate destination, but many. So although uncertainty and indecision about one’s life direction can feel scary and frustrating, it’s only natural. In fact, having it all 100% sorted is the opposite of what we have come here to do. Each one of us is the sparkling jewel.  All unique and yet all connected by the divine light shining within. Be who you are Be love BeIMG_7528

Letting Go With Grace

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Still in love with my Waratahs

Hey, I learned something about myself this week.  I’m getting much better at letting go and moving forward swiftly and with a light heart.

I’ve decided to stop running my weekly dance class and as this decision came as a gentle whisper from my heart, it has all occurred so gracefully and easily.  Also, since I am tuned into my inner wisdom, I have been able to step back and see the big picture with regard to what this dance class was really all about for me.

It was certainly something I’ve thought about doing for ages, I definitely love dancing and would love to dance on a regular basis with other women.  What I discovered through running the class though, was I didn’t love being in the ‘teacher’ role in this context.  My enthusiasm for dancing each week was somewhat dampened by the idea that I needed to create a structured class and practice my choreographed routines.  I wanted it to be looser, freer, more spontaneous, but I was unsure that women would come along if I was to say: “OK everyone, just dance!”

When the fun drains out of a job we have committed ourselves to, we either need to find a way to bring the fun back or move gracefully and considerately out of that role.

Thankfully for me, not many women had been coming to the class so I didn’t have to get all worried about letting others down, as I’ve done in the past.  So, what looked from the outside as a disappointment : “Nobody is coming to my class”, became a blessing, “Thank goodness nobody came to the class this week” I can pull down my flyers, put up a notice saying the dance class is not running and step gracefully into the next chapter of my life.

What I feel is really important to highlight here is not only my efficient wrapping up of Red Lily Dance.  It’s also the feeling of gratitude I have that I actually created the class, promoted it and turned up each week for two months.  I did it! And through doing it I learned so much about myself and got to experience the spectrum of emotions related to feeling; nervous, fearful, bold, confident, accomplished and authentically me as I prepared for and ran each class.

I also met a really lovely woman who came along to a couple of classes.  She has already become a friend and someone with whom I feel I will have a long-lasting connection.  It turns out she is an old friend of one of my gorgeous Fremantle friends (it’s a small world isn’t it?)

This may sound weird but it was as soon as I met my new friend that I felt my journey with the dance class was coming to a close.

Sometimes it seems we need to go down these little, interesting detours in life so we get to experience something important or meet someone vital to the next part of our life journey.

There is no such thing as a failure, it’s all grist for the mill of our hearts and minds.  Perhaps by going easy on myself about the ending of this endeavour (for the time being), I will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone into something you would love to try but have been feeling too scared to?

Ah well, until I gather together a bunch of dance-crazy women with whom I can dance, spontaneously and wildly, it’s back to dancing in the living room.


Stepping Up

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My very own Waratah grown in Pemberton (they only occur naturally in eastern Australia) Soak up the powerful energy!

Are you feeling called by life to step into or up to a more authentic version of you?

I am. Aaagh!

It’s a bit scary but ready or not, here I AM.

I’m ready to own my intuitive gifts as a woman working in the healing arts.  There, I said it.

Every client who comes to see me gets to experience my intuition through the information I share with them (which is often from their inner selves) during a session.  This so-called “information” comes as messages that seem to pop into my mind out of the blue, but upon confirmation through muscle testing, almost always trigger recognition or a “yes, that’s true” response in the person I am working with.

Now, having come from a background valuing university qualifications, scientific proof and quantifiable evidence, this intuitive caper has taken me many years to warm up to.  So much so that now, even four years after I first began sensing through my work as a kinesiologist, that I was receiving information that allowed me to help people more effectively and efficiently, I still double and sometimes triple check that the message is accurate by observing the physical sensation I am getting through my hand.

So, although this is a service I am providing every time I work with someone, so far I haven’t promoted my intuitive skills in any of my promotional materials or advertisements.  Well, that’s about to change because I sat down today and re-wrote my last newspaper ad so that it is clear to all who read it that I have this ability and that it enhances my work.

I’m ready for this next step and expect that I will attract a whole new group of people wanting to see me.  How wonderful it will feel to meet a new client knowing they see me in all my authentic glory!

It’s all about divine timing my friends.  Sooner or later you might feel this nudge, push or shove onto a bigger stage.

My best advice is to take a deep breath and STEP UP! There is nothing to fear here but having not tried.  We are here to be ourselves, fully, absolutely, no excuses, ourselves!

It feels true to me that when we come to the end of our lives, we have more regrets about what we didn’t do than what we did.

I see your light,


Just Begin…

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Springtime wisteria at my parent-in-law’s house

Ooh, I love this time of the year.  The sun is coming up earlier and shining stronger,  I seem to need at least one hour less sleep each night than I do during the winter months, I am waking naturally at around 6.00 and feeling ready to get up at 6.30 (it takes me a while to get motoring).

And…for the first time in my fifteen years of being a yoga devotee I am doing a bit of yoga when I first wake up (most days). This has been a goal of mine – well, maybe a vague desire – for ages and ages but I never seem to feel like doing yoga first thing in the morning.

I now realise why this has never happened for me until now.  My mind had created all these over-the-top expectations of what “Tricia’s home yoga practice” should look and feel like.  I was missing the whole point of yoga.  For me, yoga is gentle, meditative and a part of my spiritual life.  I wonder how I allowed my mind to turn it into something hard, demanding and unpleasant? Oh the wondrous ways we get in the way of our own health and happiness!

What I have discovered is that if I just go and roll out my yoga mat and go into a gentle pose of the child with my arms outstretched in front, the next move just seems to flow from there.  It’s quite intuitive – being half asleep helps with this – I just move from one pose to another smoothly and slowly.  I may spend ten minutes or thirty minutes doing this, the time doesn’t matter.  What matters is that I enjoy this time and I start the day feeling more relaxed in my body and calm in my mind.

The key is, just make a start.  Release expectations, goals and pressure to perform.  Just begin….see where it leads.

This applies to anything we have an inkling we might like to start doing more of, or begin learning for the first time in our lives.  BEGIN.

Nothing is truly difficult when we have a passion for it.  Sure, it takes time to become an accomplished musician, painter, writer, dancer, athlete, or cook.  When it’s enjoyable, the time slips away effortlessly.  Be child-like in your innocent endeavour.

Lovely weekend to all,


Settling into Divine Time

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This week I’ve been getting on with what feels like the two hundredth edit of my book manuscript.  It’s beginning to feel as though the changes and refinements I could make to it are endless.  I’ve been going through a tricky process of changing the structure of the book which has meant pulling chapters apart and pasting paragraphs into new sections.

While all of this may sound and sometimes feels, a little tedious, sitting down at the desk day after day with a neat pile of marked up pages to work through can feel quite satisfying, and it certainly appeals to my Virgoan tendency to adore order and having a methodical process to follow.  It’s also a wonderful procrastination strategy.

What I am owning up to is that all this re-working and tweaking allows me the delicious luxury of not being ‘ready’ to submit it to the next round of publishers for their consideration.  Is is self-sabotage, fear of failure, fear of success or all three?

The answer is yes, all three.

However, there is another perspective we can take. It is; that all is unfolding in divinely right time.  Nothing is amiss, all is perfect.

Whatever is happening in our lives each day is perfect for where we are at in our life journey.  There is no need to push things to happen faster or to drive ourselves harder to achieve the results we seek.

And even the messy, unexpected speed bumps we encounter along the way which we think are preventing us from getting on with life can be viewed as helpful, instructive and perfect.  It’s all a matter of perspective and trust. Oh, and patience too.

I’ve felt guided to take some Red Lily Essence over the last couple of weeks, perhaps to strengthen my ability to live this concept.  The Red Lily Essence helps us to be more focused and grounded in daily life as well as feel more connected and tuned into Spirit.

It feels like this essence helps me to get on with my daily work (on my book or on other things) effectively and with clarity, while also experiencing an expanded sense of universal support and guidance.

The most important question to ask ourselves in these moments is: Am I having fun?  Because when we are doing things we love, we are in tune with our soul purpose and nothing can possibly be wrong about that.

So yes, I’m having fun playing around with this book called Red Lily Mama.  I’m having fun playing around with my new dance class, and I am learning to trust that my success in both these endeavours might not come overnight, but since my heart is leading me to do them, that it’s just a matter of time.

Beautiful full moon weekend to you all,


Shine like a Little Child

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April at four, all dressed up to wave to the crowds in the Fremantle Festival Parade

It’s been raining here in Dunsborough today.  Our first proper rainy day since moving to the south west.  The Easter weekend is almost upon us and that also means the end of term one for the kids.

This afternoon April’s class held a little talent show with the kids coming up with their own acts.  Our natural performer daughter featured in four items including a solo dance and a solo song.  She loves the experience of putting on a show and although was a little nervous about singing solo in front of a crowd for the first time, she stood up, took a deep breath and plunged in.

I wish for her that she retains this self-confidence and joy in doing what she loves as she grows older.

Do you remember having that sort of confidence in doing what you loved as a child?

I used to love singing and dancing on my own or with a girlfriend in our lounge room when I was April’s age but I would have sooner died than performed “Dancing Queen” in front of an actual audience!

I continued to enjoy dancing and music all through my school years but as a young teenager became painfully aware that if I let my light shine too brightly, I would attract the attention of the nasty girls at school and that I would be bullied.  So, I still performed with my friends when we had the opportunity but I learned to tone things down, to play it safe, not stand out too much.

This must be a really big life lesson for me because I feel I am still learning it through April.  I love her exuberance and spirit and I’m proud of how confident she is and yet at times I also internally cringe just a little when she stands up the straightest and sings the loudest.  My heightened sensitivity to what other people might be thinking kicks in super-strong and I worry that the other girls won’t like her if she is always the “star” of the show.

What I realised watching her today is that all the kids just accept her as she is.  Her Dad and I keep her grounded by not making too big a deal of it and subtly mentioning that everyone is good at different things.

Her teacher was generous in letting her perform in so many different acts. Her words when I thanked her were:  “Well, it was up to the kids, it was her chance to shine”.

It seems to me that for many of us adults, life has dulled our shine and has even caused us to forget what our gifts and talents are.

I feel that finding our way back to our child-like, joyous selves through remembering what we love to do and doing it brings all the meaning and pleasure back into our lives.  Sonia Choquette teaches this in her work.

I love to dance, sing, draw, bake and write so that’s what I make sure I do, often and with joy in my heart.

What have you left behind in childhood that you used to love?

Stomp in a puddle today!

Love to you all,


A Story of Perserverance

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The Kapok Bush Essence combats apathy and resignation

I have a little story to tell.

Once upon a time there was a young woman who didn’t know who she really was.

She loved learning and spent a lot of time earning qualifications. Then she had two children and her whole life changed.

She immersed herself in motherhood and learned a lot about patience, frustration, control, anger and most of all, love.

Little by little, year by year she slowly realised there was a quiet little voice inside her wanting to be heard.  The little voice whispered;

You are good”

“You are creative”

“You are loved and supported more than you will ever know”

“Only you know what is good for you and how you might be happy” 

“You are the power in your own life.  Dream, imagine, follow your heart and take the first step”

The woman took some steps which felt random and ill-conceived at first.  She took some short courses that sounded like fun.  She booked herself  a place in the first weekend of a year-long course in kinesiology and thought she would see how it felt.

She dreamed of being an artist, a writer and living with her family in the country.

Along the way she made meditation a daily practice and found a yoga class she loved.  She made new friends and learned to live much more from her heart than her head.

The woman learned to look after herself as a priority and other women came to see her to help them with healing and balance in their lives.  She felt the urge to begin writing down her story and two years later she hesitantly at first, called it a book.

She told her family she wanted to move to the country and they struck out to explore Margaret River as a potential home.  When this didn’t pan out she sighed and cried and then let it go and planned a house move locally.

Another two and a half years later she is sitting at a desk in her home in Dunsborough writing this blog.  Her children are thriving in their new home, her husband is humming as he moves through the house. His sense of humour has returned.  Young women with babies and toddlers are coming to see her for healing and guidance.  She has woken up in this new life and feels so blessed.

Looking back she can now see how the last ten years were slowly but inexorably carrying her to this moment.

It’s the same for us all.  Patience and surrender play big roles but if there is a powerful dream in your heart, keep it alive, feed it and know that when we make ourselves happy in each moment, we are less attached to the “big stuff” we want.

For me, this detachment from my ultimate dream helped me to be curious, not overly concerned about events last year that at first made me feel like we were being dragged further away, not closer to the outcome I sought.

I think I read this in one of Neale Donald Walsch’s books: “You take care of the what, God takes care of the how“.

Persistence and acceptance balanced together.

A lovely Monday to you all,


Opening Up To Uncertainty

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Bottlebrush in Fremantle

Gosh it’s feeling really messy being me at the moment.  I feel like giving myself a good shake all over like a wet dog and shedding all the pesky little tasks, concerns and hassles I can feel coating my being like a layer of sticky-notes.  Perhaps I should just do the sensible thing and start writing some lists.  My good friend Virginia is a list maker and swears by their usefulness.

The kids and I went to Dunsborough this week to take a look at the one and only rental property that seems to be suitable for us there at the moment.  It was a little depressing but then we don’t want to pay a high rent just to live in a glamorous abode when a modest one will do just fine.

So many tiny little decisions to make at the moment.  As usual I am trying to remain philosophical about the house we end up renting since my belief is that we are always in the right place and even when it feels foreign or even wrong, there is a bigger picture from which we are benefitting.

So, as I struggle to rid myself of my preconceived ideas about the type of house and area we had hoped to live in, a part of me remains curious and open-minded about what the Universe has in store for us on this next step of our journey.

Looking around my bedroom now I can see an almost full box of packing, clothes and bedding on the floor and a carpet that desperately needs a vacuum.  Life feels a little chaotic and out of control.  It feels like an achievement just to have washed hair, shaved legs and clean clothes on this morning.

Although don’t get me wrong.  I am very very excited about our move and I have heaps of energy to get everything done, I just need to slow down and tackle one thing at a time.

Yesterday I watched a very soothing message from Lee Harris about what 2012 offers for humanity that functioned as a meditation and brought me great comfort.  It was sent to me by Patricia Cota-Robles. Click here to watch.

Another lovely New Year flower essence to take is the Bottlebrush Essence.  This essence is particularly helpful for those of us moving into new life stages.  It helps with feelings of overwhelm and has a cleansing effect on the  intestines.  In an astrological review of 2012 on Healing with the Masters, Predictions Week, Elizabeth Jones shared that this year has the themes of mindfulness, discernment, taking action and looking after one’s physical well-being.  Very interesting.

Must get that vacuum cleaner out.

Love and blessings,