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How To Create Your Own Daily Spiritual Practice

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I want you to know something you may not have heard before…This comes from my heart and my deepest knowing.

You are spiritual to your core.  There is no such thing as spiritual development, only your awareness need be developed.  Once you perceive your divinity and goodness (Godness), as an infinite being of light, much of your ‘work’ is done and any other falsehoods about your nature and human flaws simply fall away.

What I’ve come to realise only quite recently is that you get this awareness by adopting a daily spiritual practice of your own design. It might be meditation, yoga, walking, running, swimming, dancing, prayer, listening to music, singing, drawing, painting, writing, tai chi, sitting in your garden and listening to nature….  It doesn’t matter what it looks like, it matters how it makes you feel.

sunrise meditation
image courtesy


You can come up with a suite of practices that you intuitively move into when the urge comes. One morning you might get up early and walk in nature, the next you might journal and meditate or do some yoga and so on. Feeling the freedom to choose what you do is a wonderful motivation to make it happen.

Here are my Top Five Tips for getting the most out of any daily practice you wish to commit to with the intention of connecting with the deeper ‘you’:

  1. Begin and end your day with one or two practices from your suite of options
  2. Do your practice alone
  3. Treat your practice as a joyful time of being-ness rather than a task to be completed
  4. Set the intention each morning before rising to embrace the present moment in your daily practice
  5. Use your daily practice to be in and fully experience your real emotions, not to escape them

When you commit to spending even ten minutes, twice each day in a spiritual or shall we say inner-connection practice, the benefits are many.  How does more productive, more creative, less worrisome, more physically healthy, more joyful, more clear-thinking and more loving sound? These are just a handful of the gifts I’ve received since getting clear about prioritising having a daily spiritual practice in my life.

So how to begin?  Well, set an intention right now in this very moment of loving yourself a little more and just see where that leads you.  We’re here to enjoy life and be aware of our own innate divinity, so devote a little time every day to cultivating and nurturing that aspect of you.

Helping people create and commit to their own daily spiritual practice is something I love doing in my Inner Guidance Coaching Programs, click to read more…

You are you and that’s enough, all that’s needed is for you to fully know this truth. <3

You Are Not What’s Happened to You

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In a couple of sessions with my beautiful clients this week I’ve found myself talking about the big versus the small view of our lives, well perhaps more our existence than our ‘lives’.

You know, the idea we are on this planet, a spiritual being having a physical experience for this finite time period and then, well then, who knows but I’ve got a feeling we continue to exist as spiritual beings beyond and indeed did prior to this lifetime we are currently in.

So if that’s true and hey, it’s just my belief, you are very welcome to register a skeptical facial expression right now…

Anyway, so I feel this is true and yet this life I’m having right now does feel very important, very absorbing and you know, I really identify with me as a person in this lifetime and all that I have experienced, not to mention all my dreams for the future.  So how do I put that all into perspective with regard to my belief that I am an eternal being not who but that will exist beyond this human life?

image courtesy
image courtesy

What I’m talking about here is living life from the viewpoint (the very liberating viewpoint I think), that what we know about the story of our time here in this current life is not the full story or the whole picture and that we have a bigger story, a more expansive existence that goes on beyond the comprehension of our limited human minds.

Now I’m not suggesting for a moment that our human lives here and now are not important or not to be revered and valued immensely, no, not at all.  We are certainly here to experience all that our souls very carefully set out to explore, discover, sense, feel, enjoy and endure when we made the choice to come and have this life.

What I’m hoping to elucidate (cool word), is that although we must take these lives of ours seriously enough that we engage, learn, relate, embrace, evolve and create as a direct result of all that we experience, perhaps from time to time, we could also take an imaginary step back from what we are feeling, suffering with, recovering from, catastrophising and even celebrating and realise…

This is not all there is to me, this is only my small story, I’m bigger and the infinite universe that is my true home is far bigger than this life event.

Phew, profound huh?

Wait, there’s more…

The things that have happened to me in this life have nothing at all to do with my inherent goodness as a divine soul, nor how I am loved beyond the stars and back again by the love energy that created All.

When we have the capacity to take this mental step back and view our lives from a more objective, less personal standpoint we are more likely to have the courage to chase our dreams, speak up for what we believe in and make choices that well, put simply, make us happy.  We are less likely to live in automatic pilot, put up with abuse from others or go on punishing ourselves with regret and guilt over past actions.

It’s all been happening for you, you can see that more easily when you take the BIG picture perspective. You’ve gained far more than what you may feel you’ve lost.  And ultimately, what it all boils down to is this:

You are loved

You are loved

You are love

That’s all <3

If you like my style and could do with some help on the inner guidance front, take a look Here – Inner Guidance Coaching with Tricia and contact me for a chat.

Feel The Fear but Don’t Let it Run Your Life

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Two whole years ago I launched a dance class for women in a community hall in my town.  I’d only been living here for six months when I began this bold new venture and to be completely blunt, it failed.

Sure, a few women turned up, I had some fun (in only slightly greater measure than the terror), and I met the most lovely and inspiring 73 year old woman who became a friend and meditation buddy.

I wrote this post: The Healing Power of Dance as I began this short but sweet journey in 2012

These feet just wanna dance!
These feet just wanna dance!

So, here I am again, I’ve booked the space, created a flyer and started publicising it in facebook.  In just under two weeks I’ll be leading a healing dance class for women in my little country town.

This time I have a much bigger network of contacts to invite, I am more in tune with my inner guidance and open to receiving spontaneous inspiration moment by moment AND I’m still scared.

The fear is with me every time I think about it, when I ponder the music selection and when I tell anyone about it.

And….I’m doing it anyway.  I’ve spent decades wanting to dance for a living and now, at the ripe-ish age of 44, it would seem, now is the time.

My message here is that we all have creative energy and for many of us, it’s our life’s work here on planet Earth to uncover, release and live that energy every day.

I haven’t achieved anything yet, my first women’s healing dance class is running on Saturday 22nd November at 8.00 in the morning (wish me luck).  And yet I feel proud and calm and certain that this time it will take off and fly and that I will be along for the ride with joy, passion and freedom.

In essence, feeling fearful about a new idea, project or business venture just means we care a lot about it and ourselves.  All that’s needed is baby steps.  Take that first step and see where it leads.  Don’t let fear stop you from trying because what I’ve discovered is the more we face our fears and move ahead anyway, the more daring we become.

Keep these three things in mind:

  • Our fears can also be our excitement
  • Our fears can be our ego/mind just trying to keep us safe
  • Fear is just another emotion that when acknowledged, blessed and felt, is then free to morph into another expression of who we are.

Our family holiday in Spain took me right out of my comfort zone and everything turned out great. What I took from that experience was that’s it’s safe to take risks and why not simply trust that it will all be okay?

Small success leads to bigger success

Oh and by the way, that friend of mine in her seventies, well she’s booked her place to dance with me on the 22nd.  Cool huh?

For some personal support and guidance with facing your fears make an appointment with me .  We can connect over the phone or on Skype at a time that suits you.

Blessings, Tricia

Five Spiritual Secrets for a Better Life

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Not so long ago I crossed the bridge from “Mainstream, Mind-focused Logical Land” and entered “Intuitive, Spirit-guided Magic-can-happen Land”.  And guess what, my life is sooo much better.

My mission now is to lead as many willing adventurers as I can across the bridge to join me here in the land of infinite possibility, freedom and fun.


So this week I’m debunking some myths about embracing this way of life by sharing my top five spiritual secrets to a better life.  Here goes…
  1. You don’t need to meditate or pray in order to connect with Spirit/the Universe – it certainly helps me when I do, but as long as you spend time alone in nature, playing or listening to music (maybe not death metal), journaling or creating anything artistic, you are putting yourself in the zone to receive inspiration, healing and support.
  2. Forget fad diets, forcing yourself to drink that green smoothie you only sort of like and feeling bad that you aren’t drinking enough water – Place your trust and awareness in your wise, clever body and listen to what it wants each day. We all need different foods and varying amounts of fluids. There’s no right or wrong when you rely on your intuitive self to guide your choices.  As soon as you begin going with what you feel like, your body will course correct and find its own way to a healthy weight.
  3. Add healing power to everything you consume by simply being present and aware  – The tradition of saying grace or blessing our food before a meal goes back millennia because it actually activates the ever-present healing energy in our food and water. So just be mindful and appreciate whatever it is you’re receiving and your food will be your elixir.
  4. You are not responsible for anyone’s happiness but your own – This is especially relevant for us women.  No, dear feminine ones, you are NOT responsible for your children’s or partner’s happiness.  Save yourself first.  In other words, focus on creating your own happiness and the wonderful souls around you will feel freer to pursue their own bliss in turn.  Focus only on others and I assure you, nobody wins.
  5. Your creative and sexual expression are one and the same energy – if one is blocked or suppressed, your enjoyment of the other will be diminished. If you have hang-ups or fears around your sensuality, sexuality, creativity, or artistic talents, making progress in one of these realms can trigger instant healing in the others. So paint, make love, dance, sing, draw, sew, cook, get or give a massage, do yoga, write or sculpt yourself ALIVE!

For some extra help or further explanation of any of these concepts contact me for a personal consultation in-person, over the phone or on Skype. Go to Book A Session With Tricia in my website for more details.

Be your intuitive and natural self and create a life more ‘you’. <3

A Big Adventure For Little Me

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Being far away from home and from all that is familiar is not my natural preference. And yet here I am in Southern Spain with my husband and children on our first family holiday to Europe.

My husband and I have been dreaming of taking a trip like this for years.  Earlier this year we disovered we could afford it, chose Spain over other equally enticing options like France and Italy and booked the flights.

You see, being a perenial homebody and of a slightly nervous temperament, I didn’t backpack through Europe in my twenties. I was busy getting married, divorced, completing two degrees, partnering with my second husband to be and paying the mortgage.

Then in my thirties it was babies, career developments and more house payments…

So here I am sitting on a second floor balcony on a cloudy Autumn day in Cordoba, Spain, listening to the passing parade of people and my children playing soccer in the square below.


Writing all this on my phone is getting taxing so I’ll sign off here. I just wanted to share where I am and to say that if I can find myself in this dream-realised, you can too.

I’ll be available for in-person, Skype or phone sessions from 28th October. Off to buy some supplies for dinner from our local ‘supermarcedo’. Adios amigos!

Tune Into Your Inner Guidance – Three Tips

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Not so many years back I was one of those regular sort of people who thought life was all about working hard, earning rewards by struggling and striving and that it was my mind that would carry me over that far-distant finish line of success.

So much has changed.

Here’s a quick summary spanning twelve years:

  • Motherhood
  • Career confusion
  • Emotional overwhelm
  • Loss of self
  • Marriage strain
  • The discoveries of art, meditation, kinesiology, yoga, my heart and my intuitive gifts…..

I now live my life from my inner guidance.  My mind plays a pretty important role too but it comes a very comfortable second place to my heart.

Being in nature helps me connect with  my inner guidance
Being in nature helps me connect with my inner guidance

You see, the mind actually doesn’t want to be in control, it’s quite happy to play second fiddle.

It’s just that we’re raised in these western cultures of ours to identify with what we know; our academic and work achievements and book learning rather than what we feel.

You know, in your gut, your instincts, your heart.

So what I understand now is that although when my mind was playing at being in the driver’s seat, I made some decisions that weren’t so great, it wasn’t all bad, because there were still moments when gut feeling took over and I listened to that quiet inner voice.  It’s just that I mostly didn’t know that’s what I’d done and I gave my mind the power of thinking it was all knowing and all clever.

Definitely not so.

Since learning to follow my inner guidance and live more from my heart than my mind, my whole life has changed.  I won’t go into it all here, you can read more here.  I’ll just say I feel happy being me and I’m surrounded by more people than ever before who ‘get’ me, love me and who I love back. Yay!

So here’s how you make a start with this inner guidance caper:

Three Tips for Tuning Into Your Inner Guidance

  1. Make space for your inner voice to speak to you – Your inner guidance comes mostly via life happening quite organically around you everyday. And when you make time each day to sit in meditation, you increase your chances of being available to receive the messages from within your heart, both in that moment of stillness and in the wonderful synchronicities and coincidences life presents.
  2. Ask for help Play with the idea that you can ask for guidance on just about anything.  From everyday things like what to eat for breakfast, what colour shirt to buy and whether to make a phone call to someone in particular, to the big ticket items like your life purpose, career direction and relationship quandaries. So in those still moments, ask within and then listen and feel into your heart to start receiving the guidance you seek.
  3. Pay attention to what you see, hear and sense in every moment  Much of what we experience in daily life is there for us to absorb as guidance, feedback and learning.  I’m not saying every situation you find yourself in is all about you and nobody else, I’m just suggesting to not discount that overheard conversation that draws your attention or that chance meeting with a friend from years back as happenings of no significance.  When we allow our heart to guide us into the feelings and deeper messages in each moment, we attract our desires much faster and gentler.

Enough said for now.  If you would like some personal help with tuning into your inner guidance from me, take a look HERE and contact me for your FREE fifteen minute phone session.


Three Tips For Attracting Your Desires

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When we want to see change, big change come into our lives, we can be tempted to fall into the trap of thinking the more thoroughly fed up and disappointed we feel with our current circumstances, the faster we’ll see our desires come to fruition.

Uh uh. Not so (head shake).

Nothing slows our progress in life more than hating where we are right now.

Loving where we are right now opens us up to more of what we love. Railing against where we are right now focuses our energy on what we dislike and the universe gives us more of the same.

It really is that simple.

Allow me to share a little story with you. Three years ago when I knew in my heart that I wanted to move from inner-city Fremantle to the country, I focused on feeling happy every day (well, most days) with my life at the time.  I walked along beaches, drove to bush reserves to walk, developed my healing practice and embraced my local community. And every night I went outside and spoke to the night sky about my dream to move ‘down south’, felt how good I would feel when it had occurred and thanked the universe in advance for my new life in the country.

Fremantle rainbow
Fremantle rainbow

So here’s what happened: Over a six month period my husband joined me in wanting this too, he resigned from his job, we sold our home in four weeks, we found a rental property in our new town, booked our children into the local school and we moved in time for them to commence school at the start of the year. That was at the beginning of 2012 and we’ve never been happier.

Dunsborough rainbow
Dunsborough rainbow

Here are my Top Three Tips for making this process work for you:

  1. Your goal must be in alignment with your true soul path.  Wanting something and knowing it’s serving our highest good can sometimes be quite separate things.
  2. Letting go of the ‘how it will happen’ and the timing are essential.  We tried to make this move two and a half years earlier and it just didn’t happen so I managed (after some tears), to let it go and focus on what I could change within myself and my perspective.
  3. Balancing your focus each day between getting on with daily life with a happy, light-hearted outlook AND spending at least ten minutes each day conjuring, imagining, creating this new life you desire in meditation, prayer, art, or journalling.

The bottom line is, be happy right now, look around you and find something to smile about and then be playful like a day-dreaming child and imagine how it could be EVEN BETTER!

Then watch and allow the magic to come your way.  After all, a rainbow is a rainbow, no matter where we see it <3


For more help with connecting with your soul purpose and inner guidance and to learn practical tools to shift your life, Click Here 



Finding Simplicity

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We all just want peace and happiness don’t we?  I certainly do and I’ve been working at it, really, I have.

But amid all the shifts, changes and growth,  it often ends up all feel harder, when what we were aiming for was easier.

I’m big on analysing, questioning , refining and improving everything in my life pretty much all the time.  Earlier on this week I felt like screaming ENOUGH!  When will I feel like I know enough, have become enough and can give enough?

At what point does the ceaseless striving end and the simple and authentic BEING begin?

This week in preparing  for my women’s meditation circle, I found myself feeling drawn to less rather than more. It’s become my habit to feel I have to cram a lot of value into our hour spent together: Deliver a guided meditation that raises self-awareness or heals an issue, read a quote, play some uplifting or healing music, speak wisely on our topic and do some oracle card readings. Then I breathe a silent sigh of relief as we drink herbal tea together and everyone chats.


So this week I allowed the session to be simpler.  I lead the women into their hearts and then played a sound healing track.  It felt easier and more natural. It felt fun and more relaxing for us all.

My journey of consciously developing my spiritual awareness and intuitive abilities began more than a decade ago, actually it’s closer to two decades.  Since then I’ve read Louise Hay, Neale Donald Walsch, Eckhart Tolle, Miranda Holden, Wayne Dyer and countless others.  I’ve learned about energy healing via Kinesiology, Reiki, Aurasoma, crystals, flower essences, chakra balancing, toning and many other modalities created by wonderful and gifted healers.  Not to mention all the other complimentary therapies like essential oils and homeopathy I’ve accessed for me and my family to assist us with our overall well-being.  Oh and don’t let me leave out numerology and astrology for endless and entertaining insights on who we really are.

Now don’t get me wrong, this has all been great. I’ve managed to resolve plenty of niggly health issues, emotional stuck-points and mental hang-ups by travelling this endlessly fascinating path. Plus, the self-knowledge I’ve gained has helped to me help others with clarity, humour and humility.

It’s just that, well, it seems that the more we delve, analyse, seek answers from others and ponder our existential crises from every possible angle, the more we also become attached to the idea that all this focus on our ‘story’ and personal ISSUES, is essential for our future happiness and in reality….

What if it were also true that the more committed we are to figuring it all out, the further away we get from our true essence?

What if all the therapies, philosophies, treatments, processes and potions we’ve made use of are merely distractions, window dressing or even overlays that cover up our inner truth and divinity?

Just a thought.

The only way you can answer these questions for yourself is to allow yourself some time in silence, just a few moments here and there are enough to begin with.

Listen with love and reverence for the life you already are <3




Helpers Need Help Too

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I’ve been playing with a couple of themes this past week.  One is the concept of ‘enough’ or perhaps more accurately, ‘good enough’.  Anyone else out there have perfectionist tendencies?

The other one is the idea that we have supporters (seen and unseen) in our lives and that how we handle the flow of giving and receiving determines whether or not we make good use of that support. Give too much and receive too little and it’s out of balance for us all.  We mothers are especially good at this, giving till we’re ready to expire (or explode) and not feeling able to ask for help.


Before I go any further, I’d like to credit MaryCay Durant from Your Success Signature Business with alerting me to these concepts on a coaching call three weeks ago. The slow filtration process began then and is now emerging as real change in my life only now. Actually, this isn’t too bad if you ask me, I’ve frequently had transforming information resonate with me on the first hearing and then it’s taken me, oh, around ten years to finally implement it in my life.

So what’s this all about?

It’s about wanting to play a bigger game in my life and finding myself bumping up against demands that didn’t even feel like demands a mere four weeks ago.  They were just stuff I did and I had plenty of time for.

You see I’ve gotten clearer about what my work is, who I’m serving and how I promote who I am and what I do.  I’ve become busier with client appointments, I’ve written a business plan (thank you dear hubby for the firm nudge to do this), and for the umpteenth time, began a new edit on my book manuscript. Not to mention big tweaks to this website and the creation of my first printed promotional materials in eighteen months!

So, all that’s happened is life’s gotten a little busier and I’ve needed to reset priorities, plan my time a little more carefully and embrace these two concepts;

  • Decide anew what’s ‘good enough’ in terms of making time for housework, family, creativity, meditation, friends, exercise and work so I end up feeling in balance at the end of the day.
  • Realise I have support among my family, friends and my spirit guides and angels that I only need call upon to ease my workload and assist me with allowing it to feel easy and light again.

These periods of tension amid change can provoke feelings of fear, panic, blockage, retreat, overwhelm and an urge to throw in the towel.  I’ve felt all this and spent a couple of weeks wrestling with the attendant resentment that I projected onto the dearest people in my life, my precious husband and children whose very existence buoys me, urges me to be my highest expression and without whom I wouldn’t even be on my current path (sigh and chastened smile).

Haaah.  It’s quite difficult sometimes isn’t it, this ‘life’ thing?

So, I’m writing this post at 8.45 in the evening (I used to do it in the day), while my children settle off to sleep and hubby switches the television off to go and read his book.  No big deal, I enjoy this creative outlet and pretty soon I’ll be off to bed too.

I’ve found a new energy for doing all that I do by asking for some help from my family, acknowledging how I can drop some time wasting activities or at least reduce them (think email and facebook), and I’m giving myself a huuuge break around what is possible and ENOUGH.

I’m letting it flow, allowing my inner guidance to take the driver’s seat, knowing it’s time to let go of some rigid ideals around who I am as a wife, mother, woman and person in favour of being the humble, quiet, holy me who knows how awesomely powerful she really is and is ready to shine a little bit shinier.

Onwards men and women, to the peak!

Be Gone Old Labels! I Don’t Need You Anymore

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Just in case you haven’t felt it yet, this is certainly a week for clearing out the old, tackling that household task you’ve been avoiding and taking in a gigantic lung-full of clean fresh air.  Breathe iiiinn and then let it all ooouut.

Early evening at the bay
Early evening at the bay

We have a full moon tomorrow and the solstice is barely a week later.  Whether your solstice is happening in winter, summer or tropical dry season (depending on your location on the globe), this time of our year represents the end of a cycle.  Here in Australia we’re reaching the shortest day of the year and come the 23rd June, our days will start getting longer again as we cycle back towards spring and summer.  Sure, winter’s only just begun so we have plenty of cold and wet days to still get through but if you’re a sun-lover like me, it always lifts my spirits when I know we’re beyond that shortest day.

What this week has been feeling like for me is a re-calibration and a chance to clear the decks for the second half of 2014.  I’ve had a quiet working week and some time to do some work on my book manuscript (joy!).  Today I’m having my first massage in many many months and I’m planning to make it a’ two yoga class’ week.  I’ll tackle some housework tomorrow.  Sounds good to me 🙂

The other side of this week has been really noticing the aspects of me that I’m ready to release another layer of.  I’m ready to let go of some old labels that no longer fit.

Perhaps giving away our unwanted clothing can be a metaphor for this idea?  When we trawl through our wardrobes casting off items we no longer wear, we can call upon our inner wisdom to share any old concepts, beliefs or identities we are now ready to release and replace with first some space, and then with whatever feels like love, lightness and divinity.

My three old labels up for replacement this solstice are: shy, anxious and people-pleaser.

What are yours?  Take a moment now and ask into your heart. Maybe use these words;

“Heart, if there were three labels about me that I’m now ready to release, what would they be?”

Then, perhaps we could also ask for three new words that we might use to replace the old ones.

My heart says mine are; bold, brave and focused.

Listen within and you’ll hear yours too.

Take some extra time for you this weekend. Celebrate the coming of the solstice as the end of a cycle in your life and set some fresh intentions for the remainder of the year by writing them down.

Be you, that’s all there is to do. <3