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Abundance Springs From My Fruit Bowl

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Abundance isn’t about what we have, it’s about how we feel about what we have.

There was this lonely lemon sitting in the centre of the fruit bowl.  It had been there for weeks and was probably past its prime, maybe no good at all, but I was saving it for when I really needed a lemon.

The day finally came when I thought, “yes, I’m going to use that precious lemon, I’m ready.”

The lemon was over-ripe and squishy.  I threw it in the bin.

Believing that all of life is a metaphor for our inner world, I thought:

“Well now, what does this little moment of domestic banality say about me?”

Perhaps nothing, if it was an isolated incident, but it wasn’t.

I’ve always been a saver. I worry that if I use it now, when I genuinely need it, I’ll regret the premature use and have to go without.

I save clothes that seem too good to wear on just an ordinary day, I save food just so I know it’s sitting there, available for us to consume another time, I hold back from sharing affection, compliments, kind thoughts, just in case, you know, there’s a more appropriate moment to offer them just around the corner.

I resist spending money on frivolities because my eye is on the bigger picture.  What if that money is required for something we really NEED some other time and I just spent it on a magazine, T.shirt or pretty candle holder?

But lemons bring out something in me that’s unique.

You see, I know something… I know there are many trees in our town right now with lemons hanging from them, ripe for the picking.  They’re tucked away in the front and backyards of rarely occupied holiday homes.  I have my favourite lemon harvesting targets (I only sneak one or two at a time), and I simply will not buy a lemon from Coles.  Supermarket lemons are nothing like freshly picked, real lemons. You know what I mean.

So this issue isn’t about an actual lack of lemon availability, no no, this secret little obsession of mine comes from the awareness that I should have plentiful lemons at my finger tips because in my mind, there is an endless lemon supply all around our neighbourhood.

The clincher is, I just never seem to have enough. It can be tricky swiping lemons from private property even when nobody is there and even if the lemons will only rot on the ground if no-one takes them.

Despite this rationale it does feel a little bit criminal to take them, so I only take one or two every week or so and then I don’t want to use them because they seem so precious and hard-won. Or, perhaps I don’t feel I deserve them at all?

Do you see what I’m getting at and what this little tale might be revealing about my abundance status?

It gets even weirder, my parents have lemon trees in their yard and every so often Mum arrives at our place proffering a big bag of lemons, my heart jumps, I feel blessed and abundant.  But do you know what I do?  I place them lovingly in a bowl and I admire them.

I still don’t use them will nilly, I save them because you never know when I might need six or seven lemons in one day. Right?

Our baby lemon tree with its first crop.
Our baby lemon tree with its first crop.

The funny thing about this abundance gig is that, you use it, you get more, you save it and universe responds with a similar energy, something we like to call lack.

Way back in the 1920’s Florence Scovel Shinn wrote about this very topic in her book, The Game of Life and How to Play It.

She described that there is a universal “Law of Use” where what we have should be used or given to another and that when we hoard or save items, we eventually experience loss and lack.

This is very similar to our modern day “Law of Attraction” is it not? Here’s what I think:

If I believe I always have everything I need and go about my day happily using what I have and spending money as I feel I would like to, then I am in flow with universal infinite supply.

How did this statement make you feel?  Where did your body contract or tighten?

I feel it in my solar plexus and abdomen.

All we need to do is go to the body area that feel resistance to this truth and love it, reassure it and take it step by step.

Spend a little money when you feel you shouldn’t, pull those ‘special’ ingredients out of the fridge and enjoy them in one meal, buy someone you love a little gift on a whim…get the picture?


I happened across this lovely lemon while walking yesterday and I’m determined to use it right away…anyone for lemon-iced cupcakes?

The year has begun in earnest, get yours off to a wonderful start by having a healing and intuitive guidance session with me.  Read about my session work here and give me a call for a pre-booking chat.

Much love, Tricia

Seven Tips For Creating An Abundance Mindset

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Whatever way you look at it, abundance is a word that has become almost as baggage-laden as the words love, money and God.

Hmmm, I wonder. Are all these words somehow connected?

Because the truth is, we are all experiencing great abundance in our lives right this very minute.

For some it’s an abundance of health, wealth, fun, love, freedom and happiness.  For others it’s an abundance of sorrow, pain, lack, conflict and misery.  And then there’s the rest of us who hang around somewhere in the middle of the extremes and witness glimpses of all these qualities from day to day.

All that we experience is intimately connected with what we expect, what feels ‘normal’ and what we’ve been taught to believe about abundance, prosperity and plentiful supply.

So is it really as simple as those law of attraction proponents say?  Can we simply choose a better abundance experience and wish away the unpleasant bits?

In my experience, yes, well kind of.  For me it’s taken time and the shift has been incremental rather than overnight.

The important thing to remember here is that it’s not about what you have. it’s about how you feel about what you have.
Flowing free like the sea
Flowing free like the sea

Those who have the most don’t necessarily feel the most abundant. And although abundance isn’t just about material wealth, it’s one of the more tangible and obvious ways we get to experience it.

When we create an abundance mindset we begin treating all that we have and experience, love, money, health, creativity, laughter, everything, as though it’s in plentiful supply.  There’s plenty to go around, give away, share with others and receive back again.  Once you feel abundant and have faith in the flow of all good things in and out of your life, you can’t help but enjoy life more.

Here’s some tips for daily life to create an abundance mindset
  1. Keep the sugar bowl and salt and pepper grinders full and take pleasure in a well-stocked pantry and fruit bowl
  2. Bless your power, water and telephone bills in gratitude for the services you receive and for the trust the service providers are extending to you by billing you after you’ve received the goods
  3. Regularly clear out and give away unwanted clothing and household items
  4. Spend some money now and again on things that add beauty to your home or make you feel prosperous such as candles, flowers, little ornaments, books, photo frames, cushions…
  5. Ease up on searching for bargains, sale items and specials in the supermarket (people with abundance mindsets know they’ll always have enough money to buy what they need).
  6. Choose a charitable cause that inspires you and give regularly. Giving from the heart expands our capacity for love and if money is the same as love then…:)
  7. Do something that’s fun, nurturing or pleasurable for yourself every day. This cultivates self-love and reminds us we are all we need

When you play in the awareness of abundance in all things, little by little your experience of abundance in all life areas will expand and feelings of lack will fade into distant memory.

For some personal coaching in abundance, take a look at my Book a Session with Tricia page and contact me for a FREE fifteen minute phone session to find out more.

Much love, Tricia

Create The Vision, Take Action, Repeat…

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Here’s where I share some really useful information about manifesting your desired outcomes.

It seems to me there’s this complicated and intricate dance happening all around us every day.  Things happens that seems to be out of our control and to have nothing whatsoever to do with us. We react to annoying circumstances, accidents, illness and other people being awful as if to say;

“Hey!  That’s not fair! I was just minding my own business, I don’t deserve this.”

What I’m here to say is, pay more attention and realise that although we’re not supposed to take any of this’ life on planet Earth’ stuff personally, most of what you observe in your life has significance and meaning for you right now.

Every moment we devote attention to by expressing our reaction, opinion or emotions has a little message for us.  What we label as good, bad, happy or sad, the universe just sees as energy.

One step at a time
One step at a time

What we learn from these moments about who we really are and what we are unconsciously creating in our lives is what helps us move forward and become conscious creators of our reality.  And again, this isn’t just your personal journey I’m talking about.

When you shift and raise your vibration, everyone benefits.

You, as part of the whole are important and yes, vital to the overall flow of humanity’s evolution.

Sorry if that came as a shock.

So how do you create what you really want when you’ve got a long and glorious history of struggling to live what you thought was a ‘normal’ and ‘productive’ life?

It all starts with having a vision and then taking a step forward in your life that aligns you with the vision.  So before you quit your job or leave your partner, or both, work out what you would love to be doing every day of your life.  Our dream work is usually something we would do for free, something  we feel passionate about and makes our heart sing.

And don’t worry if right now you don’t know, because sometimes not having a clue what this might be is more perfect than having a narrowly defined goal.  You see, I began this process myself eight years ago and I’m still working out what it is I really truly want to do.  Every day I get a little closer and I’ve had an amazing time along the way.

When you’re not sure and you simply try something you’ve always wondered about, universe gets to gently guide you to what’s perfect for where you’re at right now.

When I went and studied kinesiology, I had no idea if I could do it, would like it or could create a practice in this field.  All I knew was I’d received a lot of benefit from being a recipient of kinesiology and it was a therapy I was very interested in learning more about. This was my vision and the action I took was to attend my first weekend training class. My work with individuals has evolved immensely since that first class but I know it was my right first step.

So the big CLUE here is, pay attention to what you see, hear, feel, sense, and react to in your life right now.  When you notice a little internal buzz of excitement at something before your eyes or ears, tune into your inner wisdom and ask, “Is this for me?”

When we act from that uplifting sense of enthusiasm, curiosity, interest or wonder, we know we’re on the right track.

For some personal help with clarifying what you’d really love to be doing in your life, take a look at my Book a Session with Tricia page and contact me for a chat.


Thanks for the school shoes universe!

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My daughter is such an inspiration to me in the realms of letting go, courage and manifestation.  Both of my children are expert ‘manifesters’ and I think I may be just about ready to become one too.

Noticing and acknowledging when the manifestation process happens smoothly can so beautifully pave the way for it to happen again, and often.

Last Tuesday I decided it would be a good day to drive the 27km to our nearest big town to buy birthday presents for our son and some winter school shoes for our daughter.  One gift bought and one to go, I stopped in at our locally owned family shoe store and was promptly asked how I may be helped.  I said I was looking for some girls’ black winter school shoes with a buckle (“Not velcro Mum, a buckle please?”).  The perfect looking pair was there on display.  The lady went among the shelves at the back of the shop to find the size I requested.  She came back out and said there were only two pairs left in this style and one of them was in the size I needed.  I expressed a hesitant thanks and reached out to take closer look.

They looked a little on the big side so I asked if we could return them if they didn’t fit, she said that would be fine.  She also said they weren’t getting any more of this style in, which only left the velcro models my daughter had cautioned me NOT to buy. Also, this pair cost $20 less than the velcroed brand.

I must have learned something about non-attachment in recent years because as I bought them I felt completely relaxed about them fitting and my daughter liking them.  I really wasn’t that worried or bothered that I might need to make another trip to replace them or that she may not end up with the buckle version. This is a far cry from the old me who would have made it into a big stress event and the focus of the rest of her day.

So, cutting to the chase….they fit, she loves them, they were cheaper than I expected and no extra driving for me this week. Little yay!

Happy feet
Happy feet – (I also posted a photo of feet last week – meaning anyone?)

This scenario reminded me of something similar that happened a few years ago when our little girl was six.  She had a dress-up day at school coming up and wanted to wear an old-fashioned looking dress.  In her words, it would be white and with a frill around the bottom and pufffy sleeves.  Not being the sort of mother to make a very big effort to buy or make costumes, I agreed to walk around the corner one afternoon after school with her to take a look in the little op-shop there.  Beyond that, I wasn’t sure where we would go next.  Turned out there was no need for ‘next’, because there hanging on the small rack of girls’ dresses was the dress in question.  It was perfect in every way and we skipped happily out of the store minus a mere $5.00 and went home to iron-on some colourful ribbons to complete her vision.

Wow, wouldn’t it be cool if life was always like this, dream it up and bam, it’s delivered to order?

Well, maybe it can be if you truly believe it can.  Children set us obstacle-obsessed adults a wonderful example of how when we are in flow, faith and trust, little miracles can indeed happen.  It won’t always go perfectly to plan of course, the universe loves throwing us a little challenge here and there, but when we are in flow with our inner guidance and happy to be pleasantly surprised, rather than thinking we need to force results, perhaps we can have these sorts of experiences more often than not?

Emphasize it when it flows, let it go when it doesn’t.  That’s called looking on the bright side.

Success breeds success don’t they say? Go to it 🙂






Work Can Feel Like Play

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I’ve been wrestling with issues around relationship and work this week.  I’m finding new ways to BE in both of these life arenas.

How so? I hear you ask.

Well, it’s all about linking intellectual understanding with feeling and doing.  Oh yeah and deserving.

Do I deserve to be free, relaxed, prosperous and happy?  Yes, of course I do and so do you.  Am I living as though all this were true right now in this very moment? Well, sort of, kinda, not exactly.

I believe we can create lives of joy and success by doing what we love.  I really do, it’s just that, there’s this little voice inside my head (my ego I guess), that plays this ancient recording passed down from my ancestors and culture that says:

“Work is hard, work is a burden, work drains you, work is responsibility, work is a drag, work is denying your truth and being someone you’re not…”

Even with all the “work” I’ve done on overcoming these old patterns, this remnant of the past keeps holding me back.  I don’t know why, all I know is it’s there and it sucks.

I know people say it can help to use different language:  “Hey, don’t call it work, call it something else; play, offerings, services, pathway, vocation…”.  Whatever, I still reckon my brain knows what is meant and offers up the same party-pooping propaganda.

Thankfully though, I do know that work can be like play, cause I’ve felt it.  I feel it each time I am blessed to see a client and help them with my intuitive skills, deliver a channeled meditation to my meditation circle ladies, write these articles and play around with my book manuscript or workshop curriculum. I guess I want more of these experiences and a healthy income to go with them.

Meelup beach from a high vantage point
Meelup beach from a high vantage point

My husband and I sat down together at my PC last week and watched a great film by Wayne Dyer called The Shift.  It stars Wayne as himself and blends his message that the search for greater meaning in life is a natural and helpful urge, with the fictional stories of a handful of characters going through their own life crises, some of whom interact with Wayne in the film.

“When you trust in yourself, you trust in the very wisdom that created you” Wayne Dyer – The Shift

The big message I received was that my husband and I are certainly on our right path.  Having heeded the urging of our souls to quit city life and live a simpler, healthier and quieter life here in Dunsborough, we have slowed down and gifted ourselves the time to pursue our dreams.

“If you can stop interfering in your own life and just be done, everything will be done for you.” Wayne Dyer – The Shift

I guess only having been in this new life for two years though, we are still in a transition phase.  Totally re-hashing our working lives and creating a new balance of earning between the two of us has not magically happened overnight or any where near as quickly as I hoped it would.

I’m still learning to trust and to allow life to unfold for my highest good without letting the crutch of old beliefs, limitations and fairy tales of old, scare me back into more familiar territory. 

“The best way to have those doors open is to forget about yourself and serve; it’s always about service. You can’t attract what you want into your life; you attract what you are.” Wayne Dyer – The Shift

Nice one Dr Dyer. Thanks for the reminder.

Enjoy Every Moment

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The sun is out and the birds are singing.

It’s easy to be happy on a day like today in my beautiful corner of the world.  This morning I went on a little walk along the bay and sat on a rock for ten minutes to enjoy the spectacle of a young humpback whale slapping its tail joyfully on the water a kilometre or so from where I sat.

image courtesy:
image courtesy:

So how do we enjoy those not so good days when we feel tired, the sky is grey, we have pain in our bodies, are worried about something or just feel generally flat?  Hard isn’t it?

Well let’s have a little think about what enjoyment really is.  It feels to me that like our concepts of love, fun, freedom, comfort and abundance, the meaning we ascribe to the word “enjoy” could do with a bit of a re-jig.  In a nutshell, I think we need to un-Hollywoodize these terms, tone them down, calm them down and make them more attainable.

All of the spiritual teachers I connect with are sending out much the same message right now.  Find any way you can to connect with what you love, what brings you joy and what lifts your spirits multiple times each day and your capacity to enjoy life and attract more of the same, will increase exponentially.  For me right now this means being in nature, meditating, being completely present with my children, partner, family, friends and clients, listening to my body and caring for myself well.

Where we all seem to fail in following through on this advice is in thinking,”nah, that’s too simple.”

 “I want to make big changes in my life, these little daily pleasures are so minor compared with what I think will really make me happy.  I need that new job, new home, new partner, overseas holiday…..,then I’ll be happy.”

We get all muddled up thinking that before happiness must come suffering.  Isn’t that true?  We have been indoctrinated by western culture to think that true happiness only comes about after many trials, challenges and crises.  It’s like we imagine that if we just settle into feeling good about what is enjoyable in our lives right now, we’ll take our eyes off the “main game” for just a little too long and somehow miss out on the big prize.

In fact the opposite is true.  There is no paradox here. Just the one we have mistakenly created.  Happiness begets happiness.  Yearning begets yearning. And misery begets misery.

So, take a moment right now.  Look around you, feel how you feel and notice what is good in your life. A lot right?

Enjoy this moment and make some different choices today to do more of what brings you joy in those small subtle ways.

For this is the only and true path to more of what you want. Start now! 🙂

Can We Have it All?

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This question is at the core of many of our decisions, plans and dreams don’t you think?

My simple response is, well, it depends what ‘it all’ means to you.

This is my kind of pathway. What's yours?
This is my kind of pathway. What’s yours?

Beyond that, I believe YES, we can have the lives of our dreams.

It’s all about self-belief, faith, inner guidance and courage.  And the big one, Gratitude.

The pathway I have taken thus far has focused on; looking after my physical and emotional health as a priority, seeking out a place to live in that feels like home and feeds my soul, developing my intuitive skills and spirituality, creating a working life that comes from my heart, building closer relationships with my immediate family, partner and friends, and being a loving yet strong mother for my children.

Making money has placed way down the list and this year, I’m planning to change that.

I’ve never been that great at making money a goal in itself and I’m not about to start now.  It’s just that I’m ready to play around with the idea that I can do what I love and receive a good income for it.

There is this ancient spiritual practice called tithing. It’s something I do regularly and I believe it increases my feelings of – and experience of – abundance, plus it feels really good. To read more about tithing click here to read What is a Tithe?

Here is a quote from What is a Tithe?:

“How beautiful would it be if people on a path of spiritual service could live from money gifted to them by those who receive inspiration and guidance from their offerings?”

As a fun experiment I’ve added a Tithe Tricia item to my sidebar.  If you click here now or click on the message below Tithe Tricia in the sidebar on my page, you can gift me a little money. Please read What is a Tithe first.

Our world is in transition; economic, social and political systems of old are being overhauled and rejected.  The time has come for those of us working in the arts and I include the healing arts here, to reclaim our vital place in humanity as providers of comfort, connection, revival, inspiration, love, passion and authenticity. It’s also time for us to stand tall beside other professions and earn good money for our efforts.

What I know from my own experiences of the past ten years is that we will be supported (somehow or by someone) when we embark on a spiritual path.  The process I am now exploring involves me shifting the bread-winning balance in our family so I can support my husband as he has supported me. I’ll keep you informed on how this pans out through 2013.

If I can do it, so can you.


The Stuff of Life

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This week we commenced the final clean for the bond inspection of the rental property we recently vacated.  As I drove over there to start the vacuuming and tackle the dirty glass on the wood stove door, I have to admit, I felt a little flat and just a teensy bit resentful that this was how I would be spending my morning.

I had a little think about how I was feeling.  While reminding myself to feel grateful for my amazing life and how this day would be a distant memory in no time, I remembered this quote by Gary Snyder:

“…master the twenty four hours. Do it well, without self-pity.  It is as hard to get the children herded into the car pool and down the road to the bus as it is to chant sutras in the Buddha-hall on a cold morning.  One move is not better than the other, each can be quite boring, and they both have the virtuous quality of repetition. Repetition and their good results come in many forms.  Changing the filter, wiping noses, going to meetings, picking up around the house, washing dishes, checking the dipstick – don’t let yourself think these are distracting you from your more serious pursuits.  Such a round of chores is not a set of difficulties we hope to escape from so that we may do our “practice” which will put us on a “path” – iis our path.”

Doing the dishes on holiday with my little boy when he was still little.
Doing the dishes on holiday with my little boy when he was still little.

We are here as human beings to do the big things as well as the little things.  Landing a new job, winning an award, making a speech at your child’s wedding. These are the events we label as ‘big’.  Putting sunscreen on a child’s face, doing the dishes, folding the washing, paying a bill. These are the events we label as ‘small’.

When we can take care of the so-called ‘small stuff of life’ with as much presence, care and gratitude as we do the more exciting moments, our capacity to feel peaceful, content and balanced in our emotions 99% of the time expands exponentially.

After all, isn’t most of life taken up with everyday stuff? We might as well grab it by the lapels and give it a great big kiss!

Love it all!

The Gift of Contrast

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Three weeks ago we moved house.

Our new home in the trees

With all the activity, busyness and disorientation involved with settling into a new home, my usual meditation and exercise routines went out the window. Just when I really needed them too. It’s funny how that happens huh?

The move wasn’t all that stressful and we love our new place, it’s just that coming to live in a new space can be very unsettling to the psyche. Not to mention tiring for the body and taxing on marital harmony.

Still, from unease and tension comes the opportunity to remember what serves us best and the motivation to get back on track swiftly.

Then, when life returns to its normal rhythms and flow, we can fully appreciate that when we look after our own well being, we are happier.

The key here is that we sometimes need the flow and rhythm to be disrupted in order for us to realise how good it is when life is business as usual.

So whatever is happening in your life right now, don’t despair because it’s those times of chaos and confusion that nudge us into better balance.  The contrast of feeling uncomfortable, stressed or unsettled serves as a powerful reminder of how we want our lives to be and inspires us to take action.

I’m back to meditating daily and getting outdoors for a walk most days too. Haah, that feels better.

The other beneficial contrast we have experienced as a family was in moving from our rather poky rental property of the last nine months to our more spacious, more ‘us’, home we have bought.  We’re looking forward to many happy years here.

I’m feeling an expanded sense of peace living in this new place.  Just a short walk away is the bush and coastline I dreamed of living near when I first thought we might be moving to Dunsborough (actually my good friend and gifted clairvoyant, Astara told me this would occur) in July 2011.  And here we are!  Life can be pretty amazing when we step boldly (or tentatively) in the direction of our dreams.

Time to reflect on all that has occurred in 2012 and how far we have all come this year. Acknowledge your brilliant progress and create your vision for yourself for the coming year.


Stepping Up

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My very own Waratah grown in Pemberton (they only occur naturally in eastern Australia) Soak up the powerful energy!

Are you feeling called by life to step into or up to a more authentic version of you?

I am. Aaagh!

It’s a bit scary but ready or not, here I AM.

I’m ready to own my intuitive gifts as a woman working in the healing arts.  There, I said it.

Every client who comes to see me gets to experience my intuition through the information I share with them (which is often from their inner selves) during a session.  This so-called “information” comes as messages that seem to pop into my mind out of the blue, but upon confirmation through muscle testing, almost always trigger recognition or a “yes, that’s true” response in the person I am working with.

Now, having come from a background valuing university qualifications, scientific proof and quantifiable evidence, this intuitive caper has taken me many years to warm up to.  So much so that now, even four years after I first began sensing through my work as a kinesiologist, that I was receiving information that allowed me to help people more effectively and efficiently, I still double and sometimes triple check that the message is accurate by observing the physical sensation I am getting through my hand.

So, although this is a service I am providing every time I work with someone, so far I haven’t promoted my intuitive skills in any of my promotional materials or advertisements.  Well, that’s about to change because I sat down today and re-wrote my last newspaper ad so that it is clear to all who read it that I have this ability and that it enhances my work.

I’m ready for this next step and expect that I will attract a whole new group of people wanting to see me.  How wonderful it will feel to meet a new client knowing they see me in all my authentic glory!

It’s all about divine timing my friends.  Sooner or later you might feel this nudge, push or shove onto a bigger stage.

My best advice is to take a deep breath and STEP UP! There is nothing to fear here but having not tried.  We are here to be ourselves, fully, absolutely, no excuses, ourselves!

It feels true to me that when we come to the end of our lives, we have more regrets about what we didn’t do than what we did.

I see your light,