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Can We Have it All?

Posted in Create Abundance, and Live Your Passions

This question is at the core of many of our decisions, plans and dreams don’t you think?

My simple response is, well, it depends what ‘it all’ means to you.

This is my kind of pathway. What's yours?
This is my kind of pathway. What’s yours?

Beyond that, I believe YES, we can have the lives of our dreams.

It’s all about self-belief, faith, inner guidance and courage.  And the big one, Gratitude.

The pathway I have taken thus far has focused on; looking after my physical and emotional health as a priority, seeking out a place to live in that feels like home and feeds my soul, developing my intuitive skills and spirituality, creating a working life that comes from my heart, building closer relationships with my immediate family, partner and friends, and being a loving yet strong mother for my children.

Making money has placed way down the list and this year, I’m planning to change that.

I’ve never been that great at making money a goal in itself and I’m not about to start now.  It’s just that I’m ready to play around with the idea that I can do what I love and receive a good income for it.

There is this ancient spiritual practice called tithing. It’s something I do regularly and I believe it increases my feelings of – and experience of – abundance, plus it feels really good. To read more about tithing click here to read What is a Tithe?

Here is a quote from What is a Tithe?:

“How beautiful would it be if people on a path of spiritual service could live from money gifted to them by those who receive inspiration and guidance from their offerings?”

As a fun experiment I’ve added a Tithe Tricia item to my sidebar.  If you click here now or click on the message below Tithe Tricia in the sidebar on my page, you can gift me a little money. Please read What is a Tithe first.

Our world is in transition; economic, social and political systems of old are being overhauled and rejected.  The time has come for those of us working in the arts and I include the healing arts here, to reclaim our vital place in humanity as providers of comfort, connection, revival, inspiration, love, passion and authenticity. It’s also time for us to stand tall beside other professions and earn good money for our efforts.

What I know from my own experiences of the past ten years is that we will be supported (somehow or by someone) when we embark on a spiritual path.  The process I am now exploring involves me shifting the bread-winning balance in our family so I can support my husband as he has supported me. I’ll keep you informed on how this pans out through 2013.

If I can do it, so can you.


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