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Body Temple Essence

This spiritual essence was birthed on pristine land overlooking magnificent Geographe Bay (with humpback whales in attendance), at the spring equinox on 23rd September 2019. This is traditional country for the Wadandi people. They and their ancestors were honoured as an important part of the essence making process. It was overseen and enhanced by many ascended masters, including Mary Magdalene, Master Jesus and Mother Mary, as well as angelic frequencies, inter-galactic beings and nature devas.

The Body Temple Essence has the power to help us form a pure and unbreakable bond with our bodies. It can support us in engendering a tender love for these physical vessels, and greatly enhance our capacity to care for and respect them. When we love the body, we can practice deep reverence for ALL life.

This essence may assist you in adjusting the intake of certain foods, alcohol and other substances. It may inspire new regimes related to movement, meditation, sleep and creative expression.

By taking his spiritual essence, you will receive an integration of the physical body with ALL that you are, on all levels and in all dimensions. It brings to life the idea that when we regard the body as the sacred home of our soul, we may release all negative feelings about it. Only then may we effortlessly make the highest choices for our physical well-being.

Affirmations to use daily when taking this essence:

When I am in harmonious union with my body, all becomes clear and I thrive.”

My body is a sacred spiritual tool.”

My body is a divine instrument for love and self-expression.

Take this essence if you wish to be released from the distraction of disliking, damaging or disconnecting from your body. Become more embodied. Embodiment brings the capacity to be grounded, calm, courageous and to focus our minds. Enjoy being more productive in the areas of life you’re passionate about. From this elevated state, we become more powerful in fulfilling our highest purpose in life.

The changes needed on our planet will not progress until each and every human treasures themselves as a sacred being. This begins with loving the physical body unconditionally.

When we’re fully embodied, we see that all of life is a spiritual practice.

To place your order for a 25ml dose bottle, please transfer your payment of $39 to pick up in Dunsborough, or $49 posted anywhere in Australia, using Paypal or direct transfer. Overseas delivery can be arranged by contacting Tricia.

If your essence is to be posted, please email your postal address to:

Account details: Name: Patricia Woods BSB: 066-508 Account: 1043 1130

Pick up $39 or posted $49

As with most spiritual essences, the action of this remedy is subtle and gentle. It may need to be taken more than once for its ultimate work to be completed within some individuals.

10% of profits from this essence will go to Together Rising, a charity that transforms collective heartbreak into effective action.

Disclaimer: For serious medical and mental health conditions, please consult your doctor and do not rely on this vibrational remedy to be a cure. It is intended to be a complementary tool to be used in partnership with other remedies and health care strategies.