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Slow Down and Tune In

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It’s summer here in Australia and while the people in Queensland are experiencing devastating floods, here in WA it’s hot and dry.  I’ve just come home from a lovely swim at the beach.  I’m enjoying some peace and solitude today as my kids are having a day with their grandparents.  Phew!  These seven weeks of summer holidays certainly feel endless some days.

Having a day to myself used to bring up plenty of inner conflict for me in choosing how to spend it.  However,these days I quickly squash any notions of doing housework, grocery shopping or other mother-related chores.  As soon as I waved goodbye to my children this morning I spent half an hour doing some gentle yoga, then I jumped into my bathers and walked to the beach for a swim.  Walking home I spotted a fellow school mum in a cafe, so I stopped to have a chat with her.  I then hurried home to listen to a live web-seminar with healer, Jo Dunning to discover that I was a week early. (Feel free to click on the link and register for this talk with complementary healing activations).  Since then I have been playing around with my new blog site and getting a little uptight, as I am a complete beginner at this stuff.  So I had a shower, hung out some washing (well, OK a little housework), ate some lunch and then sat down to write this blog.

I have shared all these pretty mundane details about my morning to illustrate how whenever I get the opportunity, I slow down and spend time alone, doing things I love.  Time for ourselves is so precious when we become mothers and yet it seems to me that many of us don’t realise we have the power to create this sort of time for ourselves simply by placing ourselves first in our lives.  To me, being a good mother is about feeling calm, healthy, inspired, appreciative and loving around our families at least most of the time.  Of course I still sometimes lose my patience over normal child antics and shout at my kids on the odd occasion.  But overall, I am pleased to report that since realising that making time to exercise, meditate, take a yoga class, attend a song circle, put on some music and dance or do some writing, I am much more happy within myself and therefore healthier, more energetic and more creative.

I love spending time alone and I understand that many women find this idea challenging.  However, even if you are a dyed-in-the-wool extrovert, the benefits of being alone and sitting in silent meditation or prayer for even ten minutes a day, can offer you a window into a whole new part of yourself that you may not have previously known.  The Black-eyed Susan Essence supports us in slowing down and taking the time to relax and recharge each day.

I believe happiness and fulfillment in life comes from understanding yourself intimately and following your heart.  So why not give yourself this gift of self-discovery? Once you make a start down this road, you will discover it gets easier and easier to look after your well-being and do things you love.  And you can let go of feeling guilty about taking this time because not only will you feel better, your family will really enjoy having a calmer, happier mum too!

Love and blessings for the new year


Why the Red Lily?

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This beautiful photo of the Red Lily was taken by Ian White, founder and creator of Australian Bush Flower Essences in the Top End in the Northern Territory, Australia.  This flower is actually a lotus and is known as the Sacred Lotus, a symbol for spirituality in Buddhism, throughout South East Asia.  It is one of the amazing Bush Flower Essences which have contributed so powerfully to my personal and spiritual journey over the past two and a half years.

The Red Lily Essence supports me as a mother by helping me to keep my feet firmly on the ground and able to attend to the practical matters in my life, while at the same time, enhancing my ability to tune into the spiritual realms and receive guidance.

Since attending my first Australian Bush Flower Essence workshop in 2008 I have been on a fast track to learning so much more about myself, my family, friends and clients and have seen a blossoming of my intuitive abilities, spiritual awareness and confidence in myself.  I have introduced the Bush Essences to many people and enjoyed witnessing the often subtle, yet powerful positive change they have brought to many lives.

Those of us coming from Anglo Saxon roots lost contact with using plants and flowers to heal us many, many years ago.  The exception early in the 20th century, was Edward Bach who created the Bach Flower Essences.  Then in 1987, Ian White made his first Australian flower essence and a new generation of this wonderful form of vibrational medicine was born.

I now use my collection of  Bush Essences to resolve almost every physical and emotional malady that crops up in our household.  We still use western medicine for issues like my son’s suspected broken foot four days before Christmas, and my daughter’s occasional asthma.  But for all the other stuff like blocked noses, rashes, coughs, tantrums, anxiety, tummy upsets and bee stings, Bush Essences do the trick.  They have become my first aid kit and my primary resource for emotional and spiritual support.  I love them!

In my next post I will offer some tips for getting to know your inner, intuitive self.

Be who you are