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An Inner Guidance Meditation

Posted in Live From Intuition, and Self-Care and Self-Healing

Find a quiet moment and sit down in a chair where your feet can rest on the floor comfortably.  Gently close your eyes and take some soft breaths down into your lower lungs so you can feel your stomach lifting and lowering slightly.

Bring your attention to the space inside your body between your lower ribs and navel.  This is known as your solar plexus. For many of us it is the place we feel the sensations we associate with the term, “gut feeling”.

Create the intention to be open to receiving information from your inner self.

Now, holding your attention in the solar plexus, (you may visualise or experience that there is a circle or wheel of coloured light here), think of a decision you would like to make. Then one at a time, bring to your mind the various options that are available to you. Observe any bodily sensations, emotions, images, words or sounds that arise in response to your thoughts about these options.

Continue to hold the intention that you are observing rather than judging any information that comes forth. What comes to the surface to be examined might surprise you.

A definite pathway forward may not emerge from this first meditation but realise that life is always showing us the way.  By consciously accessing our inner guidance in this way we are also tuning into the outer world more usefully.

Connection with the breath and the body is the key.

Ten minutes each day is all you need to start…

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