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Allowing, Not Forcing

Posted in Live Your Passions, and Trust The Universe

Well, my sources tell me there is much happening in the cosmos and, as we are a part of the cosmos, right here on Earth at the moment.

Astrologically and spiritually speaking, the themes for the beginning of 2013 are:

Realising potential

Getting clearer and more aligned with our goals and pathway

Moving from separation to unity

The expansion of our intuitive abilities

One of my favourites. The Bush Iris essence is wonderful for expanding our intuition.
One of my favourites. The Bush Iris essence is wonderful for expanding our intuition.

As with any other process of transformation and growth though, many of us may be experiencing the opposite of all of the above in preparation for us to embrace the change more fully when the opportunity to do so arises.

It sometimes feels to me that just when I decide something like…”From now on, I’m going to be supremely patient, kind and loving with my hubby and kids…”, something unusually infuriating happens and I end up snapping at everyone in complete intolerance. Then I get cross with myself and think, “Oh, what’s the point, I’m just not capable of being calm all the time”.

What I’m trying to do this past week though, is notice these moments with more detachment and forgive myself more quickly.  I’m realising that this type of shift in consciousness and behaviour is well worth aiming for, it’s simply unrealistic to expect it to happen overnight.

The same approach can apply to any goals or resolutions we have made in the new year.  Set the intention, write it down, raise your level of awareness and then allow the shift to happen, almost with no effort at all.

It’s like riding a wave in the ocean or floating down a river with the current, what sense would it make to fight against these natural forces?

Our existence on this planet, in this universe has its own similar flow and ebb.  Getting all tense and rigid about making our goals come to fruition (particularly when we need other people to be aligned with our mission), can delay our progress rather than accelerate it.

Plus, although the more powerful among us, may get what they desire by forcing and struggling through each barrier and brick wall, they may also end up missing out on the growth and unexpected pleasures that can arise out of flowing with the journey that presents itself naturally, and with synchronicity.

So, go ahead, climb onto your raft, push confidently away from the bank and float purposefully, gracefully and open-heartedly down river, the river of your life.

Much love to all.

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