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A New Life Slowly Unfurls

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Good morning from the golf course. See if you can spot the boy (Harry) in the shot above.  This is my favourite tree.  We can see it from our house and all the local birds fight for resting spots in it. Just looking at it brings me peace.

I am realising more than ever (now we are living with nature all around us), just how important trees, flowers, rocks, plants and the bare earth are to our basic well-being.

One morning this week I went for a walk through the bush to a little hidden bay I recently found. It was a bit cool and windy so I found a rock to sit on in a sheltered spot and let the morning sun warm me as I meditated. I sat and listened to the waves rolling onto the beach, the wind moving through the trees and softly swirling around me. I felt myself sinking and settling down onto the rock and into my deeper self.

To stop and just BE.

I am finding that the more I do this, the more I feel like ME.

Meeting the new clients who are coming to see me in Dunsborough has challenged me to remain centred in how I work, and to realise that I now have no choice but to be completely myself in my efforts to be of service and in the whole of this new life we are creating.

Something I have noticed in myself and in many of the women who come to see me is that much of our unhappiness, struggle and ill health comes from a fear of being ourselves.Of course, for many of us the first step is to discover who we really are and then embrace her, celebrate her, love her.

Take a look at this blog, My Smiling Heart for a beautiful illustration of one talented young woman’s journey.

I’m feeling energised and calm.  I’m ready to make some other small changes in our lives such as taking my son and I off dairy foods, (the other two in the family can tolerate milk better).  I made my first batch of almond milk yesterday.  It’s great on my muesli but as I sit here with my Yallingup Wood Fired Bread fruit toast and a cup of tea, having it in my morning cuppa might take some getting used to.; )

Let me know if you would like a recipe and I’ll email it.

A lovely weekend to all,

Tricia x

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