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Set an Intention and Have a Good Day

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Ahhh.  I’m feeling good.  I just listened to a lovely guided meditation from Christine Kloser on gaining a greater acceptance of what IS and understanding that whatever is happening in our lives right now, is perfect for our development at this time.

You really know when you are living an intuitive life, in complete alignment with all that is good and right for you, when your plans and hopes for a day go perfectly.  This is a pretty new experience for me and yet, since the beginning of 2011 I am having the pleasure of this occurence more often than ever.

For me, there are a few simple ingredients to create a good day.  First, I have become well practiced in tapping into my inner self to discover what it is that I actually want.  It might sound obvious, but you can’t get what you want without knowing what it is.  When we have absolute clarity regarding what it is we would like to occur in a given day, we are in a much better position to make it happen.

This can be described as setting an intention and if you can understand that thoughts and feelings are energy, and that with energy we can create our experiences, then having a clear positive intention to have a fabulous day when you first wake up in the morning is your first step.

Secondly, I have become well-practiced in becoming more fluid and flexible around how what I have envisaged for my day as it unfolds.  One of my biggest lessons as a mother has been to learn how to ‘go with the flow’.  This is something my Virgoan and number 8 (power and abundance) being has really struggled with in the past, and it has taken many years to get good at it.  What this is about is having an overall plan or intention but also being open to changing direction slightly or altering the timing of what you planned without totally freaking out!

Thirdly, and this tip is another one that can take some time to fully grasp.  It’s all about living in the moment and consciously bringing into sharper focus all that you have in your life and feeling intense gratitude for it.

I am feeling so very grateful in this moment that although my Dad just brought my kids home from their morning swimming lesson, they are playing happily and I am able to continue to write this article as I listen to Jo Dunning‘s healing activation session happening live around the world right now.  I am also grateful that their time with Dad went well, that they have returned happy and healthy and most importantly, that both pairs of goggles made it back into the swimming bag.

Since I have grown accustomed to living in a spirit of gratitude I can make lists as long as my arm, at a moment’s notice on everything I feeling grateful for.  The amazing effect I have discovered from this sort of practice is that holding an attitude of gratitude results in a very real expansion of all that I have in my life to feel grateful for.

Life just gets better and better when we can feel gratitude in every moment.  Well, the majority of moments anyway.  I’ll admit I find it pretty hard to feel gratitude when the kids are arguing, we’re running late to get out the door and I kick my toe on the corner of a cupboard.  The trick is to honour those feels of anger, frustration and pain, feel them, and then move through them quickly back to good humour and gratitude for all you have and all you are.

So, in summary, spend a moment in peaceful reflection each morning, maybe in the shower, setting the intention for how you would like your day to proceed. Secondly, let go and trust that all is well even if things change, and on the outside it looks as if your day is not going to plan.  Finally, as your day unfolds, practice living in the present and be aware of what you are grateful for, from the mere existence of your family and children, through to a lovely cup of coffee or a beautiful tree.

It’s time for me to get organised to take the children to a movie with some good friends. Thanks for taking the time to be with me today.

Love and gratitude


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  1. Karlie

    With a new baby, going with the flow is something I definitely need to be more aware of Trish!! Thanks for the reminder.

    January 20, 2011

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