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Month: August 2015

How To Turn Trauma Into Triumph

Posted in Self-Care and Self-Healing

Have you ever realised that your most traumatic life experiences just might be the greatest gifts you’ve ever received?

How we feel about the ‘bad things’ that have happened in our lives has the power to make or break us in ways that are far reaching and sometimes life altering.

When we feel victimised by what life has handed us, we relinquish our power to fully recover and see the gifts in the event.  When we can eventually come to terms with what’s happened and even manage to feel grateful for it, we increase our capacity to bounce back from future crises as well as life’s daily hassles.

Trauma and crisis make us humble, compassionate, grateful and resilient.

The birth of my son more than 13 years ago would rank right up there as one of the most traumatic experiences of my life and yet, it was clearly one of my most treasured gifts because once it was all over…he was alive and healthy, I was alive and fairly healthy considering what I’d endured, and most importantly, I’d become a mother.

Not only that, I’d been humbled and brought into a truer alignment with my soul’s path. Experiencing that very difficult birth allowed me to disassemble much of what I’d previously thought about who I was and how my life was supposed to be and then bit by bit, to create a more authentic and richer version of myself.


And you know, even though I’ve gotten over the grief, regret and strong sense of failure I felt for a few years (yes years), after the event, this strong memory still has the power to get me fired up.

What makes me cross is that as a society we persist in the belief that all trauma is bad, to be regretted and that if crappy things have happened in a person’s life it somehow means they are faulty or deficient.

One of my very wise and resilient clients who has experienced a difficult marriage separation in the last year says to herself and her children:

“This is just something that’s happening to you it’s not who YOU are.”

I love this because it’s so true and so simple to understand.

We don’t need to identify with or be fully defined by the challenging episodes in our lives. And until we’re ready to see and feel the blessing in what’s occurred, it’s perfectly acceptable and even desirable to express how we feel with honesty and courage.

So here’s what I’d recommend for turning your perspective of loss, failure or resentment over what’s happened into feelings of inner strength, optimism and gratitude:

Step one: Honour the emotions that are there and feel them. Try not to attach any judgments to the feelings as classifying emotions as negative or positive is actually pretty flawed and unhelpful.

We feel what we feel, that’s all.  None of it is wrong or bad.

Step two: Talk, write, sing, dance, cry, draw and paint about how you feel until a feeling of peace and acceptance washes over you and the feelings soften a little (even if only temporarily).

Step three: Look for just one blessing in the event and write it down or tell someone about it.

Step four: Take yourself into a meditative state – just sit down, close your eyes and bring your attention to within the centre of your being – and see yourself being an objective observer of what has happened.  Then try seeing all of the other players in the event and how each of them has had their own experience and received their own gifts.

Ask within yourself to be shown the deeper significance of this experience and hold an intention of wonder and curiosity about what you might discover.

We’re not here to avoid trauma and crisis at any cost because to be quite honest, we can’t. Plus, there is a greater mystery in motion that is completely out of our control. And when we realise that our challenges and crises make us rather than break us, may we bless them all and revel in their divine beauty.

For some personal attention with coming to terms with a difficult time in your life, contact me for a chat and book an in-person, telephone or Skype session with me sometime.  Read more here about how I work…

Blessings abound, Tricia

How To Access Your Intuition – Three Steps

Posted in Live From Intuition

Wouldn’t it be cool to know and I mean know with strong certainty, precisely what your body needs in any given moment?

What to eat and drink.

Whether to be active or take some rest.

What vitamin or mineral supplement to buy, how much to take and how often.

I can access this information daily and I use it with pleasure to optimise my health and well-being.

I respond without question to sometimes unusual urges like; having some peanut butter on celery, drinking a cup of licorice, fennel and peppermint tea or dropping my long-held habit of eating as soon as I wake and drinking a green tea or water with lemon instead.

And yes, I still eat cake, chocolate and drink a glass of wine now and again. These indulgences are actually good for us in small doses.

So how do I know what my body needs to keep it functioning well?

It’s a skill we all naturally posses, it’s just that sometimes we get confused and fail to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy cravings and between unconscious habit and conscious choice. Here’s what I’d recommend:

Three Steps to Access Your Intuition

Step One – Meditate

Learn how to be still and go within because this is where you will access your quiet inner voice and become familiar with the language it uses.


I know it’s hard to create a meditation practice, heck, it took me ten years to begin mine.

All I can say is, it’s not that hard once you realise that this one action will transform your life in many ways. Do it first thing in the morning for just ten minutes to start with. Set the intention to simply sit still and pay attention to your breath and the sounds you can hear around you.

Like any other activity worth learning, practice might not make perfect, but it will make you better.  In just one week of daily meditation you’ll notice some amazing improvements in your focus and motivation.

Step Two – Determine your personal intuitive signals

We each have our own personal intuitive style.  My mode of guidance is physical sensation and what I call a ‘knowing’.  I just suddenly know what I need and then I check in with my body to confirm the hunch.

The way I check in is to ask a clear and direct question like; “Would green tea be beneficial now?” I then wait for a buzz of energy to rise upwards in the region between my navel and heart.  If the answer is ‘yes’, the energy vibrates upwards and if the answer is ‘no’ I feel energy draining away or simply an absence of any sensation.

You might hear or see a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in your mind or heart, see an image of the optimal choice in your mind’s eye or receive any number of stimuli particular to your own signature style.

After a while, your daily meditation will enable you to instantly go within and access your inner voice whether you’re standing before an open fridge in your kitchen or perusing the shelves in your local supermarket.

I now walk through the aisles of my local store, tuning into the produce and gauging whether it’s good to buy or not.  Those perfect looking strawberries often get a ‘no’ from my intuition, and I select the perfect butternut pumpkin simply by asking my guidance to locate it among the other identical looking specimens.  It works!

Step Three – Practice, practice, practice and TRUST

My intuitive abilities are now in their ninth year of development and I wouldn’t have the level of confidence I now have in them if not for all those years of practice and a devotion to building my own trust in their accuracy.

It all began for me as a student of kinesiology in 2007 when I learned how to muscle test myself and others to gain information about muscle and meridian function, emotional states and nutritional requirements. It only took me a couple of years of practicing kinesiology with people to realise there was another layer of innate wisdom bubbling just beneath the surface and ironically enough, being masked by my reliance on muscle testing.

Once I accessed my own unique intuitive style and then spent five or six years honing it and learning to trust in it, my life improved in so many ways and began to flow with so much more grace and ease.

It needn’t take you this long to develop your intuition.

Allow me to assist you in just three sessions to connect with your own intuitive wisdom and begin using it on a daily basis.  Read more about my session work here and telephone me for a free 30 minute pre-session chat.

Much love, Tricia