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Month: February 2015

Meditate This March With Tricia

Posted in Self-Care and Self-Healing

Have I ever mentioned how valuable I feel meditation is for us all?

I don’t meditate because I think I should.  I meditate because I’ve seen the results.


An early morning meditation can bring you wonderful gifts
An early morning meditation can bring you wonderful gifts

Meditation has helped me improve every aspect of my life over the eight or nine years I’ve been doing it daily. And I saw the benefits within a few days of committing to it each afternoon while my children were asleep.

I love promoting meditation as a tool for self-care, self-healing and self-awareness.

Here’s a list of some of the benefits I’ve received:

  • Greater calm and peace within myself
  • Improved relationships, especially with my children and husband
  • The ability to sort a problem out by going within instead of seeking outside help always
  • Improved levels of patience, creativity, flexibility, faith and optimism
  • A deeper and richer spiritual life
  • Better mental focus, alertness and even intelligence!

There’s more, many more, but I want you to find out for yourself.

So if you’re willing to make a go of committing to a daily mediation practice, I’d love to help

Every day of March, beginning this Sunday March 1st, I’ll be sharing 31 days of meditation tips and encouraging quotes to help you begin and create your own daily practice.  Ten minutes a day is a really good starting point.

It’s all happening on my Facebook page right here, so all you need to do is click here, like my page and check into Facebook once a day in March to see my tip for the day.  And feel free to leave comments under the posts about how you’re getting on or any questions you may have.

Let’s meditate together each day this March. It’s a choice you’ll be thrilled you made <3

What if Nothing Were Wrong?

Posted in Trust The Universe

Come on, play along with me here, use your imagination…

Ask yourself this:

What would it mean to me if I suddenly felt that there is nothing wrong with my life, with me, with anyone else or with the world?

Breathe it in. Just breathe in that imagined possibility.  How does it make you feel?

Excited, relieved and joyous or, tense, worried and concerned about my sanity?

When I'm out here it's easy to feel good
When I’m out here it’s easy to feel good

If you find it hard to even contemplate this, do not fear, you’ve got plenty of company.  How do you think we all got to believe in this falsehood of duality in the first place? It’s because the majority of people across the developed world all think in much the same way.  We pass judgement on all experiences (and people) as right or wrong, good or bad and for some reason, mainstream culture has placed a big emphasis on what’s wrong, rather than what’s right.

If you watch any news broadcast you’ll know what I mean.

So seriously, what if it’s our perspective that’s flawed, rather than our whole species?

Here’s where I’m heading with this: There’s this universal law of energy some people have described as the Law of Attraction.  What it means for us in three dimensional, human reality is, what you focus on expands.

For the past few hundred years or so, we humans have been ever so slightly focused on making the self wrong, making the ‘other’ wrong and turning our attention to outward pursuits like work to distract ourselves from the pain of this separation from ourselves and one another.

What if, just what if we began right now, seeing and appreciating what’s right within all of us and letting go of our attachment to looking for what’s wrong?

Let’s try something, because like the little boy who shouted, “Look, the emperor has no clothes!”, I want to shout, “Look, everything is good and we are all okay!”

How about this:

Right now in this very moment of your life on this amazing planet of ours, what’s good?

Are you comfortable in your body? Now now, don’t go looking for a problem here, just notice that your body feels more good than bad right?

Yes? So now you can expand this notion out further into your life to see all that is good or at least reasonably acceptable in your life right now.  Just this small action of feeling a little gratitude for what you have, who you are and who you’re with can lift your mood, open your heart and raise your chances of feeling happier in the next moment, then the next and so on…

It’s catching people! Find yourself talking about good stuff instead of bad, happy stories instead of depressing ones and you carry forth a new energy of having more trust in life.  Life is good, mostly, for most of us.

When we feel this and begin living as though it were true, we lift the collective energy of the planet. So to help others, lighten up, see what is good and give up the habit of ‘wrong-making’ that has gotten us all so confused and upset.

For more tips on this approach to living, click here and then contact me for a chat if you’re thinking you’d like some healing and coaching.

Give Yourself Permission to Enjoy Life

Posted in Live From Intuition

How were you raised to feel about concepts like work, productivity and achievement?

Were some activities deemed a waste of time while others were held up as being worthwhile, good and useful?

And, last question, how do you feel about work and leisure now, do you have clearly defined boundaries around these two types of activity, or do they cross over, intermingle and blur?

Having lunch with a friend.
Having lunch with a friend.

How we judge the ways we spend our time and how sensitive we are to our own needs to do certain activities on a regular basis, are major determinants of happiness.

A key to achieving this is identifying and releasing any of the unhelpful beliefs we learned about work and our worthiness as people outside our work roles as we grew up.

We are not what we do.

Here’s an example: I got a new book in the post today.  It’s Sarah Powers’ book, Insight Yoga and ever since I attended a very inspiring yoga and meditation workshop with her in January, I’ve been really looking forward to getting it.  As I glance at the enticing cover right now, a part of me wants to stop what I’m doing and spend the rest of the day reading it.

But I won’t.

I won’t because at this moment in time, sitting down to read a book on two of my very favourite topics, yoga and meditation, doesn’t match my criteria of how a ‘working day’ should be spent.  It’s 1.00 pm, the children are at school, my husband is upstairs working in his office and I’m feeling this interestingly familiar pressure to be productive.

And it’s all good because I know I’ll make time to read this book at some point today and I’m getting better with every word I type right now with lightening up on this whole productivity caper.

You see I have all this amazing freedom to choose how I spend my time while my children are at school.  In an average week I see few clients, do a yoga class, meet a friend for a cuppa, go for a walk or two, write a blog, listen to a teleseminar or watch a training video, do some housework/washing/shopping and chat with my husband, all during the six hour school day.

I love my life but what I’m to ready to shift into now is a whole new level of creativity, flexibility and freedom. There’s nothing wrong and everything right with going with the flow of what intuition guides us to spend our time doing. Our inner self knows when to work and when to play, that these terms are interchangeable and in fact, all of life can feel like play.

I grew up getting that much lauded (by parents) word on almost every school report; conscientious. Hard to spell and even to say but hey, I was a hard worker, I got good grades.  This quality helped me do well in school and fairly well in the workforce but it also caused me to feel quite stressed and to put myself under a lot of pressure to always achieve.

When I left work and became a mother, I found it very difficult to transfer this mindset to being at home with a baby. A big culture shock!

So what I’ve learnt since then is that when I’m in close connection to my intuitive self, I know what’s best for me to spend my time on in each moment.  We all have choices and sure, sometimes I find myself feeling conflicted.  But what I do now when I feel a clash between what I think I should do and what would be more pleasant, is tune into my heart and listen.

So that’s why I sat on my balcony and ate my sandwich with my magpie friend at lunchtime today instead of sitting at my desk while I ate. Simple.

Give yourself permission to enjoy a moment, don’t taint it with the pressure of getting stuff done.

I love helping women connect more deeply with their intuition and true desires click here for details of how I work and how to contact me.

Relax Into Your Magnificence

Posted in Self-Care and Self-Healing

Do you feel there is a great magnificence dwelling within you that’s just waiting for the right moment to emerge and transform your life?

Can you feel it just a teensy tiny bit?

Well even if you don’t feel it at all right now, I’m here to be your supporter and assure you, it’s there, it’s there as sure as your breath is moving in and out of you at this very moment.

Nature knows it's magnificent
Nature knows it’s magnificent

I used to wonder if there was more to me than I was feeling.

Back when I was thirty, before I became a mother, I had this really narrowly defined sense of who I was, what I liked, what I was good at and who my friends were.

It was narrow because the world made me anxious and the tighter my boundaries of good and bad, right and wrong, the easier if felt to manage all the unpredictability life had a habit of throwing my way.

But guess what?  It didn’t make me happy and it didn’t really give me any greater control over my life than anybody else.  It limited my capacity to grow, to love, learn and to appreciate what I had and who I was.

Becoming a mother was to my great surprise the event in my life that destoyed the neat and tidy illusion of who I was and cracked me open to the shocking discovery that my tiny (even though quite clever), mind had very little power to shield me from the experiences life was desperately trying to hand me for my own good.

A traumatic birth experience was precisely what I needed to shatter all my carefully constructed defenses and show me how vulnerable we all truly are when it comes to birthing and mothering the little people whom we call our children.

Since then – that was twelve and a half years ago – I’ve changed.  I’ve been on a quest to explore what lies beneath mine and many other’s carefully constructed facades to uncover the real magnificence within us all.  And it’s true, you do need to do some deep excavations in order to understand what you’ve created to help you manage in the world before you can endeavour to undo it all.  It needs to happen gently and slowly so that a gradual transition is achieved rather than an earth-shattering collapse and reconstruction.

It’s more about easing or relaxing into ourselves than it is forcing or pushing ourselves to change.

What’s happened for me is I’ve gotten to know and love myself ever so thoroughly and ever so much more than I did a decade ago.  And what that’s brought me is; better relationships, a working life that inspires and excites me, a healthy body and balanced emotions and a lifestyle with my family that brings me all the things I really value every day.

And how did I do it?  Well I won’t give you a list of everything I did because that would entail a very long article.  Some of it was; reading inspiring spiritual and self-help books, having healing sessions, journaling, meditating, doing yoga, being out in nature and talking with dear and inspiring friends.  My work and creative outlets like blogging, the writing of my book (to be published later this year), running a local meditation circle, seeing clients, photographing nature and the occasional dabble in drawing all played very important roles too.

As my business begins to expand in the coming months I can’t wait to see how much more heart-opening and magnificence-revealing moments I get to witness.

If you’d like to learn more about what I’m talking about here, have a read of this and then contact me for a chat or to make your session booking.  Click here to find out more.

Enjoy your day dear ones, Tricia <3

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