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Month: July 2014

Simple Blessings and Hidden Blessings

Posted in Trust The Universe

I enjoy collecting sticks from the bush surrounding our home to break up for kindling in our fire.  The sight of a bucket full of dry, clean kindling makes my heart sing.  It makes me feel provided for, organised and self-sufficient.


Our slow combustion wood heater is our only source of heating for our home and we love it.  Our winter days centre around starting and maintaining the fire, making sure we have dry wood to burn and checking on it hourly.



Working with the natural elements

Freedom from electricity and gas

We have a lovely old fellow (in his eighties) who chops wood for a hobby at one of our local wood collection areas and takes great pleasure in furnishing us with stacks and stacks of his beautiful chopped up jarrah from fallen trees.  We appreciate receiving the fruits of his labour and he appreciates having grateful people to give it to.

It’s a match made in heaven, as the commercial suppliers of fire wood in our area charge hundreds of dollars per trailer-load.  We are blessed and we know it.

Last night at my women’s meditation circle we meditated on the hidden blessings in upsetting life events.

Given ample time to adjust and reflect after life has handed us a challenging experience, most of us are able to see that along with the stress, trauma, pain, fear and sadness, there are also benefits such as;

  • Closer connections with those around us in the giving and receiving of support
  • The opportunity to see our lives from a new perspective and make positive changes
  • The empowerment that arises simply from having to face a difficult problem or traumatic life happening

I’m speaking of our collective reactions to recent events such as the deaths of all aboard the Malaysian Airlines flight last week and the hundreds of people killed in recent weeks in the Gaza strip.

It feels to me from a ‘big picture’ spiritual perspective that as a global community we are being called upon to unite to create a peaceful planet where all can live and travel in safety and there is no such thing as ‘dangerous air-space’.  Now that more of us have been drawn in by personal and community connections to these tragedies, we can no longer turn away and imagine that the problems are happening ‘over there’ to people who are not like me.

They are just like you and I and it’s time we all set some fresh intentions for the human species.  Are we not all citizens of this planet? Are we not all children of this universe?

Send only love and peace but do it with heart-filled conviction and fury. <3


Looking In The Mirror

Posted in Heal Relationships

I play this game with myself. It’s called: “If they’re annoying me, what do I need to look at in myself?”

One of the most useful pieces of spiritual guidance I’ve ever received has been, to put it bluntly…

It’s not them, it’s YOU.

In other words, how can I change my perspective to feel more relaxed about how others behave? And it’s really not about looking at others through a different lens, it’s about looking inward and making friends with the aspects of me that are illuminated when they do what they do.

You see, what I’ve discovered is that it’s those not-so-lovely bits of ourselves that we despise and bury down so deep we don’t even remember they’re there, that we end up reacting to when others display those same traits.

Now this isn’t about the shop-keeper whose grumpy manner makes you feel bad or the fellow road user who cuts in front of you and gives you a fright and makes you angry (although it could be).

This is more about those nearest and dearest to us.  You see, our close family and friends are members of our soul group going back into the distant past and ahead into our mysterious futures whom we’ve decided on a soul level to be with, in order to remember our wholeness and unity with ALL.

Sydney Rose essence assists us with feeling one with all.
Sydney Rose essence assists us with feeling one with all.

Here’s an example: I’ve had a life-long issue with people who in my assessment, over-react to life happenings.  Strong outward displays of horror, fear, pain, shock, disapproval and even excitement and glee get me all worked up inside and make me want to tell the person to stop it.   Funnily enough, (don’t worry family, I won’t name names) I’ve lived a life surrounded by people naturally inclined to be exuberant, expressive and yes, reactive.

But what I’m slowly realising is that hey, aren’t we all? Aren’t these traits all just a part of being a normal person?  I decided at a young age to be more self-contained than “out-there” with my responses to the world.  Although, don’t imagine this made for a totally sooth existence for me and my family.  Holding all my reactions and feelings inside lead to them building up into volcano-like tantrums that were not pretty at all.

My outlets for self-expression as I grew older became writing, drawing, dancing and singing. Oh, and lots and lots of talking with my friends. That worked out pretty well and I guess I turned out fine.

Still, those feelings of irritation and annoyance persist.  There’s clearly more I need to look at within and make friends with.  Just lately I’ve been noticing when others are being rigid in their viewpoint and from my perspective, blocking their own happiness and freedom.  I guess I do this too.  I must, or it wouldn’t bother me that they do it.

It’s all okay though because this is what life’s about.  What I’m enjoying now is having the insight to stand back and observe my reactions and feelings and accept them for what they are.  This helps me to allow everyone else to be on their path too.  Nobody is wrong or less enlightened than anyone else.

So remember, it’s not them, it’s you and we’re all equally lovable, cute and funny <3


Finding Simplicity

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We all just want peace and happiness don’t we?  I certainly do and I’ve been working at it, really, I have.

But amid all the shifts, changes and growth,  it often ends up all feel harder, when what we were aiming for was easier.

I’m big on analysing, questioning , refining and improving everything in my life pretty much all the time.  Earlier on this week I felt like screaming ENOUGH!  When will I feel like I know enough, have become enough and can give enough?

At what point does the ceaseless striving end and the simple and authentic BEING begin?

This week in preparing  for my women’s meditation circle, I found myself feeling drawn to less rather than more. It’s become my habit to feel I have to cram a lot of value into our hour spent together: Deliver a guided meditation that raises self-awareness or heals an issue, read a quote, play some uplifting or healing music, speak wisely on our topic and do some oracle card readings. Then I breathe a silent sigh of relief as we drink herbal tea together and everyone chats.


So this week I allowed the session to be simpler.  I lead the women into their hearts and then played a sound healing track.  It felt easier and more natural. It felt fun and more relaxing for us all.

My journey of consciously developing my spiritual awareness and intuitive abilities began more than a decade ago, actually it’s closer to two decades.  Since then I’ve read Louise Hay, Neale Donald Walsch, Eckhart Tolle, Miranda Holden, Wayne Dyer and countless others.  I’ve learned about energy healing via Kinesiology, Reiki, Aurasoma, crystals, flower essences, chakra balancing, toning and many other modalities created by wonderful and gifted healers.  Not to mention all the other complimentary therapies like essential oils and homeopathy I’ve accessed for me and my family to assist us with our overall well-being.  Oh and don’t let me leave out numerology and astrology for endless and entertaining insights on who we really are.

Now don’t get me wrong, this has all been great. I’ve managed to resolve plenty of niggly health issues, emotional stuck-points and mental hang-ups by travelling this endlessly fascinating path. Plus, the self-knowledge I’ve gained has helped to me help others with clarity, humour and humility.

It’s just that, well, it seems that the more we delve, analyse, seek answers from others and ponder our existential crises from every possible angle, the more we also become attached to the idea that all this focus on our ‘story’ and personal ISSUES, is essential for our future happiness and in reality….

What if it were also true that the more committed we are to figuring it all out, the further away we get from our true essence?

What if all the therapies, philosophies, treatments, processes and potions we’ve made use of are merely distractions, window dressing or even overlays that cover up our inner truth and divinity?

Just a thought.

The only way you can answer these questions for yourself is to allow yourself some time in silence, just a few moments here and there are enough to begin with.

Listen with love and reverence for the life you already are <3