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Month: June 2014

I Have An Amazing Body

Posted in Self-Care and Self-Healing

That got your attention?

Well it’s true, my body works amazingly well:  I can walk, swim, climb stairs, run (when I’m in a hurry), do yoga, dance, sit and stand. I can do pretty much most of the normal everyday things many of us take for granted.

Plus this clever body created, housed, birthed and fed two little humans a few years back. Amazing plus plus! Here I am today doing a tree pose with some trees.


I love having a body that works well and takes me where I want to go free of pain, stiffness or fatigue.  If like me, you’re fortunate enough to have an amazing body too, how often do you acknowledge it? Even if your body creaks and groans a little or low energy holds you back, I’ll bet there are heaps of amazing things you can still do. Don’t you just love it?

Or has society brainwashed you into thinking your body only deserves praise or indeed acceptance if it fits some narrow standard of appearance or elite performance?

For how many years of our lives must we curse that extra fat on our tummy, big bottom, saggy knees, breasts that are too small or too big, or criticise our hopeless balance, weak arms, fallen arches? The list goes on and on for some.

I love doing yoga and so do many of the women I meet in my healing practice and yet many of them avoid doing this healthy activity and others such as dance, team sports or even gym workouts because they don’t think they look right, can’t do it as well as the teacher or even measure up to most of the other women in the room.

Let’s take a closer look at yoga: Even though most yoga teachers say we must listen to our own bodies to gauge how to do each posture, there’s still the temptation to compare oneself with the person on the next mat or think that unless we can aspire to eventually look like the teacher and do all the ‘wow factor’ yoga moves they can do, what’s the point in even trying?

I can relate to this, I’ve played the comparison game many times and even found myself being categorised by a yoga teacher a few years ago as “Miss Stiff Shoulders and Tight Lower Back”, which she was able to remind me of with a simple sigh or click of the tongue as she moved past me during the class.

I now attend yoga classes with a range of teachers and feel more comfortable with how my body wants to move and doesn’t want to move.

I’m committed to making improvements where I can and I simply enjoy being able to go to a class and move through each pose.  Doing yoga makes me feel strong and healthy and I love the metal focus and meditative aspects of it too.

I’m often surprised when I meet women in their thirties and forties who find it a struggle to describe what type and pace of exercise suits their body best and most importantly, what they enjoy doing.  Also, they know they ‘should’ (nasty word) be doing more exercise but don’t prioritise it in their lives or think of it as basic self-care.

This disconnection from the body and our inability to describe what it needs has a direct impact on how well we are able to make other life changes such as a career shift or lifestyle improvements to enhance our happiness and well-being.

What I’m talking about is getting more comfortable with simply being fully present in the body, trusting it, loving  it for how it is right now and learning what forms of movement and activity suit it best.

When we’re able to simply feel good in our own skin, we begin to make more loving and heart-guided choices regarding food, sleep, exercise and daily self-care and self-healing practices such as creative expression, meditation and journaling.

Need some help to get that self-care regime started? Take a look here and contact me for a chat prior to booking your session.

Helpers Need Help Too

Posted in Live From Intuition, and Trust The Universe

I’ve been playing with a couple of themes this past week.  One is the concept of ‘enough’ or perhaps more accurately, ‘good enough’.  Anyone else out there have perfectionist tendencies?

The other one is the idea that we have supporters (seen and unseen) in our lives and that how we handle the flow of giving and receiving determines whether or not we make good use of that support. Give too much and receive too little and it’s out of balance for us all.  We mothers are especially good at this, giving till we’re ready to expire (or explode) and not feeling able to ask for help.


Before I go any further, I’d like to credit MaryCay Durant from Your Success Signature Business with alerting me to these concepts on a coaching call three weeks ago. The slow filtration process began then and is now emerging as real change in my life only now. Actually, this isn’t too bad if you ask me, I’ve frequently had transforming information resonate with me on the first hearing and then it’s taken me, oh, around ten years to finally implement it in my life.

So what’s this all about?

It’s about wanting to play a bigger game in my life and finding myself bumping up against demands that didn’t even feel like demands a mere four weeks ago.  They were just stuff I did and I had plenty of time for.

You see I’ve gotten clearer about what my work is, who I’m serving and how I promote who I am and what I do.  I’ve become busier with client appointments, I’ve written a business plan (thank you dear hubby for the firm nudge to do this), and for the umpteenth time, began a new edit on my book manuscript. Not to mention big tweaks to this website and the creation of my first printed promotional materials in eighteen months!

So, all that’s happened is life’s gotten a little busier and I’ve needed to reset priorities, plan my time a little more carefully and embrace these two concepts;

  • Decide anew what’s ‘good enough’ in terms of making time for housework, family, creativity, meditation, friends, exercise and work so I end up feeling in balance at the end of the day.
  • Realise I have support among my family, friends and my spirit guides and angels that I only need call upon to ease my workload and assist me with allowing it to feel easy and light again.

These periods of tension amid change can provoke feelings of fear, panic, blockage, retreat, overwhelm and an urge to throw in the towel.  I’ve felt all this and spent a couple of weeks wrestling with the attendant resentment that I projected onto the dearest people in my life, my precious husband and children whose very existence buoys me, urges me to be my highest expression and without whom I wouldn’t even be on my current path (sigh and chastened smile).

Haaah.  It’s quite difficult sometimes isn’t it, this ‘life’ thing?

So, I’m writing this post at 8.45 in the evening (I used to do it in the day), while my children settle off to sleep and hubby switches the television off to go and read his book.  No big deal, I enjoy this creative outlet and pretty soon I’ll be off to bed too.

I’ve found a new energy for doing all that I do by asking for some help from my family, acknowledging how I can drop some time wasting activities or at least reduce them (think email and facebook), and I’m giving myself a huuuge break around what is possible and ENOUGH.

I’m letting it flow, allowing my inner guidance to take the driver’s seat, knowing it’s time to let go of some rigid ideals around who I am as a wife, mother, woman and person in favour of being the humble, quiet, holy me who knows how awesomely powerful she really is and is ready to shine a little bit shinier.

Onwards men and women, to the peak!

Be Gone Old Labels! I Don’t Need You Anymore

Posted in Live From Intuition, and Self-Care and Self-Healing

Just in case you haven’t felt it yet, this is certainly a week for clearing out the old, tackling that household task you’ve been avoiding and taking in a gigantic lung-full of clean fresh air.  Breathe iiiinn and then let it all ooouut.

Early evening at the bay
Early evening at the bay

We have a full moon tomorrow and the solstice is barely a week later.  Whether your solstice is happening in winter, summer or tropical dry season (depending on your location on the globe), this time of our year represents the end of a cycle.  Here in Australia we’re reaching the shortest day of the year and come the 23rd June, our days will start getting longer again as we cycle back towards spring and summer.  Sure, winter’s only just begun so we have plenty of cold and wet days to still get through but if you’re a sun-lover like me, it always lifts my spirits when I know we’re beyond that shortest day.

What this week has been feeling like for me is a re-calibration and a chance to clear the decks for the second half of 2014.  I’ve had a quiet working week and some time to do some work on my book manuscript (joy!).  Today I’m having my first massage in many many months and I’m planning to make it a’ two yoga class’ week.  I’ll tackle some housework tomorrow.  Sounds good to me 🙂

The other side of this week has been really noticing the aspects of me that I’m ready to release another layer of.  I’m ready to let go of some old labels that no longer fit.

Perhaps giving away our unwanted clothing can be a metaphor for this idea?  When we trawl through our wardrobes casting off items we no longer wear, we can call upon our inner wisdom to share any old concepts, beliefs or identities we are now ready to release and replace with first some space, and then with whatever feels like love, lightness and divinity.

My three old labels up for replacement this solstice are: shy, anxious and people-pleaser.

What are yours?  Take a moment now and ask into your heart. Maybe use these words;

“Heart, if there were three labels about me that I’m now ready to release, what would they be?”

Then, perhaps we could also ask for three new words that we might use to replace the old ones.

My heart says mine are; bold, brave and focused.

Listen within and you’ll hear yours too.

Take some extra time for you this weekend. Celebrate the coming of the solstice as the end of a cycle in your life and set some fresh intentions for the remainder of the year by writing them down.

Be you, that’s all there is to do. <3


How Nature Heals – Chakra By Chakra

Posted in Self-Care and Self-Healing

Last night, following our meditation session, one of the gorgeous women in the circle asked me to give my impression of the healing qualities of certain aspects of nature.  For a second I was stumped as to how to respond to such a profound question and then, being the avid seeker and talker I am, I began…

Correction, I took a breath, listened to my inner voice and began.

What was swiftly delivered to me was an understanding I’m pretty sure I’ve never come across before in such simple language.  I was shown that the seven primary energy centres in the body (the chakras), each correspond with distinct elements in our natural world and that each element offers specific healing qualities;

The Root or Base Chakra – The earth, rocks, tree roots and trunks, soil, sand and clay. When we need to feel safe, connected to Mother Earth, nurtured and secure, we may benefit from walking with bare feet on the earth, sitting on rocks and boulders, leaning against, hugging or touching large trees or sitting at the base of a tree and resting our spine and head up against the trunk.


The Sacral Chakra  – Bodies of water such as, rivers, streams, oceans, ponds, lakes and waterfalls.  When we need to replenish our pleasure in our creativity, sensuality and sexuality we could swim in the ocean, bathe in salt water, paddle in a stream or simply sit near flowing water and receive healing from its negative ions and the soothing sound it makes.

The Solar Plexus Chakra – The sun, fire and candle flames.  When we are seeking renewed strength of conviction in our personal path, who we are in the world or a boost in the power we have to make our dreams come to fruition, we might gaze peacefully into the focused energy of flames springing from a fire or candle, visualise a golden or violet flame burning strongly at our solar plexus chakra, create a ceremony or say a prayer to connect with the vast power of our sun or write down our dreams and burn the writing in a fire to symbolise creation via destruction of earthly illusions of control.

The Heart Chakra – All the plants and animals.  When we need to feel an expanded capacity for loving all, embracing all and knowing true oneness with all, we may benefit from being near animals and the plant kingdom. Being with a beloved animal companion, or taking time to observe the animals around us such as birds, reptiles and insects, acknowledgement equals connection. Nurturing or simply noticing the plants in our garden, touching the leaves and appreciating their miraculous beauty.

The Throat Chakra – The wind. If we are feeling a loss of confidence with expressing ourselves through talking, singing, chanting, crying or laughing and the throat feels restricted or tight we may need a wind cleanse.  On a windy day, go to an open field, the beach or a hilltop and walk through the wind. If you are suitably alone and  feel the urge to sing, shout, scream or laugh loudly, do it freely into the wind and allow your voice to be carried away and dispersed on the air. Breathe deeply and let the wind cleanse you.

The Third Eye Chakra – The night sky. When we are unsure about where we should be placing our attention, receiving our guidance or focusing our psychic powers, the night sky can give us clarity. Simply go outside in the evening and gaze up at the stars, speak to the moon, the planets that are often visible such as Mars, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter and ask for their guidance, be open, give thanks for the existence of our vast galaxy and galaxies beyond and know that you have access to an immense source of  wisdom.

The Crown Chakra – Flowers.  Flowers are the crowning glory of the natural world and a symbol of simplicity and complexity bound together in one creative outpouring.  Holding a flower or visualising a flower –  particularly a rose or lotus blossom – and gazing into its petals, taking in its scent and admiring its perfection is a beautiful exercise in appreciating the ‘world within a world’ reality of our existence and our eternal connection to all living things.

Be fully present in the natural world each day and whatever you need will find you. Enjoy <3