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Month: May 2014

Antidote For a Busy Mind – ‘Macro Presence’

Posted in Self-Care and Self-Healing, and Trust The Universe

IMG_5567I know, I know, you’ve heard it all before, from me and countless others…the powerful effect being present (awake, aware, mindful), has in bringing peace, enlightenment and even bliss into our lives.

It’s hard though isn’t it?  I’ve been a daily meditator and advocate for mindfulness for years now and yet, and yet… I still often find myself moving mindlessly through my life; dwelling in thoughts, hopes, worries, plans for the future and pre-rehearsed conversations (anyone else do this?), rather than being precisely where I am, doing what I’m doing in that very moment.

A wonderful mantra coined by spiritual teacher, Ram Dass that we can recite when we commence meditating is “Be here now“.

Perhaps we could use this in daily life.  When we notice we are distracted, not taking in our surroundings, not really listening to the dear family member right in front of us, whom we profess to love, we could say to ourselves, BE HERE NOW.

Write it bold on a piece of paper and stick it to the fridge.

Be   Here   Now

Taking a chilly winter swim in a wavy, weedy sea at my favourite beach the other day, I found myself feeling less than thrilled at being in a place I usually revel in.  I’d parked my towel, umbrella, shoes and clothes under a stout melaleuca tree on some dry sand. As I dried myself off and enjoyed feeling the sun’s rays for a couple of brief intervals when it broke through the rain clouds, I suddenly found myself looking more closely at this little tree.  I actually SAW it properly for the first time, I communicated with it, said hello and thanked it for sheltering me and my stuff.  As soon as I did this I noticed the whole tree quiver, grow more vivid in my vision. I felt it acknowledge me in return.

Melaeuca foliage - image courtesy:
Melaeuca foliage – image courtesy:

I know, sounds kooky, but this experience felt profound and was a wonderful jolt back into presence, connection with the place I was in and the nature surrounding me.  I left the beach with an uplifted heart and a fresh appreciation for our beautiful planet and all her miraculous beings.

Just as in macro photography where we see super-close-ups of tree bark, a leaf or a water droplet on a petal, we can bring this view of the world into our daily lives to enhance our mindfulness and ability to be present.

Simply look more closely:

  • Look at your finger tips as you hold a pen
  • Look into a child’s eyes when they are speaking to you
  • Notice the miracle of water flowing from a tap
  • Pause to enjoy the sun streaming through a window in the morning

Is that a good start? I’m sure you can think of a million more.  Super-heightened awareness is within our grasp in every moment. We need simply to choose it.  It really does feel good to be here now <3


Thanks for the school shoes universe!

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My daughter is such an inspiration to me in the realms of letting go, courage and manifestation.  Both of my children are expert ‘manifesters’ and I think I may be just about ready to become one too.

Noticing and acknowledging when the manifestation process happens smoothly can so beautifully pave the way for it to happen again, and often.

Last Tuesday I decided it would be a good day to drive the 27km to our nearest big town to buy birthday presents for our son and some winter school shoes for our daughter.  One gift bought and one to go, I stopped in at our locally owned family shoe store and was promptly asked how I may be helped.  I said I was looking for some girls’ black winter school shoes with a buckle (“Not velcro Mum, a buckle please?”).  The perfect looking pair was there on display.  The lady went among the shelves at the back of the shop to find the size I requested.  She came back out and said there were only two pairs left in this style and one of them was in the size I needed.  I expressed a hesitant thanks and reached out to take closer look.

They looked a little on the big side so I asked if we could return them if they didn’t fit, she said that would be fine.  She also said they weren’t getting any more of this style in, which only left the velcro models my daughter had cautioned me NOT to buy. Also, this pair cost $20 less than the velcroed brand.

I must have learned something about non-attachment in recent years because as I bought them I felt completely relaxed about them fitting and my daughter liking them.  I really wasn’t that worried or bothered that I might need to make another trip to replace them or that she may not end up with the buckle version. This is a far cry from the old me who would have made it into a big stress event and the focus of the rest of her day.

So, cutting to the chase….they fit, she loves them, they were cheaper than I expected and no extra driving for me this week. Little yay!

Happy feet
Happy feet – (I also posted a photo of feet last week – meaning anyone?)

This scenario reminded me of something similar that happened a few years ago when our little girl was six.  She had a dress-up day at school coming up and wanted to wear an old-fashioned looking dress.  In her words, it would be white and with a frill around the bottom and pufffy sleeves.  Not being the sort of mother to make a very big effort to buy or make costumes, I agreed to walk around the corner one afternoon after school with her to take a look in the little op-shop there.  Beyond that, I wasn’t sure where we would go next.  Turned out there was no need for ‘next’, because there hanging on the small rack of girls’ dresses was the dress in question.  It was perfect in every way and we skipped happily out of the store minus a mere $5.00 and went home to iron-on some colourful ribbons to complete her vision.

Wow, wouldn’t it be cool if life was always like this, dream it up and bam, it’s delivered to order?

Well, maybe it can be if you truly believe it can.  Children set us obstacle-obsessed adults a wonderful example of how when we are in flow, faith and trust, little miracles can indeed happen.  It won’t always go perfectly to plan of course, the universe loves throwing us a little challenge here and there, but when we are in flow with our inner guidance and happy to be pleasantly surprised, rather than thinking we need to force results, perhaps we can have these sorts of experiences more often than not?

Emphasize it when it flows, let it go when it doesn’t.  That’s called looking on the bright side.

Success breeds success don’t they say? Go to it 🙂






Walking Barefoot

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There’s been a stripping away of layers of what’s no longer needed.

Clarity has emerged on some long vexing issues and a new confidence and sense of inner strength is blossoming. At least that’s what it feels like… I think, I hope.

I swam in the ocean one morning not long ago and found I was totally, completely present.  More than ever before, the water felt invigorating and cleansing.  A wave of pure joy washed over me and I felt so, so safe.

It might have had something to do with having not worn bathers on my morning walk and when I couldn’t resist the warm water, I decided to swim in my knickers (naturally hey?).  This decision heightened my awareness and made me truly appreciate every second I spent in the water.  I’ll admit I was keeping a lookout for innocent passers-by happening across my half nudie swim and this made me giggle.  I’m about as far away from being an exhibitionist as you can be and yet actually, I didn’t care, I even sat and sun bathed on a rock for a minute or two before dressing.

20140319_101125This is being over forty, feeling at peace with one’s body and realising it’s no more startling or special or private than anyone else’s.  Anyway, I won’t be making a habit of it, winter’s almost here, it just felt like a nice little liberation of my soul and ego-self.

After the swim I didn’t feel like adding wet, sandy feet in shoes to the wet body in clothes, so I walked home barefoot: Over the beach sand and rocks, up the limestone paved, prickly path, up the leafy, rocky, twiggy track to the golf course and along the grass-patched, sandy golf course home.

I winced, minced and grimaced over the ouchy bits and then strode out with more confidence over the grass and sand on the home stretch.  What I noticed was with every step, I was looking down to see where my feet would land and what they would make contact with.  Do I think about this in sneakers?  Not at all.  Do I even notice the earth upon which I walk when in shoes? Well yes, a little on bush tracks peppered with rocks and tree roots, but when the walking is easy, that’s when the mind takes over with busy thinking.

This barefoot walk home felt like a really sweet analogy for life:  When we slow down and notice the little moments, we are present, absorbed and engaged.  Having to notice where I placed my feet to protect them from harm made me feel alert, child-like, free and connected to nature.  It felt like I was dwelling in my true and natural home and on my true and natural path.

I’m brewing up a new tagline for my business that ecompasses the shifts people experience when they have sessions with me. I’ve actually come up with about a hundred potential taglines featuring words like; soul, flow, path, natural, true and purpose. But I’m still not sure, I guess I’ll wait a little longer and see what emerges.

Thanks for your continued presence.  It inspires me 🙂