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Month: April 2014

Divine Discipline

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Haaah…Discipline and freedom.  Where do I start with these two little beauties of the human experience?

I’ve had a long history of emphasizing the importance of discipline and craving freedom as if it were a rare and preposterously expensive luxury.  Nowadays I still ebb and flow with these life aspects, imposing firm discipline one day, rebelling and embracing freedom the next.

Sunrise through the trees. I don't see too many of these in the darkening months
Sunrise through the trees. I don’t see too many of these in the darkening months

Many people speak of divine pace, divine timing and divine decision.  You know; “don’t worry about a thing, it will all come together in divine timing”.  Well that’s all well and good but another quote I like; “Pray and move your feet” (which upon researching its origins, turns out to be an old African proverb), tells me that we must not simply sit and hope for our good to arrive but take some action too.

So in my mind, discipline isn’t such a bad thing. When we’re too good at self-imposed discipline though, we take the joy, spontaneity and yes, freedom out of life.  We block ourselves from that quiet inner voice of divine inspiration, guidance and love.  We set our course, define the parameters, put our heads down and go, go, go. There’s no time or inclination to pause, reassess, slow down, take a detour, explore another path, or shift the goal a little or a lot.

Living my new life in the country I’ve learned a lot about myself through my business and my spiritual path which are of course, intrinsically linked.  I’ve practiced yoga, pretty much every week at a local class and tried to impose a daily home practice with some success. Same with meditation, although I can honestly say, I do make time to meditate most days, and the creation of my local women’s meditation circle has certainly helped with that.  I’ve always loved to walk and cycle, and food isn’t an issue for me, so I guess my well-ingrained discipline sorted those things out many years ago.

What I really waver on are tasks related to building my business, clarifying what I offer, who I serve and especially anything at all to do with marketing and selling my services. In fact even taking myself seriously as an entrepreneur has been a struggle.

And yet really, I have made progress just by doing what I do. My business is doing pretty well and I’ve come to realise it is somewhat about divine timing. The universe has been delivering clients to my door by recommendations and the all powerful internet.  One woman googled ‘hypnosis’ and found me, even though that word appears nowhere on the web.  She enjoyed her session and was a great match for how I work. Hmph (shrug), divine guidance perhaps?

Anyway, back to discipline, my recent breakthrough with getting up early to journal, meditate and walk has slipped away with the days growing shorter.  Getting out of bed before the sun is up is just plain hard for me to enjoy.  My body craves more rest in these darker months and so I’m relying on divine discipline to guide me.  I simply ask within during my day to discover what would be the best thing for me to do in each moment.  So when I’m struggling to open my eyes, let alone get out of bed at 7.00am, I simply honour the moment and wait to be guided into action or indeed, non-action for a few more minutes.

Letting go of the freedom versus discipline struggle allows us to be present with how we are really feeling and respond naturally and with respect for our most basic needs. Sleep is vital for good health and successful living.

Divine discipline takes the rigidity and self-punishment out of life and replaces it with flow, harmony and pleasure.  No one likes to be harangued or bullied into doing anything so please don’t do it to yourself.  If I can let myself off the hook, anyone can.  It makes you happier in your heart and allows you to create your life with a feeling of lightness and freedom.

Sound good? 🙂



What We Choose – And Why

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Hot crossed buns don’t really agree with my tummy.  For the first time this Easter I thought I’d managed to steer clear of those yeasty, fruity, doughy treats until wandering through town on Saturday morning, seeing others walk by with their half-dozen buns, I could no longer resist.

Nobody else in the family enjoys them, I know they’re not good for me, it’s just that hot crossed buns are a fondly remembered part of my childhood Easters. Toasted or warmed in the oven and slathered with butter.  It’s that cinnamon and nutmeg aroma as much as anything. Aren’t the scents sometimes the most evocative aspects of any deeply held pleasant memory?

Anyway I ate a couple, felt the not-so-nice effects later on and threw the rest in the bin.  So, this post isn’t actually about sticky buns. What I’m wanting to share this week is the complexity of choice in this human experience.

I’ve been re-reading Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth and enjoying being reminded about presence, awareness and being fully conscious in daily life. Tolle’s writing is so helpful in its simplicity and clarity of message.

Simplicity is beauty
Simplicity is beauty

What I’ve noticed so much over the years of more fully absorbing the teachings of Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch, Caroline Myss and many others is that the more present I am, the better the choices I make for myself. In Tolle’s words:

“There are three words that convey the secret of the art of living, the secret of all success and happiness: One With Life. Being one with life is being one with Now…Life is the dancer, and you are the dance”

Sounds simple huh? It is provided we are prepared to cultivate and then practice being in complete acceptance of every moment, in every moment.  Another way of putting it is; saying a great big YES to life no matter what occurs.

The more aware or if you like ‘awake’ we are, the more aligned our choices are with what Life desires for us and then when the proverbial does hit the fan, as it still does even in the lives of the most spiritually advanced souls, we can move that much more swiftly from distress, shock, grief, anger or victim-hood into acceptance and grace-filled forgiveness.

When we live from a foundation of peace with all, and the understanding that our inner wisdom is there to guide us in every moment to our best physical, emotional and mental function, life gets a whole lot simpler and much more enjoyable.

Coming back to choice now, what exactly is it that leads us to repeatedly make poor choices for our health, finances, relationships, sanity and general sense of well-being?  I think it’s many things and one thing.  The many things first:

  • Low self-worth
  • Self-sabotage related to fear of failure or success
  • Unconscious, inherited behaviours learnt in childhood
  • Using the mind to rationalise the choice or blame others for it, thereby minimising or explaining away its ill-effects
  • Choosing to fill life with distractions, complaints, criticism and excuses rather than choosing to be responsible for one’s own happiness.
  • Etc, etc…

Now the one thing:

Not being fully present and embodied in the physicality, truth and divine potential of the human experience.

My hot crossed bun episode is just one tiny example of how I’m still on my learner’s permit with this stuff. Ah well, here’s to the journey ahead.

Want to share it with me? Learning’s easier in a group 🙂



I Woke Up (A Bit More) – How I Did It

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The energies of transformation I’ve written about in recent posts have been turned up a notch or two the past couple of weeks. The Aries energy of right now combined with a Cardinal Grand Cross (for you astrology experts), and some eclipses coming next week and later this month, make for a heady cocktail of aha!, oh no! and ah yes! moments galore.

I’ve had the sensation in the last few days of coming out of a fog, seeing the exceptional in life and especially in nature all around me.

All of a sudden I marvel at every bird, kangaroo, tree, flower and leaf.  Formerly I would devote less attention to the birds I see in great numbers such as the willy wagtails, New Holland honey-eaters, magpies, and kookaburras and only be stopped in my tracks by the less common scarlet robins, splendid fairy wrens and the stunning golden whistler.

New Holland honeyeaters. The commonplace is special too
New Holland honeyeaters. The commonplace is special too

Nowadays I’m finding myself filled with joy and wonder at just about everything and it feels nice.  A weight has been lifted and I’m finding myself feeling aghast at how little I appreciated my amazing existence up until now.

Our daily companions are just as valuable as occasional visitors
Our daily companions are just as valuable as occasional visitors

Okay, so what’s happened.  Some simple things.  I’ve been setting an alarm for the first time in years and getting up early to walk, meditate and journal.  I’ve been listening to my intuition and using essential oils in my burner, lighting an inscense stick now and then and utilising my flower essence stash with greater joy and appreciation than ever.

I’ve consciously slowed down again, more, because what I thought was slowing down a year ago was barely breaking a fast clip. And it’s all divinely right timing, I’m ready for this new phase.  Cause if I wasn’t ready I wouldn’t be doing it.

To put it in a nutshell, I’ve created more time for quiet contemplation, creative expression and following my heart.

What I’m still getting used to is the novelty of these stronger, more passionate feelings of connection and appreciation.  There’s something slightly scary in loving more because perhaps there’s a tiny part of me that believes the more you love, the greater the potential for pain and loss.  Does that make sense?

On the human level I think it makes infinite sense because our first and most basic urge is to keep ourselves safe from harm. Moving into the higher understanding that we are eternally safe because we are divine beings of light that will endure any earth-bound experience, even death makes it seem a little silly, but therein lies the complexity of our human being-ness.

Just about all of us unconsciously hold back from feeling all we can feel out of fear of making ourselves vulnerable.  I’m an expert at this, remember in life, with regard to comparing yourself with others or standing in judgment of another, “it takes one to know one”.  This is true in every instance.

So finding myself drawn into new, more loving friendships and stronger connections to the people already in my life who give more and feel more than me is a natural step on this new path.  We surround ourselves with those whom we both admire and can see a little of ourselves in.  This is another way I’m letting my heart rather than my head guide me into greater joy, freedom and peace.

Slow it all down and be your own best friend first. <3

I Love You, When You Succeed

Posted in Live Your Passions, and Self-Care and Self-Healing

“If you’re nothing without a gold medal, you’ll be nothing with it”.

I love these words from Australian Olympic gold medal swimmer, Liesel Jones, spoken last week on Insight on SBS television. The panel discussion program delved into our beliefs and behaviours around success and mediocrity in modern Australia.

Liesel Jones. Image courtesy
Liesel Jones. Image courtesy

Liesel reflected that pouring heart and soul into the achievement of an external reward such as an Olympic gold medal certainly brings its benefits but it also has a downside.  She shared her sense of uncertainty about who she really was when her swimming career ended at the ripe old age of 27.  Her whole identity had been wrapped up in being a champion swimmer since she was a child.  What could possibly replace the rigid discipline, intense demands and thrilling victories of her life as an elite athlete once she retired?

Liesel’s words resonate with me as, in my own – less ‘elite athlete-like’, more ‘regular human being-like’ – way, my self-regard is more closely linked to my sense of achievement and daily productivity than I would like. You know, money earned, housework done, larder stocked, children picked up and dropped at school on time, business development on track, yoga and meditation practice adhered to, family and friends birthdays remembered, that sort of stuff.

When I’m on top of all the demands of daily life, I feel good about myself.  When my inner voice or my body (usually through ill health) tells me to slow down and rest to allow emotions to process and energy to build again, I typically resist and push on through.

I feel uncomfortable having a day, let alone a week, that in my assessment has been unproductive.  And yet, what Liesel says is so beautifully true.  When we can love ourselves simply for who we are, that means without conditions, none of this matters one little bit.

Do we demand that a small child be productive in their day? Do we love a three year-old more when they produce a finger painting or a play-doh blob than when they’ve just woken up from a nap? Not really.

It feels to me that buying into the idea that success at elite levels of anything be it business, sport or the arts, will guarantee happiness, is a path to certain disappointment.  What some of the families on this TV program are promoting to their children is; your career/sporting success is your whole identity and your value in the world.

I guess balance is the key, some people are destined to be truly great at something, stand out in the crowd and excel.  But what happens to all those “almost made-its” who number far greater than the champions?  Where are they left? Some have great resilience and bounce back, often finding happiness by re-framing their idea of success, others never recover.

I feel teaching our children from babyhood that they are inherently valuable and loved is a good starting point.  Letting them be themselves and helping them to understand that it’s fun to master skills at school and in their sports and hobbies and it’s also good to just be still and do nothing.  One isn’t better than the other and we are no less worthwhile as a person if what we love doing doesn’t fit into mainstream society’s narrow idea of ‘success’.

Plus where does fun and creativity or even originality fit into this picture?

Enough said.  Love you for you.


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