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Month: February 2014

Work Can Feel Like Play

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I’ve been wrestling with issues around relationship and work this week.  I’m finding new ways to BE in both of these life arenas.

How so? I hear you ask.

Well, it’s all about linking intellectual understanding with feeling and doing.  Oh yeah and deserving.

Do I deserve to be free, relaxed, prosperous and happy?  Yes, of course I do and so do you.  Am I living as though all this were true right now in this very moment? Well, sort of, kinda, not exactly.

I believe we can create lives of joy and success by doing what we love.  I really do, it’s just that, there’s this little voice inside my head (my ego I guess), that plays this ancient recording passed down from my ancestors and culture that says:

“Work is hard, work is a burden, work drains you, work is responsibility, work is a drag, work is denying your truth and being someone you’re not…”

Even with all the “work” I’ve done on overcoming these old patterns, this remnant of the past keeps holding me back.  I don’t know why, all I know is it’s there and it sucks.

I know people say it can help to use different language:  “Hey, don’t call it work, call it something else; play, offerings, services, pathway, vocation…”.  Whatever, I still reckon my brain knows what is meant and offers up the same party-pooping propaganda.

Thankfully though, I do know that work can be like play, cause I’ve felt it.  I feel it each time I am blessed to see a client and help them with my intuitive skills, deliver a channeled meditation to my meditation circle ladies, write these articles and play around with my book manuscript or workshop curriculum. I guess I want more of these experiences and a healthy income to go with them.

Meelup beach from a high vantage point
Meelup beach from a high vantage point

My husband and I sat down together at my PC last week and watched a great film by Wayne Dyer called The Shift.  It stars Wayne as himself and blends his message that the search for greater meaning in life is a natural and helpful urge, with the fictional stories of a handful of characters going through their own life crises, some of whom interact with Wayne in the film.

“When you trust in yourself, you trust in the very wisdom that created you” Wayne Dyer – The Shift

The big message I received was that my husband and I are certainly on our right path.  Having heeded the urging of our souls to quit city life and live a simpler, healthier and quieter life here in Dunsborough, we have slowed down and gifted ourselves the time to pursue our dreams.

“If you can stop interfering in your own life and just be done, everything will be done for you.” Wayne Dyer – The Shift

I guess only having been in this new life for two years though, we are still in a transition phase.  Totally re-hashing our working lives and creating a new balance of earning between the two of us has not magically happened overnight or any where near as quickly as I hoped it would.

I’m still learning to trust and to allow life to unfold for my highest good without letting the crutch of old beliefs, limitations and fairy tales of old, scare me back into more familiar territory. 

“The best way to have those doors open is to forget about yourself and serve; it’s always about service. You can’t attract what you want into your life; you attract what you are.” Wayne Dyer – The Shift

Nice one Dr Dyer. Thanks for the reminder.

Getting Real And Giving Myself A Break

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This past couple of weeks have been sort of strange for me.  I’ve taken steps to get more serious about creating my on-line business and expanding my offerings on a local level.

It happened like this: I listened live, beamed from California (me, 9.30 Friday morning – them, 5.30 Thursday evening), to my Success Signature coaching call with Jennifer McLean and then at my clever husband’s firm prompting I got my brain organised and wrote a business plan.

Well, the business plan got done the following morning at 6.30 as I sat on my meditation bolster in the peaceful early-morning living room. I felt great!

And then…. Eek!… Help!… What do I do NEXT?

I’ve actually felt frozen in one place, unable to move, shuffle or even blink myself forward one inch.

So while I’ve been seeing clients, writing a half-day meditation course and beginning my women’s meditation circle for the year, I’ve also felt as though nothing at all is happening and I am making no progress at all towards my goals, you know, the BIG PICTURE.

What’s this all about?

I guess what I’m feeling right now is that I’d created some false expectations about what this new phase would feel like.

I’ve been procrastinating about taking my work seriously – by that I mean, making more than a part-time income from it and acknowledging for the first time how much of a difference I make in other people’s lives – and now that I’ve taken this huge leap of faith by setting down some plans in ink, it sort of feels a bit scary and difficult.

I imagined at this stage of the game I’d be feeling super-confident, focused and switched-on.  I thought I would be ever-so productive and masterful in everything I created.

I don’t feel any of that.

The beautiful rising moon with a marri tree in blossom last week
The beautiful rising moon with a marri tree in blossom last week

So I’m just going back to what I know I’m good at. Waking up each day and doing the basics; being a mother and wife, looking after my soul and body by getting outdoors, opening that meditation course document and typing some words, intuiting a topic and creating a guided visualisation for my women’s meditation circle AND being fully present and open-hearted when I have a client sitting in front of me.

That actually sounds like a lot.  Why then doesn’t it feel like enough?

This moment reminds me of something I said to a dear client recently:

“Don’t you know you are enough?  Don’t you know your mere presence in the lives of your friends is enough?”

How often do the words issuing from my mouth in care of another actually have enormous significance for me?

Pretty much every time. I’m feeling humbled by life and drawn into myself….and it’s okay.  I’m simply experiencing a new season, a new version of me and a new understanding of what success means.

Be kind to you, that means you, Tricia.


Dreams That Resonate

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Do you have a dream?

Is there a collection of desires, yearnings and if-onlys tucked away deep in your heart that you only look at or listen to every now and then?

Yes, of course there is.

What I’d love to share with you today is that it’s worthwhile paying closer attention to these dreams and spending some time sorting through what feels real, right and absolutely in resonance with your deeper self and what is mere folly and illusion.

fading rainbow dreams
fading rainbow dreams

Why? I hear you ask.

Well, what I’ve discovered is that some of these so-called dreams are actually mis-creations or remnants from many different sources, not all of them reliable and up-to-date with where we are on our life journey.

Let me describe the various sources from whither our dreams can spring:

  • Childhood versions of ourselves – I used to think I needed to own a horse to be happy
  • Our parents – How many people live their parents’ dreams for them regarding career, choice of marriage partner and where they live?
  • Our culture – Is the standard middle-class existence of sky-high mortgage, private schooling and the latest high-tech gadgets really equating to true fulfillment, joy and peace?
  • Our early adulthood belief system that we think we created independently but didn’t – That semi-rebellious stage of life where we believe we are throwing out everything our parents and society taught us but actually we’re just postponing it’s return until we hit 30.
  • Or if you were more like me… what I thought I needed to do in my twenties was hedge my bets; continue to be a good girl AND muddle, trip and stumble through the myriad choices and responsibilities I faced with some sense of autonomy and originality.

Anyway, it’s all a bit of a mish-mash wouldn’t you say?

Now in my forties, every day I’m playing with the question; what do I want here, today, tomorrow? Granted, I’m in the super-fortunate position where I have plenty of choice and oodles of freedom.  So I guess that makes me a dream-sorting expert. Well, kind of.

What I’m noticing is how fast things are changing for us all at this time in our evolution.  What I desire for my life this week is actually quite different to last week and very different from a year ago.  But this isn’t about being fickle or flakey.

It’s about tuning into the deeper self and refining, sifting, prioritising.

Drop into that place now….breathe slowly, visualise a pearl descending from your throat area down into the heart space where it floats suspended in a soft white/pink light.

Ask into that light, “where is my joy?”.  You might see, hear or feel a response, you might not.  If nothing comes then expect the information to come to you in a different form.  Be aware of this expectation for the rest of the day and notice the clues that present themselves to you.  The universe is very creative.

We can really tie ourselves – and those around us – up in knots with regard to what we think we need in order to be happy.  What I’m discovering is that the most important things to me right now are; good health, creative expression, close relationships with my family, time to spend with friends, opportunities to help others, being in nature and quiet time on my own.

My idea of creative expression - nature photography
My idea of creative expression – nature photography

Throw in the occasional glass of bubbly, a meal out somewhere and a good television show, art exhibition or novel and I’m ecstatic!

When your dreams resonate, they manifest oh so smoothly.