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Month: March 2013

Can We Have it All?

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This question is at the core of many of our decisions, plans and dreams don’t you think?

My simple response is, well, it depends what ‘it all’ means to you.

This is my kind of pathway. What's yours?
This is my kind of pathway. What’s yours?

Beyond that, I believe YES, we can have the lives of our dreams.

It’s all about self-belief, faith, inner guidance and courage.  And the big one, Gratitude.

The pathway I have taken thus far has focused on; looking after my physical and emotional health as a priority, seeking out a place to live in that feels like home and feeds my soul, developing my intuitive skills and spirituality, creating a working life that comes from my heart, building closer relationships with my immediate family, partner and friends, and being a loving yet strong mother for my children.

Making money has placed way down the list and this year, I’m planning to change that.

I’ve never been that great at making money a goal in itself and I’m not about to start now.  It’s just that I’m ready to play around with the idea that I can do what I love and receive a good income for it.

There is this ancient spiritual practice called tithing. It’s something I do regularly and I believe it increases my feelings of – and experience of – abundance, plus it feels really good. To read more about tithing click here to read What is a Tithe?

Here is a quote from What is a Tithe?:

“How beautiful would it be if people on a path of spiritual service could live from money gifted to them by those who receive inspiration and guidance from their offerings?”

As a fun experiment I’ve added a Tithe Tricia item to my sidebar.  If you click here now or click on the message below Tithe Tricia in the sidebar on my page, you can gift me a little money. Please read What is a Tithe first.

Our world is in transition; economic, social and political systems of old are being overhauled and rejected.  The time has come for those of us working in the arts and I include the healing arts here, to reclaim our vital place in humanity as providers of comfort, connection, revival, inspiration, love, passion and authenticity. It’s also time for us to stand tall beside other professions and earn good money for our efforts.

What I know from my own experiences of the past ten years is that we will be supported (somehow or by someone) when we embark on a spiritual path.  The process I am now exploring involves me shifting the bread-winning balance in our family so I can support my husband as he has supported me. I’ll keep you informed on how this pans out through 2013.

If I can do it, so can you.


Just Imagine…

Posted in Trust The Universe

Ok, are you ready?

So, close your eyes and just imagine for three or four seconds that we are all eternal beings of light.  You know, infinite, never-ending energy.

Now this is where I’ll really stretch you, can you also imagine there is no such thing as time? No distinction between past, present and future. Go to your heart for this, leave the mind out of it.

Emma Gorge
Emma Gorge

When you put these two notions together; infinite light being + time does not exist, then how about this for an idea?

We are all everything!

We are all love, hate, disappointment, jubilation, sorrow, joy, grief, optimism, depression, success, failure, empathy, envy, are you getting the gist?

So when you think you’ve had it rough or you think you’re doing better than someone else, remind yourself of this and know that in this moment of now, you’ve seen it all, been it all and had it all.

When we are all able to feel this truth in our hearts, separation, judgement and violence will end.  We will love ourselves and one another as precious, individual sparks of God energy.

I’m ready, are you?

Love us all


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As members of the species on this planet that has created so much destruction of our mother earth and her inhabitants, we also have the power to help her heal…

New growth on a previously bare tree - back from the brink of decay
New growth on a previously bare tree – back from the brink of decay

There are many ways we can do this.

We don’t all need to be activists.

When you are in nature simply be present and allow yourself to feel love and wonder for all you see around you.  That’s it.

Remember, what we give is what we receive. Also, your contribution matters.


Simple Pleasures

Posted in Live Your Passions, and Self-Care and Self-Healing

Pink Flannel Flower Essence enhances our ability to feel deep gratitude for everything in our lives.
Pink Flannel Flower Essence enhances our ability to feel deep gratitude for everything in our lives.

I’m feeling an increase in my capacity to feel intense gratitude these last few days. This feels good as with gratitude comes joy and increased abundance.

There is greater light flooding our planet at this time but it also it feels as though the darkness in humanity currently being expressed in destructive and violent ways is more dramatically than ever, being dredged up to the surface.

It is indeed a time when gifting ourselves with greater love and care will be very beneficial in allowing us to move through this year with more peace, compassion and clarity regarding what we would like to create for ourselves. Rather than allowing ourselves to continually be dragged down into feelings of horror, distress and judgment over the actions of others around the globe.

This morning I took the 20 minute drive to our nearby big town, Busselton to do a little shopping.  As I drove home (while stopping briefly for road works in fact), I experienced a moment of intense teary-eyed gratitude that the place I now live in, is my home!  We’ve been living in Dunsborough for a bit over a year now and yet it is only in the last month that it has begun to sink in that this is actually where I live and that the way I spend my days is truly my regular life now.

The road to get here was long and sometimes arduous (click here to read about it) and I’ll admit, the move felt like a big gamble in some ways.  But I’m here to say right now to all of you, if you have a strong desire to change your life so that it reflects who you are in your soul, then keep that dream strong and trust that the universe is supporting you in every moment to bring it to fruition.

Tea and lemon and blueberry friand for one
Tea and lemon and blueberry friand for one

So, one of the ways I looked after myself this morning was to treat myself to a tea and friand at one of our lovely local cafes before I headed home after my shopping trip.  I’m mentioning this as an example of an inexpensive way we can all look after ourselves once in a while.  I’m also mentioning it because I basically never do it!  I meet up with friends for a cuppa but never do this on my own.

I really enjoyed it and will be sure to do it again.

Gifting ourselves with little treats, like; an early morning stroll, a candle-lit bath, a packet of a high quality tea, a phone call to a friend who lifts your spirits, time to paint, draw, sing, dance, read, anything you love and that makes you feel ‘you’, allows us to re-connect with our soul and re-charges our batteries.

If you do something lovely for yourself every day I guarantee you will sail through the washing, shopping and cleaning up that much more smoothly.

Just ask into your heart every morning when you wake, what can I do today that will make my soul sing? The answer will come if you let it.

Love is all.