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Month: November 2012

The Gift of Contrast

Posted in Create Abundance, and Self-Care and Self-Healing

Three weeks ago we moved house.

Our new home in the trees

With all the activity, busyness and disorientation involved with settling into a new home, my usual meditation and exercise routines went out the window. Just when I really needed them too. It’s funny how that happens huh?

The move wasn’t all that stressful and we love our new place, it’s just that coming to live in a new space can be very unsettling to the psyche. Not to mention tiring for the body and taxing on marital harmony.

Still, from unease and tension comes the opportunity to remember what serves us best and the motivation to get back on track swiftly.

Then, when life returns to its normal rhythms and flow, we can fully appreciate that when we look after our own well being, we are happier.

The key here is that we sometimes need the flow and rhythm to be disrupted in order for us to realise how good it is when life is business as usual.

So whatever is happening in your life right now, don’t despair because it’s those times of chaos and confusion that nudge us into better balance.  The contrast of feeling uncomfortable, stressed or unsettled serves as a powerful reminder of how we want our lives to be and inspires us to take action.

I’m back to meditating daily and getting outdoors for a walk most days too. Haah, that feels better.

The other beneficial contrast we have experienced as a family was in moving from our rather poky rental property of the last nine months to our more spacious, more ‘us’, home we have bought.  We’re looking forward to many happy years here.

I’m feeling an expanded sense of peace living in this new place.  Just a short walk away is the bush and coastline I dreamed of living near when I first thought we might be moving to Dunsborough (actually my good friend and gifted clairvoyant, Astara told me this would occur) in July 2011.  And here we are!  Life can be pretty amazing when we step boldly (or tentatively) in the direction of our dreams.

Time to reflect on all that has occurred in 2012 and how far we have all come this year. Acknowledge your brilliant progress and create your vision for yourself for the coming year.


An Inner Guidance Meditation

Posted in Live From Intuition, and Self-Care and Self-Healing

Find a quiet moment and sit down in a chair where your feet can rest on the floor comfortably.  Gently close your eyes and take some soft breaths down into your lower lungs so you can feel your stomach lifting and lowering slightly.

Bring your attention to the space inside your body between your lower ribs and navel.  This is known as your solar plexus. For many of us it is the place we feel the sensations we associate with the term, “gut feeling”.

Create the intention to be open to receiving information from your inner self.

Now, holding your attention in the solar plexus, (you may visualise or experience that there is a circle or wheel of coloured light here), think of a decision you would like to make. Then one at a time, bring to your mind the various options that are available to you. Observe any bodily sensations, emotions, images, words or sounds that arise in response to your thoughts about these options.

Continue to hold the intention that you are observing rather than judging any information that comes forth. What comes to the surface to be examined might surprise you.

A definite pathway forward may not emerge from this first meditation but realise that life is always showing us the way.  By consciously accessing our inner guidance in this way we are also tuning into the outer world more usefully.

Connection with the breath and the body is the key.

Ten minutes each day is all you need to start…

Letting Go With Grace

Posted in Live From Intuition, and Live Your Passions

Still in love with my Waratahs

Hey, I learned something about myself this week.  I’m getting much better at letting go and moving forward swiftly and with a light heart.

I’ve decided to stop running my weekly dance class and as this decision came as a gentle whisper from my heart, it has all occurred so gracefully and easily.  Also, since I am tuned into my inner wisdom, I have been able to step back and see the big picture with regard to what this dance class was really all about for me.

It was certainly something I’ve thought about doing for ages, I definitely love dancing and would love to dance on a regular basis with other women.  What I discovered through running the class though, was I didn’t love being in the ‘teacher’ role in this context.  My enthusiasm for dancing each week was somewhat dampened by the idea that I needed to create a structured class and practice my choreographed routines.  I wanted it to be looser, freer, more spontaneous, but I was unsure that women would come along if I was to say: “OK everyone, just dance!”

When the fun drains out of a job we have committed ourselves to, we either need to find a way to bring the fun back or move gracefully and considerately out of that role.

Thankfully for me, not many women had been coming to the class so I didn’t have to get all worried about letting others down, as I’ve done in the past.  So, what looked from the outside as a disappointment : “Nobody is coming to my class”, became a blessing, “Thank goodness nobody came to the class this week” I can pull down my flyers, put up a notice saying the dance class is not running and step gracefully into the next chapter of my life.

What I feel is really important to highlight here is not only my efficient wrapping up of Red Lily Dance.  It’s also the feeling of gratitude I have that I actually created the class, promoted it and turned up each week for two months.  I did it! And through doing it I learned so much about myself and got to experience the spectrum of emotions related to feeling; nervous, fearful, bold, confident, accomplished and authentically me as I prepared for and ran each class.

I also met a really lovely woman who came along to a couple of classes.  She has already become a friend and someone with whom I feel I will have a long-lasting connection.  It turns out she is an old friend of one of my gorgeous Fremantle friends (it’s a small world isn’t it?)

This may sound weird but it was as soon as I met my new friend that I felt my journey with the dance class was coming to a close.

Sometimes it seems we need to go down these little, interesting detours in life so we get to experience something important or meet someone vital to the next part of our life journey.

There is no such thing as a failure, it’s all grist for the mill of our hearts and minds.  Perhaps by going easy on myself about the ending of this endeavour (for the time being), I will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone into something you would love to try but have been feeling too scared to?

Ah well, until I gather together a bunch of dance-crazy women with whom I can dance, spontaneously and wildly, it’s back to dancing in the living room.