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Month: September 2012

Settling into Divine Time

Posted in Live Your Passions, and Trust The Universe

This week I’ve been getting on with what feels like the two hundredth edit of my book manuscript.  It’s beginning to feel as though the changes and refinements I could make to it are endless.  I’ve been going through a tricky process of changing the structure of the book which has meant pulling chapters apart and pasting paragraphs into new sections.

While all of this may sound and sometimes feels, a little tedious, sitting down at the desk day after day with a neat pile of marked up pages to work through can feel quite satisfying, and it certainly appeals to my Virgoan tendency to adore order and having a methodical process to follow.  It’s also a wonderful procrastination strategy.

What I am owning up to is that all this re-working and tweaking allows me the delicious luxury of not being ‘ready’ to submit it to the next round of publishers for their consideration.  Is is self-sabotage, fear of failure, fear of success or all three?

The answer is yes, all three.

However, there is another perspective we can take. It is; that all is unfolding in divinely right time.  Nothing is amiss, all is perfect.

Whatever is happening in our lives each day is perfect for where we are at in our life journey.  There is no need to push things to happen faster or to drive ourselves harder to achieve the results we seek.

And even the messy, unexpected speed bumps we encounter along the way which we think are preventing us from getting on with life can be viewed as helpful, instructive and perfect.  It’s all a matter of perspective and trust. Oh, and patience too.

I’ve felt guided to take some Red Lily Essence over the last couple of weeks, perhaps to strengthen my ability to live this concept.  The Red Lily Essence helps us to be more focused and grounded in daily life as well as feel more connected and tuned into Spirit.

It feels like this essence helps me to get on with my daily work (on my book or on other things) effectively and with clarity, while also experiencing an expanded sense of universal support and guidance.

The most important question to ask ourselves in these moments is: Am I having fun?  Because when we are doing things we love, we are in tune with our soul purpose and nothing can possibly be wrong about that.

So yes, I’m having fun playing around with this book called Red Lily Mama.  I’m having fun playing around with my new dance class, and I am learning to trust that my success in both these endeavours might not come overnight, but since my heart is leading me to do them, that it’s just a matter of time.

Beautiful full moon weekend to you all,


Seeing the Bright Side of Everything

Posted in Trust The Universe

Lovely Peppermint trees near my house

In recent years I’ve been playing around with actively shifting my perspective when something I would usually label as ‘bad’ turns up in my life.  I’ve become quite practised at looking for a spiritual meaning, a lesson or a benefit in every so-called ‘negative’ event.

Illness is one of those life events I find hardest to be relaxed about.  Having recently experienced all four members of our family being knocked sideways by a flu for a week and a half each, I was handed yet another opportunity to go with the flow that this period of illness presented to me.

I have to say I’ve come out the other end of this experience feeling a greater sense of inner peace, surrender and gratitude than I have ever experienced before.  Everything has been slowed down a notch (by necessity) and I feel like my whole being has been “reset” to a more calm and aware level of existence.

I certainly feel greater gratitude for my body as it slowly heals itself and a heightened appreciation for being able to do simple tasks like the grocery shopping and hanging some washing without feeling I need to sit down every few minutes.

I’m cruising through appointments being rescheduled by clients, only one woman turning up to my dance class (we had a fun class together) and a lunch my husband and I planned to have today being delayed until next week due to a work commitment of his.  It’s all good, and I’m not just pretending or brushing upset feelings under the carpet, I genuinely feel at peace and blessed to be alive.

Listening this morning to Guy Finley talk with Jennifer McLean on Healing with the Masters, I feel even more that I’m on the right track.  Guy is speaking about the value of looking at everything that happens in our lives (especially the unpleasant stuff) as serving our spiritual growth and leading us towards a better life.

One thing I enjoyed getting back into this week was taking some short walks in nature.  I felt drawn to a grove of peppermint trees a little walk up the golf course from our house.  Just wandering between these loving presences, touching their trunks and letting their soft leaves brush my head, made me feel rejuvenated. The plant kingdom just yearns to serve us. Touch a tree today!

Till next time, love to all,


Lemonade and Potato Chips

Posted in Live From Intuition, and Self-Care and Self-Healing

Is it just me?  Does anyone else crave nothing but chips and soft drink when they have been sick and lacking an appetite for a few days?

We’ve all had The Worst Flu in the history of flues in our little family.

I’m still struggling to push the keys on the keyboard.  Our daughter is asleep at midday and hubby is coughing his way through his first few hours of work in a week.  Our big boy brought the bug home two weeks ago.  He recovered completely within 7 days and skipped off to school.  I am into my 8th day now and still no appetite and no energy.

Ah well, that light at the end of the tunnel can’t be too far away now…

One thing about this sort of illness is there is no denying its existence.  We’ve all just had to stop in our tracks and sleep. A whole week of appointments, activities and social plans cancelled. Stop the world, we need to get off!

I’ve done my best to be in total acceptance of this flu.  I’ve seen it as a great opportunity to practice surrender.  For the first time in my life I’ve experienced a level of letting go that actually feels like a complete release from fear.

At the beginning of the week it felt like it would be the end of the world if I wasn’t able to run my dance class this week.  By  Tuesday night I knew I wouldn’t physically be able to do it.  On Wednesday morning I mentally drafted the sign I would write and stick on the hall door and then I just let it go.  Yesterday morning I summoned all my energy and drove my son to school.  On the way home I stopped at the hall and stuck up my “class cancelled today” sign and then went home to bed.  The world didn’t end. The sun came up again this morning.

It really is all good.  I feel I can now say a permanent goodbye to my fear of not meeting other people’s expectations.

Thank you nasty flu!

My head is drooping dangerously low to the desk, I’d better sign off.

Love to all and may your lessons come wrapped in a pink silk ribbon, not a fever, headache and a cough!