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Month: August 2012

The Healing Power of Dance

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To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak  – Hopi Indian Saying

I’m getting really excited (and just a teensy bit nervous) about running my first Red Lily Dance class next week.

Since beginning the process of ‘playing’ at (rather than ‘working’ at) creating this class and having fun with it,  I can already feel its healing power having a wonderful affect on me.  I have never felt so in tune with, or strong in my body.  My mind has been clearer and I have felt much calmer in my heart.

And the lovely thing about all this is I’m just doing what comes naturally! I’ve always loved to dance and now I’m making it a regular part of my week.

I’m drawing on my background of attending a pretty wide variety of dance classes over the years since going along to my first jazz ballet class at the age of eleven and loving it.  I took up classical ballet for a year when I was 15.  Since then it’s been mainly jazz and contemporary styles that I have been drawn to.  More recently, my regular yoga practise and a healing dance class called Wu Tao I attended regularly a couple of years ago, have both inspired me to create this class.

Red Lily Dance combines graceful, flowing (and fun) dance with breathing exercises, gentle stretching and a meditation to finish each class. The music I am using is varied, but songs by Deva Premal and Chris James are a featured strongly, as I have had first-hand experience of the healing power of these artists.

It is my belief that song and dance are natural to us all. All of the ancient cultures I can bring to mind, dance and sing each day. Dancing allows us to balance and revitalise our energy pathways, move our attention from the mind (where many of us dwell too much) back into the body, and express our feelings; joy, sadness, anger, love!

Yet doing this naturally and from the heart is something we’ve largely lost in modern western culture.

Well, I’m bringing it back and giving the women of Dunsborough and Busselton the opportunity to join me in getting back in touch with this aspect of themselves. Margaret River and Busselton classes coming soon!

Stepping way out of my comfort zone to create this class has been a wonderful process for me.  I’ve received some lovely encouragement from friends and anyone I’ve told about it really.  And a couple of weeks ago, I received a loving nudge from the universe to keep going when I met (by chance) a local woman producing a community theatre musical. Upon hearing about my class, she asked if I would be able to help her with some choreography for the play.  Of course I said yes and on the weekend I went along to their Sunday rehearsal and helped her pull together one of the song and dance numbers.

It was great fun and a wonderful validation that I am absolutely on the right track.  Yay!

It just shows me how when we are ready to pursue what is truly our heart’s desire, then all of Heaven and Earth will pull together to support us.

Are you ready to take a leap in the direction of your heart?

love and light,


Making Friends With My Body

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From The Dance Buzz blog. (not a photo of me, but how spectacular!)

Ugh.  Even writing that title brings up some discomfort in me.

How thoroughly we western women were raised to critique, disconnect from and even hate our bodies.

Since throwing myself whole-heartedly into creating dances and warm-up and stretching routines for my classes, I have begun to get to know my 41 year-old body in a whole new way.

I’ve always had a pretty healthy body image (thanks Mum), I do a yoga class every week and I get outside for a walk most days, but I haven’t really pushed my body too hard in recent years.

Now, thankfully the dance classes I am creating are gentle, flowing and although will raise a sweat, are not about huffing and puffing or straining, so the chances of any sort of injury are remote.  However, the ways I am moving my body are a little different to the other activities I have been doing lately, so I’m feeling a little tender here and there.

These physical sensations have brought some interesting beliefs to the surface in me such as a fear of not physically being able to keep up the new pace I am setting,  a fear of not being a good enough dancer or teacher and of course fear of no-one turning up.  Most of all, I have become aware of how I still lack true love and appreciation for my wonderful body.

But hey, I’ve got to acknowledge how far I’ve come already.

I started telling myself in my early thirties that I was too old to contemplate integrating dance into my working life in any real way.  When I was 38 I ended up running music and movement classes for mums and toddlers for a year or so and made a success of it.  I didn’t really know why I was doing this in conjunction with starting my natural therapies work, but now it all sort of makes sense.

The kids’ music classes gave me confidence in arranging, promoting and managing this style of business.  And three years later, here I am doing it again!  But this time it’s really coming from my heart and it’s all me.  At 41 I’m actually feeling looser, stronger and more confident than I did at 31.  Plus, it just feels right.  I’m ready and I know my body is going to faithfully carry me through this next part of our journey together.

Take a moment now to tune into your body.  Maybe focus on your feet.  When all is working well, we taking these amazing  instruments completely for granted.  Just being able to walk, run, dance and skip whenever we feel like it is a huge gift!

Feel your feet on the floor, wiggle your toes, look at them, thank them. Being present, in gratitude, with a part of your body or your whole body for a few minutes each day  is a lovely meditation.

Breathe in, breathe out.  Haaaaahh.

Dance on,