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Month: May 2012

The 2012 Annular Eclipse

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Annular solar eclipse over Qingdao, China.source: news.national

Just a quick one.

A powerful solar eclipse is occurring in just under 24 hours.  This one will only be visible in the Northern Hemisphere but its effects will be felt the world over.

I’ve already been feeling a buzzing sensation in my body for a few days and the occasional little jolt of energy in my arms, legs or abdomen while I am resting or meditating. I’ve also been feeling in turns; tense, elated, apprehensive, excited, energised and weary in quick succession.

To read about the cosmic and spiritual meaning of this eclipse, click here to read an article in The Rainbow Scribe .  Recommended by the lovely Christine Kloser.

The eclipse will be happening for us Western Australians in the early hours of tomorrow morning, Monday the 21st May.  It will be at it’s maximum eclipse at 7.54 am in Perth. That’s 9.54 am for you Eastern States dwellers.

source: NASA

To make the most of the energetic and spiritual expansion offered by this event, I recommend between now and when you go to sleep tonight, make time to acknowledge any old, outmoded beliefs and attitudes you would like to release. Then claim for yourself from this night forward, all the new ways you would love to live and BE yourself in your life into the future. Write it all down for extra effect.

This is a wonderful opportunity to consciously open up to some big transformational energies sweeping our planet in the next day or so.

Smile, breathe and dwell in your heart.

Love to you all,


The Top Five Pearls of Wisdom for New Mothers

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Ten years ago this Mothers Day, my first-born child, a beautiful baby boy emerged into the world.  Thinking about my son’s tenth birthday this week, I wondered what advice I would give my younger self prior to his birth if I had the chance.

I wrote my 31 year-old self a letter and listed ten pearls of wisdom I think may have helped me back then.

Here are the first five:

The Top Five Pearls of Wisdom for New Mothers:

1. Relax, breathe and trust that all is well.

You don’t need to be perfect and you don’t need to know it all.  Your baby knows he is your first born.  The more relaxed and calm you are, the more he will be.  Go easier on yourself and make time to be alone with your thoughts.  Call it meditation, prayer or just sitting staring out the window.  Even the mother of a newborn can find ten minutes in her day to do this.  Make this a priority and you will feel calmer and more open to your inner wisdom.

2. Look after your body and your emotional health by exercising and eating healthily.

Get outside and walk with the pram, do yoga or some other activity that stretches your body. Also make time to express your creativity. Writing is great, or drawing, dancing, singing, whatever feels natural to you. Eat something from a plant (fruit, veg, nut, seed, grain) at every meal and be mindful of how much sugar you consume.

3. Make time to see or talk on the phone with friends.

Nurture these relationships for they are sacred and essential to your on-going happiness. Devote time and energy to making new friends among the other mums you will meet.  They often end up being your closest and most cherished friends in years to come.

4. Appreciate and support your partner.

He is doing his best to be a good provider and is just as confused about his place in the world as you are.  As your children grow, so will the two of you. Talking things over together each day and being honest about your dreams for the future is all you need to do. Patience and compassion are essential.

5. Find your passion and purpose in life while your children are still little.

Motherhood can be so fulfilling but those intense years of parenting are over in the blink of an eye.  Find courses, books, people and activities that resonate with you and make your heart sing.  Making yourself happy makes everyone around you happy.

To read the whole letter and the last five pearls of wisdom click here.

A lovely day to you all,


Still Learning to Surrender and Trust

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Oh yes.  We most definitely end up teaching what we most need to learn.

My journey of the last five years or so has been one of releasing my dependence on my mind and living more from my heart.  Who knew it would be so hard or take so long?

I had a lovely, in fact, ecstatic “aha” moment last week while walking along one of the lovely coastal bush tracks at the edge of town.  I was feeling flat and disappointed.  I had woken up that morning still feeling quite lethargic and knew I didn’t have the energy to go to yoga.  So I went for a little walk and had a sit on a rock in the bush and tried to meditate.  This was nice but not as rejuvenating as I had hoped.

As I wandered back along the track to go home I was thinking about all sorts of things related to my work, my book, our current money situation and what sort of house we might end up buying.  As I walked, I was also looking into the bushes beside the track to see if I could find a little Southern Brown Bandicoot (Quenda).

A cute little Quenda (image by Pierre Pouliquin)

In our first two weeks of living in Dunsborough I had spotted two of these little critters while walking along this track and I was reflecting how it was odd that I hadn’t seen any since.   Then it hit me.  The times I had seen the Quendas, it had been a complete surprise, I had simply been walking along enjoying the scenery.  In that moment I felt my whole body relax as I surrendered to the beauty all around me, exactly as it was. A split second later a Quenda shot across the track right in front of me.  I laughed and felt a surge of elation as I looked to the heavens and thanked the universe for this clear demonstration.

I continued my walk feeling so much more connected to the benevolent universe and in a state of complete trust and open-heartedness with regard to all the aspects of my life I had been pondering.

Once we know what we want in life and we are living it by doing things we love each day, we simply need to get out of the way and trust that what we need to make our dreams come true will flow to us in Divinely right time in a Divinely right way.

When we look too hard or set our expectations too narrowly, we are blocking the flow of universal love.

Haahhh.  It’s nice to have those little moments of clarity now and again.

Enjoy your week.

Love and lightness