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Month: February 2011

Wise Women I Have Known

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I’ve just finished listening to a very validating and heart-warming tele-seminar by Christine Kloser  (click here for a link to listen for the next 24 hours) talking about her transformation over the past six months from ego-driven business woman, who thought she was living a spiritually aware life to – via a series of personal and business crises – really, truly living an authentically spiritual life and one that better reflects who she really is.  Wow, that was a long sentence.  I have been observing Christine’s journey from a great distance both geographically (she lives in the United States), and philosophically, as although one of my goals is to one day earn a great living doing work I love, I definitely do not fit the category of “entrepreneur” or even “conscious entrepreneur”, as Christine has described herself in the past.

What has kept me tuned into Christine over the past 18 months via her tele-seminars and email newsletters, has been simply a feeling of resonance with her as a person.  I have benefited from the information she has shared about writing a book in order to share your passion and to be of service to others.  She has inspired me with meditations, interviews with spiritually-minded authors and simply by sharing the ups and downs of her life.  I owe a lot of the confidence I have in writing these blogs to Christine and the other women I access in my on-line community around the world, including my wonderful friend Sue Papadoulis, without whom this part of my journey would not have even commenced.  Sue has also been through a  personal and business transformation (slightly less dramatic than Christine’s) in the past few months and is expressing herself with more ease and authenticity as a result.

My message today is that although both Sue and Christine have been on quite different paths to the one I have traveled, in their generous sharing of their experiences and knowledge, they have shown me how it is possible to be a mother and to also create a successful business which allows you to express yourself and help others to improve their lives.  This is all about gut feeling and leaving judgement (of them and myself) completely out of the picture.  I can feel the sincerity and love in both of these women’s hearts when they speak and I can appreciate that for them, unlike me, achieving in their work and earning money are strong drives.  They are amazing women with more energy than I could hope to have and they have taught me so much.  The challenge for us all in learning from others, is to take on board the information that really resonates with us and to have patience with ourselves when what somebody else is doing looks incredible, and we want what they have, yet we just can’t see ourselves in that role.  Time has shown me that when we ask for what is Divinely right in Divinely right time and then go with our instincts, things all turn out for the best.

Dive in to yourself!



What is Your Therapy?

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I have a confession to make.  Writing this blog is my therapy.  Well, to be honest, it’s just one of my many therapies.  When I write I feel thoughtful, inspired, creative and also relieved to be sharing my thoughts and feelings with you all.  THANK YOU for reading!  If me saying thanks isn’t enough, then feel free to send me an invoice.  I’m joking of course, but take a moment to think about this.  What’s your therapy?  What do you do every day to make you happy?  I get up in the morning, put on a song and have a little dance.  Cue visual image of me dancing around in daggy pyjamas or my underw… No, on second thought, cancel that one.  Dancing makes me feel good and makes for a great start to my day.  Other things I do regularly in my week are;  have at least one coffee and catch up with a friend, meditate, sing, go walking, go swimming at the beach (strictly a summer activity for me), go outside and look at the sunset every night and go outside again each night before I go to bed, to look at the stars and the moon if its around and say a prayer.  Here is a photo I took last year while on holiday in Broome.  Ahhh, breathe it in.

Sunset on Cable Beach, Broome

Lately, I’ve also been going to Song Circle most weeks and I’m working out whether I can also fit in a dance class or get back into yoga, which I’ve let slip since the Summer holidays.  These little practices are things I have realised over time are great for me to do, and easy for me to include in my day because I love them.  Although beware, if you are thinking about an activity or practice you could do to become happier, healthier and calmer and the word ‘should’ pops into your mind, have a really good ‘feel’ (not think – listen to your heart) about whether this is something you would really love doing.  When we take up a form of exercise, interest or spiritual practice that we don’t love, we often don’t get very much benefit from it and we usually fail to stick to our plan of doing it regularly.  Humans are amazing self-sabotagers when the choices we make are not aligned with our hearts.   So, when you get a stirring in your soul to take up latin dance, give it a go, but don’t punish yourself if you decide it’s not your thing.  Want to get fit but hate running, gyms and sport?  Find a way to get the health and happiness you seek while having fun.  You know what it is, you just need to listen to your heart.  Take a moment right now.  Sit with your feet on the floor, close your eyes and take some deep breaths and gently ask yourself, “what would I love to do every day?” The answer may surprise you.

I sat down to write this blog today with a heavy heart and a headache from crying quite a bit this morning at the funeral of little Elliot Parish.  It was a beautiful service but incredibly heart wrenching to witness the despair on the faces of his parents as they walked into the cathedral to farewell their son in the loving presence of their family and friends.  What even his parents are able to see though, is the amazing impact this gorgeous little child had on so many people in his too-short, four years of life.  They are two of the most inspiring people around and to some extent, they have been made so by this terrible experience.  I imagine every person in that church today wishes for them that this tragedy had not occurred but alas, it has.   And we as a part of their community of friends can only watch on with love and compassion, ready to give a hug, a meal or for me, a flower essence, to help ease the pain just a little.  Please hold them in your hearts in prayer before you go to sleep tonight.  Every little light shining in the darkness makes a difference.

Love and light


In Good Times and Bad

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Wow! What a day of contrasts it has been.  This morning I, and all the parents and teachers at my childrens’ school heard the very sad news that one of the precious little sons of one of the families in our school community passed away last night.  He and his family endured 18 long and agonising months of treatment for brain and spinal tumours discovered in his body as a two year old.  Although I feel so very grateful that his soul is now free of the pain and illness he suffered through so bravely, I shed tears of heartfelt loss when I imagine how difficult it must have been for his parents to have had to say goodbye to their beautiful child.  And what a long road they must now walk to begin, however slowly, to move forward with their lives as a family without their littlest brother.

As I digested this news and kept control of my tears while walking home from school this morning, I felt a draining of energy and a kind of heaviness descend over me.  When I got home I  busily hung some washing, put on another load, watered the pot plants and did some tidying up.  Through all this activity I could feel the need to cry just below the surface, but by keeping busy, I was able to block it.

Before I had even got home though, the idea that I needed to get down on the floor and do some yoga stretches had come to me.  So once my chores were done, I got out the yoga mat and stretched out on the floor on my back.  As soon as I had taken my first deep breath, the crying started.  I had a good sob for a couple of minutes and felt the heaviness lift a little.  I’m still feeling weighed down and I’m finding myself frowning as I write, but the intensity of my sadness for this amazing family has shifted into a desire to send them love, healing and compassion.

The Australian Bush Flower Essence that assists in times of great turmoil and crisis is the Waratah (pictured above).  I am imagining a giant Waratah flower hovering above their home, soothing them and reassuring them at this most traumatic of times.

I think many of us fall into the habit of using activity and busyness to push away strong feelings when something upsetting happens.  While this can be functional in the short term, if we don’t eventually stop and consciously devote some time to letting these feelings out, we can end up with mental and physical health problems.  One of the definitions of depression is, sadness turned in on oneself.  Not everybody cries easily but for those of you who do, make sure you allow yourself the time and place to do this when you need to.  If crying is not an outlet for you then work out what is.  It might be yoga, walking, running, writing swimming, talking to a friend, meditating, praying or simply sitting staring out the window.  Ideally, it is something you do alone, or with one other person you can truly open up with.  This gives your inner self the feeling of safety it needs to express itself fully.

While I am still feeling sad, I am also feeling really excited because today I received all the information I needed to book my flights and accommodation for a course to become an Australian Bush Flower Essence teacher in Queensland in a couple of weeks.  When I have finished the course I will be qualified to teach Bush Essence courses in natural therapy colleges in Perth.  This is a goal I have had for more than two years, so it is lovely for me to see it coming to fruition.  Yay!

Something I am gradually learning is that good and bad can come all at the same time, and that we are capable of holding all the feelings that come out of any experience together in our hearts, when we are tuned in to how we really feel.  My kids even know this.  They said to me on the first day back at school last week that they were feeling excited and nervous at the same time.  If it makes sense to them, then I guess it’s OK that today I am feeling so very sad for our friends and happy and excited about my trip all at the same time.

Love and compassion to you all


Mums Rejoice: School is In!

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Good day to you all.  HOORAY!! Please excuse me but I can hardly contain my excitement that the kids are back at school after a very enjoyable but slightly long seven weeks of summer holidays.  Here they are yesterday in their casual finery, ready for their first day back.  Harry’s T.shirt says Believe You Can and You’re Half Way There (Theodore Roosevelt).   What a lovely sentiment to put on a child’s T.shirt.  I tell you, the world is shifting right before our eyes.  Harry picked that one out for himself at the shops over the holidays.

I’m enjoying more time to get on with my various projects and feeling so very grateful that my two kids are healthy and happy to get back to school, and that they go to a school we all love.  I’m also grateful that I get to balance being with them in the mornings and afternoons after school, with doing things I love, getting exercise I enjoy, and having a social life too!

However, all is not perfect.  I have been suffering from itchy, sore and watering eyes for the past couple of weeks.  It’s an allergic reaction to stone fruits which I have experienced for the last few summers.  It’s been bugging me a lot and although I have cut out the fruit and combined taking various flower essences with using antihistamine eye-drops, they are still not great.  Last night I went along to a Song Circle that I have been to a few times knowing this would help.  By the end of the session my eyes were quite bad (a healing crisis?), but I went home and slept really well.  When I woke up this morning they were still very weepy and are watering a bit as I write this, but the itch and redness is gone and they aren’t too puffy at all.

What I am hoping to illustrate here are two separate points.  Firstly, the very real healing power of music and singing in particular.  I have used music in our family to assist in healing for the past three or four years and have noticed some really lovely effects on us all.  When music is played in my daughter’s bedroom over-night when she has a fever, she wakes feeling good, and by simply putting on a healing CD in the living room first thing in the morning or before dinner time we all receive the benefits of released tension and balanced energy flow.  I am currently listening to the new CD from Chris James, Walk With Your Heart. I invite you to click on his name to go to a lovely article titled “The Gentle Voice” in his website, and feel free to listen to his music samples and download his free tracks.

The second point I want to make regarding this eye problem, is that I believe life moves forward in a spiral, not along a straight line.  This means we move through cycles of wellness, illness, emotional balance, confidence, self-doubt and so on, depending on our individual life themes and challenges.  I am convinced that all physical illness has an emotional root, even down to so-called accidents like kicking a toe or burning ourselves on a pot.  I also understand that our bodies kindly hold the emotional tension for us that we are unable to process in the present.  Perhaps for me there is something about this time of the year that triggers a strong emotional charge that I am not conscious of and unable to make sense of, so my eyes carry the burden for my soul.  My intuition tells me it is related to an inner impatience with wanting to make things happen immediately now that the new year has begun, and not seeing the big picture or seeing that everything is unfolding perfectly.

Gosh I find it hard keeping these articles short.  If you are wondering what a song circle is, we all sit together, (in a circle or sometimes not) and a lovely and talented woman leads us in song as she plays a keyboard accompaniment.  We sing ancient Indian mantras and other chants together.  The energy created in the room is joyful, radiant and very healing.  For a taste of the sort of songs we sing click here and go to Deva Premal and Miten’s website.  They have some free downloads of their music there.

Off to do the grocery shopping now, blissfully alone, yay!

A beautiful day to you all