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Craving more from life?


I was 33 and had everything a girl could want. Two little bundles of joy, a boy and a girl. A good house in a leafy suburb, a husband with a strong career and my own career underway, if on hold, while I stayed home with our kids. And then I realised, with not a little shame and disappointment, that I was pretty dissatisfied.

I wanted to feel more fulfilled and more complete in myself. I slowly worked out that to achieve this, I had to go within, and I definitely needed to slow the heck down. I needed to learn how to use my intuition, tidy up my self-talk and begin taking much better care of myself.

Fast forward 16 years, and my whole life has changed.

I’ll help you uncover the truth of who you really are and teach you how to connect more deeply with your intuition. We’re all capable of being intuitive and believe me, it’s a better way to live.

Tapping into our intuition allows us to feel more at home with who we truly are. This natural wisdom helps us to move into work that feels fulfilling and creatively rewarding. Our relationships (every single one) become more harmonious and loving. And the biggest benefit? We become more attuned to what we need in every moment and what our bigger life purpose is. When we live from intuition, we get to receive all of the spiritual support that’s available for us and we begin to thrive.

Tricia Woods is a psychologist turned spiritual counsellor and energy healer living in Western Australia’s beautiful south-west. She enjoys a life closely connected to nature where she walks in the bush, breathes the ocean air and meditates every day.

Tricia is available for in-person, telephone or Skype consultations for individuals, Yin2you Healing Movement classes and talks on the topics of: Our Complete Lifestyle Overhaul, Put Your Heart in Charge and How Meditation Cured My Anxiety.

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How her clients describe her…..

“Tricia thank you for such clear & loving guidance. I was very confused about my soul’s purpose when I came to you. I walked away after my session feeling so nurtured & so confident about the direction to take in order to reach my highest potential…” – Natalie

“Tricia’s intuitive gifts, her spiritual perspective, her intelligence and her clarity, all combine to create a coach and healer with an immediate and deep understanding of any given scenario. She has very quickly helped to change my life. Thank you Tricia!” – Georgia 

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Book in for an in-person, Skype or telephone session.

75 minutes including a personal flower essence remedy – $135

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Email: Mobile: (+61) 0418 698 305